Checks if a map contains the full disk of the Sun.

A map contains the full disk of the Sun if the following two conditions are met: (1) all the coordinates at the edge of the map are more than solar angular radius from the center of the Sun and, (2) the map is not all off disk. If both these conditions are met, the function returns True. Otherwise, the function returns False.


smap (GenericMap) – A map in helioprojective Cartesian coordinates.


bool – Returns True if the map contains the full disk of the Sun, otherwise False.


This function checks if the image coordinates include the solar disk. Therefore this function would return True for a coronagraph image such as from LASCO/C3 or STEREO/SECCHI COR1 since the solar disk is within the field of the view of the instrument (although no emission from the disk itself is present in the data.)