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The primary focus of is to provide a common interface for reading and writing. contains readers for files that are commonly used in solar physics.

These include:

  • Public API - GENX - ANA - NOAA SWPC Solar Region Summary (SRS) - ASDF

The other readers are intended for use by and sunpy.timeseries and are not intended to be used directly by users.

Special File Readers# Module#

This module implements a solarsoft genx file reader.



solarsoft genx file reader. Module#

This module provides an ANA file Reader.

This is a modified version of pyana.


The reading and writing of ana files is not supported under Windows.

By default, this module is not installed on platforms other than Linux (x86-64) and macOS (x86-64 and ARM64). See the installation guide for more info.


read(filename[, debug])

Deprecated since version 6.0.

get_header(filename[, debug])

Deprecated since version 6.0.

write(filename, data[, comments, compress, ...])

Deprecated since version 6.0. Module#

This module implements a SRS File Reader.



Parse a SRS table from NOAA SWPC. Package#