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import json
import pathlib
from concurrent.futures import ThreadPoolExecutor

import requests

from astropy.table import Table


__all__ = ['get_observatory_groups', 'get_datasets']

[docs] def get_observatory_groups(): """ Get a list of observatory IDs for each observatory in CDAWeb. An observatory group is typically a single mission, which can contain multiple observatories, e.g. for the STEREO observatory group there are two observatories, STEREO-A and STEREO-B. Returns ------- `astropy.table.Table` Examples -------- >>> from import get_observatory_groups >>> >>> groups = get_observatory_groups() # doctest: +REMOTE_DATA >>> groups['Group'] # doctest: +REMOTE_DATA <Column name='Group' dtype='str55' length=...> ACE AIM AMPTE ... Voyager Wind >>> groups.loc['STEREO'] # doctest: +REMOTE_DATA <Row index=...> Group Observatories str55 str... ------ ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- STEREO 'Ahead', 'Behind', 'STA', 'STB', 'STEREO', 'STEREOA', 'STEREOB', 'sta', 'stb' """ # Get a list of files for a given dataset between start and end times url = '/'.join([ _CDAS_BASEURL, 'dataviews', _DATAVIEW, 'observatoryGroups' ]) response = requests.get(url, headers=_CDAS_HEADERS) obs_groups = response.json() names = [obs['Name'] for obs in obs_groups['ObservatoryGroupDescription']] obs_ids = [obs['ObservatoryId'] for obs in obs_groups['ObservatoryGroupDescription']] # Join all IDs into a single string obs_ids = ["'" + "', '".join(id) + "'" for id in obs_ids] t = Table([names, obs_ids], names=['Group', 'Observatories']) t.add_index('Group') return t
[docs] def get_datasets(observatory): """ Get a list of datasets for a given observatory. Parameters ---------- observatory : `str` Observatory name. Returns ------- `astropy.table.Table` Examples -------- >>> from import get_datasets >>> >>> datasets = get_datasets('STEREOB') # doctest: +REMOTE_DATA >>> datasets['Id'] # doctest: +REMOTE_DATA <Column name='Id' dtype='str17' length=5> STB_LB_IMPACT STB_L1_IMPACT_HKP STB_L1_HET STB_L2_SWEA_PAD STB_L1_SWEA_SPEC >>> datasets.loc['STB_L1_SWEA_SPEC']['Label'] # doctest: +REMOTE_DATA 'STEREO Behind IMPACT/SWEA Spectra - J. Luhmann (UCB/SSL)' >>> datasets.loc['STB_L1_SWEA_SPEC'][['Start', 'End']] # doctest: +REMOTE_DATA <Row index=4> Start End str24 str24 ------------------------ ------------------------ 2012-12-01T00:00:03.000Z 2013-12-31T23:59:41.000Z """ # Get a list of files for a given dataset between start and end times url = '/'.join([ _CDAS_BASEURL, 'dataviews', _DATAVIEW, 'datasets' ]) url = f'{url}?observatory={observatory}' response = requests.get(url, headers=_CDAS_HEADERS) datasets = response.json()['DatasetDescription'] ids = [dataset['Id'] for dataset in datasets] instruments = [', '.join(dataset['Instrument']) for dataset in datasets] labels = [dataset['Label'] for dataset in datasets] stimes = [dataset['TimeInterval']['Start'] for dataset in datasets] etimes = [dataset['TimeInterval']['End'] for dataset in datasets] t = Table([ids, instruments, labels, stimes, etimes], names=['Id', 'Instruments', 'Label', 'Start', 'End']) t.add_index('Id') return t
def _update_cdaweb_dataset_data(): all_obs = get_observatory_groups() url = '/'.join([ _CDAS_BASEURL, 'dataviews', _DATAVIEW, 'datasets' ]) # Mapping from dataset ID to description all_datasets = {} # Number of parallel threads we spawn N = 3 def _fetch_cdaweb_dataset(group, url=url): print(f'🛰 Getting datasets for {group}') u = url + f'?observatoryGroup={group}' res = requests.get(u, headers=_CDAS_HEADERS) datasets = res.json()['DatasetDescription'] dataset_ids = {ds['Id']: ds['Label'] for ds in datasets} all_datasets.update(dataset_ids) with ThreadPoolExecutor(max_workers=N) as executor: # Submit each URL to the thread pool futures = [executor.submit(_fetch_cdaweb_dataset, group) for group in all_obs['Group']] # Wait for all tasks to complete for future in futures: future.result() attr_file = pathlib.Path(__file__).parent / 'data' / 'attrs.json' with open(attr_file, 'w') as attrs_file: json.dump(dict(sorted(all_datasets.items())), attrs_file, indent=2)