Plot positions on a blank map#

This example showcases how to plot positions on a blank map. It is often useful to plot coordinate positions of events on a blank helioprojective coordinate map. In this example, we create an empty map with a WCS defined by a helioprojective frame as observed from Earth at a certain time, and show how you can plot different coordinates on it.

import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
import numpy as np

import astropy.units as u
from astropy.coordinates import SkyCoord

from sunpy.coordinates import frames

First we will create a blank map using with an array of zeros. Since there is no WCS information, we will need to construct a header to pass to Map.

data = np.full((10, 10), np.nan)

# Define a reference coordinate and create a header using
skycoord = SkyCoord(0*u.arcsec, 0*u.arcsec, obstime='2013-10-28',
                    observer='earth', frame=frames.Helioprojective)

# Scale set to the following for solar limb to be in the field of view
header =, skycoord, scale=[220, 220]*u.arcsec/u.pixel)

# Use to create the blank map
blank_map =, header)

Now we have constructed the map, we can plot it and mark important locations to it. Initialize the plot and add the map to it

fig = plt.figure()
ax = fig.add_subplot(projection=blank_map)
blank_map.draw_limb(axes=ax, color="k")
blank_map.draw_grid(axes=ax, color="k")
<CoordinatesMap with 2 world coordinates:

  index aliases    type   unit    wrap   format_unit visible
  ----- ------- --------- ---- --------- ----------- -------
      0     lon longitude  deg 180.0 deg         deg     yes
      1     lat  latitude  deg      None         deg     yes


Coordinates that are being plotted - (0, 0), (50, 100) and (400, 400).

xc = [0, 50, 400] * u.arcsec
yc = [0, 100, 400] * u.arcsec

Place and mark coordinates on the plot.

coords = SkyCoord(xc, yc, frame=blank_map.coordinate_frame)
p = ax.plot_coord(coords, 'o')
# Set title.
ax.set_title('Plotting fixed points on a blank map')
Plotting fixed points on a blank map

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