sunpy core Documentation#

sunpy is a community-developed, free and open-source solar data analysis environment for Python. It includes an interface for searching and downloading data from multiple data providers, data containers for image and time series data, commonly used solar coordinate frames and associated transformations, as well as other functionality needed for solar data analysis.


New users start here! Walkthrough on how to install sunpy and use the key features of the package.

The sunpy tutorial
How-to Guides

Snippets of code for accomplishing specific tasks with sunpy. Most useful for answering “How do I…” questions.

How-To Guides
Example gallery

Examples including plots on accomplishing common tasks using sunpy.

Topic Guides

In-depth explanations of concepts and key topics. Most useful for answering “why” questions.

Topic Guides

Technical description of the inputs, outputs, and behavior of each component of sunpy.