SunPy visualization

sunpy.visualization contains plotting helpers and functions.

sunpy.visualization Package


axis_labels_from_ctype(ctype, unit)
toggle_pylab(fn) A decorator to prevent functions from opening matplotlib windows unexpectedly when sunpy is run in interactive shells like ipython –pylab.

sunpy.visualization.mapcubeanimator Module

sunpy.visualization.imageanimator Module


BaseFuncAnimator(data, slider_functions, …) Create a matplotlib backend independent data explorer which allows definition of figure update functions for each slider.
ImageAnimator(data[, image_axes, axis_ranges]) Create a matplotlib backend independent data explorer for 2D images.
LineAnimator(data[, plot_axis_index, …]) Create a matplotlib backend independent data explorer for 1D plots.
ImageAnimatorWCS(data[, wcs, image_axes, …]) Animates N-dimensional data with the associated astropy WCS object.

Class Inheritance Diagram

Inheritance diagram of sunpy.visualization.imageanimator.BaseFuncAnimator, sunpy.visualization.imageanimator.ImageAnimator, sunpy.visualization.imageanimator.LineAnimator, sunpy.visualization.imageanimator.ImageAnimatorWCS

sunpy.visualization.wcsaxes_compat Module

Helpers and Functions to make WCSAxes work in SunPy


is_wcsaxes(axes) Test a matplotlib Axes object to see if it is an instance of WCSAxes.