sunpy.visualization.wcsaxes_compat.wcsaxes_heliographic_overlay(axes, grid_spacing: Unit("deg") = <Quantity 10. deg>, annotate=True, obstime=None, rsun=None, observer=None, system='stonyhurst', **kwargs)[source]#

Create a heliographic overlay using WCSAxes.

Will draw a grid and label the top axes.

  • axes (WCSAxes) – The WCSAxes object to create the overlay on.

  • grid_spacing (Quantity) – Spacing for longitude and latitude grid in degrees.

  • annotate (bool) – Passing False disables the axes labels and the ticks on the top and right axes.

  • obstime (Time) – The obstime to use for the grid coordinate frame.

  • rsun (Quantity) – The rsun to use for the grid coordinate frame.

  • observer (SkyCoord) – The observer to use for the grid coordinate frame. Only used for Carrington coordinates.

  • system (str) – Coordinate system for the grid. Must be ‘stonyhurst’ or ‘carrington’. If ‘carrington’, the observer keyword argument must be specified.

  • kwargs – Additional keyword arguments are passed to astropy.visualization.wcsaxes.CoordinateHelper.grid().


WCSAxes – The overlay object.


Keywords are passed to grid.