Plotting the solar limb#

This example demonstrates how you can draw the limb as seen by an arbitrary observer.

import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

from sunpy.coordinates import get_body_heliographic_stonyhurst
from sunpy.visualization import drawing

Let’s download a magnetic field synoptic map and read it into a Map.

syn_map ='')
syn_map.plot_settings['cmap'] = 'hmimag'
syn_map.plot_settings['norm'] = plt.Normalize(-1500, 1500)

Get coordinates for Earth and Mars at the date of the synoptic map

coords = {body: get_body_heliographic_stonyhurst(body,
          for body in ['Earth', 'Mars']}

Now we can plot the map the the solar limb seen from these two coordinates. To create a legend for these limbs, we need to keep the patches returned by limb() and provide them to legend().

fig = plt.figure(figsize=(12, 5))
ax = fig.add_subplot(projection=syn_map)
im = syn_map.plot(axes=ax)

visible_limbs = []
for (body, coord), color in zip(coords.items(), ['tab:blue', 'tab:red']):
    v, _ = drawing.limb(ax, coord, color=color, label=f'Limb seen from {body}', linewidth=2)

HMI carrington 2017-06-09 10:56:34
INFO: Missing metadata for solar radius: assuming the standard radius of the photosphere. []
/home/docs/checkouts/ SunpyMetadataWarning: Missing metadata for observer: assuming Earth-based observer.
For frame 'heliographic_stonyhurst' the following metadata is missing: dsun_obs,hglt_obs,hgln_obs
For frame 'heliographic_carrington' the following metadata is missing: crln_obs,dsun_obs,crlt_obs

  obs_coord = self.observer_coordinate

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