What’s New in SunPy 0.9?#


SunPy 0.9 brings improved support for downloading data from the JSOC and bugfixes compared to the 0.8.x series of releases. The 0.9.x series will be the last series of SunPy releases to support Python 2. This is because Python 2 will not be maintained after 2019. The 0.9.x series will receive bugfixs only up until the and of life of Python 2 (around 18 months). No new functionality will be added to the 0.9.x series, which will also be the last version to include sunpy.spectra, sunpy.lightcurve and sunpy.wcs, all of which were deprecated in 0.8.

SunPy 1.0 and higher will support Python 3 only. All new functionality will be available only in SunPy 1.0 and higher.

On this page, you can read about some of the big changes in this release:

SunPy 0.9 includes a large number of smaller improvements and bug fixes, which are described in the Full Changelog.

By the numbers:

  • 807 commits have been added since 0.8

  • 310 issues have been closed since 0.8

  • 147 pull requests have been merged since 0.8

  • 34 people have contributed since 0.8

  • 19 new contributors

There have been numerous improvements to large parts of SunPy, notably in the content of SunPy’s documentation, and the continuous integration testing of SunPy. In addition, SunPy coordinate system functionality has been improved, and the transformation between SunPy specific coordinate systems and those implemented by Astropy is now tested. The sunpy.map.CompositeMap object has received numerous bugfixes, improving its functionality. Bugfixes for various animation functionality have also been implemented.

Supported versions of Python#

SunPy is tested against Python 2.7, 3.5 and 3.6.

Improvements to JSOC functionality#

JSOC search capabilities have been improved. It is now possible to search using any JSOC prime key, to search the metadata only, or to search by any series. SunPy’s JSOC functionality uses the DRMS library, which is now a SunPy affiliated package. We would like to thank Kolja Glogowski for the DRMS package and for his help with the JSOC project.

When using a JSOC query in Fido, you must provide a JSOC series and at least one PrimeKey (for example a start time and end time):

>>> from sunpy.net import Fido, attrs as a

>>> result = Fido.search(a.jsoc.Time('2014-01-01T00:00:00', '2014-01-01T01:00:00'), a.jsoc.Series('hmi.v_45s'), a.jsoc.Notify('me@email.org')))
>>> result
<sunpy.net.fido_factory.UnifiedResponse object at 0x7fca7050d6a0>
Results from 1 Provider:

81 Results from the JSOCClient:
         str23            str7     str10    float64   int64
----------------------- -------- ---------- -------- -------
2014.01.01_00:00:45_TAI  SDO/HMI HMI_FRONT2   6173.0    2145
2014.01.01_00:01:30_TAI  SDO/HMI HMI_FRONT2   6173.0    2145
2014.01.01_00:02:15_TAI  SDO/HMI HMI_FRONT2   6173.0    2145
2014.01.01_00:03:00_TAI  SDO/HMI HMI_FRONT2   6173.0    2145
2014.01.01_00:03:45_TAI  SDO/HMI HMI_FRONT2   6173.0    2145
2014.01.01_00:04:30_TAI  SDO/HMI HMI_FRONT2   6173.0    2145
                    ...      ...        ...      ...     ...
2014.01.01_00:56:15_TAI  SDO/HMI HMI_FRONT2   6173.0    2145
2014.01.01_00:57:00_TAI  SDO/HMI HMI_FRONT2   6173.0    2145
2014.01.01_00:57:45_TAI  SDO/HMI HMI_FRONT2   6173.0    2145
2014.01.01_00:58:30_TAI  SDO/HMI HMI_FRONT2   6173.0    2145
2014.01.01_00:59:15_TAI  SDO/HMI HMI_FRONT2   6173.0    2145
2014.01.01_01:00:00_TAI  SDO/HMI HMI_FRONT2   6173.0    2145
2014.01.01_01:00:45_TAI  SDO/HMI HMI_FRONT2   6173.0    2145

>>> result = Fido.search(a.jsoc.Time('2014-01-01T00:00:00', '2014-01-01T01:00:00'), a.jsoc.Series('aia.lev1_euv_12s'), a.jsoc.Notify('me@email.org'), a.jsoc.PrimeKey('WAVELNTH', '171'))

>>> result
<sunpy.net.fido_factory.UnifiedResponse object at 0x7fca2981e1d0>
Results from 1 Provider:

301 Results from the JSOCClient:
       str20           str7     str5    int64    int64
-------------------- -------- -------- -------- -------
2014-01-01T00:00:01Z  SDO/AIA    AIA_3      171    2145
2014-01-01T00:00:13Z  SDO/AIA    AIA_3      171    2145
2014-01-01T00:00:25Z  SDO/AIA    AIA_3      171    2145
2014-01-01T00:00:37Z  SDO/AIA    AIA_3      171    2145
2014-01-01T00:00:49Z  SDO/AIA    AIA_3      171    2145
2014-01-01T00:01:01Z  SDO/AIA    AIA_3      171    2145
                 ...      ...      ...      ...     ...
2014-01-01T00:58:49Z  SDO/AIA    AIA_3      171    2145
2014-01-01T00:59:01Z  SDO/AIA    AIA_3      171    2145
2014-01-01T00:59:13Z  SDO/AIA    AIA_3      171    2145
2014-01-01T00:59:25Z  SDO/AIA    AIA_3      171    2145
2014-01-01T00:59:37Z  SDO/AIA    AIA_3      171    2145
2014-01-01T00:59:49Z  SDO/AIA    AIA_3      171    2145
2014-01-01T01:00:01Z  SDO/AIA    AIA_3      171    2145

Data is downloaded using:

>>> files = Fido.fetch(result)

which returns a set of filepaths to the downloaded data.

For more information on accessing JSOC data using SunPy please consult Finding and Downloading Data from JSOC.

Renamed/removed functionality#


The package sunpy.coordinates.representations has been removed.

Full change log#

To see a detailed list of all changes in version v0.9, including changes in API, please see the Full Changelog.