Source code for sunpy.util.xml

This module provides XML helper functions.
from xml.dom.minidom import parseString

__all__ = ['NotTextNodeError', 'xml_to_dict', 'node_to_dict', 'get_node_text']

[docs] class NotTextNodeError(Exception): pass
[docs] def xml_to_dict(xmlstring): """ Converts an XML string to a Python dictionary. .. warning:: This method does not support multiple inner nodes of the same name but with different values. It always takes the last value. Parameters ---------- xmlstring : `str` A `str` of xml content. Returns ------- `dict` The string xml input as a dictionary. Examples -------- .. code-block:: xml <outer> <inner>one</inner> <inner>two</inner> </outer> gives you the dict: .. code-block:: python {u'outer': {u'inner': u'two'}} References ---------- * """ return node_to_dict(parseString(xmlstring))
[docs] def node_to_dict(node): """ Scans through the children of the node and makes a dictionary from the content. Three cases are differentiated: 1. If the node contains no other nodes, it is a text-node and ``{nodeName: text}`` is merged into the dictionary. 2. If the node has the attribute ``method`` set to ``true``, then it's children will be appended to a list and this list is merged to the dictionary in the form: ``{nodeName:list}``. 3. Else, will call itself recursively on the nodes children (merging ``{nodeName: node_to_dict()}`` to the dictionary). Parameters ---------- node : `xml.etree.ElementTree.Element` A XML element node. Returns ------- `dict`: The XML element node as a dictionary. """ dic = {} for n in node.childNodes: if n.nodeType != n.ELEMENT_NODE: continue if n.getAttribute("multiple") == "true": # node with multiple children: put them in a list alist = [] for c in n.childNodes: if c.nodeType != n.ELEMENT_NODE: continue alist.append(node_to_dict(c)) dic.update({n.nodeName: alist}) continue try: text = get_node_text(n) except NotTextNodeError: # 'normal' node dic.update({n.nodeName: node_to_dict(n)}) continue # text node dic.update({n.nodeName: text}) continue return dic
[docs] def get_node_text(node): """ Scans through all children of `~xml.etree.ElementTree.Element` node and gathers the text. If node has non-text child-nodes, then `~sunpy.util.xml.NotTextNodeError` is raised. Parameters ---------- node : `xml.etree.ElementTree.Element` A XML element node. Returns ------- `str`: The `str` context of the XML element node. """ t = "" for n in node.childNodes: if n.nodeType == n.TEXT_NODE: t += n.nodeValue else: raise NotTextNodeError return t