Full Changelog#

5.1.2 (2024-04-04)#

Bug Fixes#

  • Fixed the appearance of a double “Notes” heading in Map subclasses. (#7376)

  • Fix a bug which caused Fido.search to crash due to SSL certificate verification error for the HECClient now returns no results and logs a warning in this case. (#7446)

  • The creation of the series string for a JSOC query was not adding the correct escape characters for comparison values for keywords. This was causing the JSOC to error. (#7467)

  • JPEG2000 files are now saved with the correct orientation. Previously they would be vertically flipped when saved. (#7486)

  • Fixed a very minor inaccuracy in three sunpy.map utility functions (contains_full_disk(), coordinate_is_on_solar_disk(), and is_all_off_disk()) resulting from the accidental use of the small-angle approximation. (#7512)

  • The rotate() function now correctly updates the NAXISi. (#7522)

  • Fixed an inaccuracy in the implementation of HeliocentricEarthEcliptic and GeocentricSolarEcliptic such that the Earth was not exactly in the XY plane, but rather had an error of up ~10 meters. (#7530)

  • Fixed a bug with any coordinate transformation starting in GeocentricEarthEquatorial (GEI) returning output with AU as the length unit, rather than preserving the length unit of the initial coordinate. (#7545)


  • Created a how to guide on fixing metadata that is either missing or incorrect before passing the header into the Map class. (#7262)

Internal Changes#

  • pyerfa is now a new direct dependency. It has been an indirect dependency from sunpy 3.1, over two years ago. (#7397)

5.1.1 (2024-01-12)#

New Features#

Bug Fixes#

  • When calling sunpy.map.GenericMap.rotate() on an integer data array, with missing set to NaN (the default value), the method will now itself raise an informative error message instead deferring to NumPy to raise the error. (#7344)


Internal Changes#

5.1.0 (2023-11-20)#

New Features#

  • Added the ability to skip over errors raised for invalid fits files when passing a list of files to map using the existing keyword argument silence_errors. (#7018)

  • Added a sunpy.coordinates.Helioprojective.is_visible() method to return whether the coordinate is visible (i.e., not obscured from the observer assuming that the Sun is an opaque sphere). (#7118)

  • Added a keyword option (quiet) for get_body_heliographic_stonyhurst() to silence the normal reporting of the light-travel-time correction when observer is specified. (#7142)

  • Added the function sunpy.coordinates.sun.eclipse_amount() to calculate the solar-eclipse amount for an observer. (#7142)

  • Add a keyword (map_center_longitude) to make_heliographic_header() for centering the heliographic map at a longitude other than zero longitude. (#7143)

  • The minimum required version of Glymur (an optional dependency for reading JPEG2000 files) has been increase to 0.9.1. (#7164)

  • Added new default colormap scalings for WISPR Maps. Plots are now clipped at zero, and AsinhStretch is used for the scaling to ensure coronal details are visible despite the much-brighter stars. Parsing of the detector and level fields of the FITS headers is also improved. (#7180)

  • When creating a coordinate or coordinate frame without specifying obstime, the obstime value from the observer frame attribute will be used if present. (#7186)

  • Added a GONG synoptic map class which fixes non-compliant FITS metadata (#7220)

  • Added the module sunpy.coordinates.spice to enable the use of the SkyCoord API to perform computations using SPICE kernels. (#7237)

  • Added three coordinate frames that depend on the orientation of Earth’s magnetic dipole: Geomagnetic (MAG), SolarMagnetic (SM), and GeocentricSolarMagnetospheric (GSM). (#7239)

Bug Fixes#

  • Fix RHESSI (RHESSIClient) fallback server detection. (#7092)

  • Fix bug in get_horizons_coord() when specifying a time range via a dictionary that could cause the returned times to be slightly different from the supplied times. (#7106)

  • Updated the url of the GBMClient to match on files other than those that end with version 0 (i.e., V0.pha). (#7148)

  • When directly instantiating a WCS from a FITS header that contains both Stonyhurst and Carrington heliographic coordinates for the observer location, the Stonyhurst coordinates will now be prioritized. This behavior is now consistent with the Map class, which has always prioritized Stonyhurst coordinates over Carrington coordinates. (#7188)

  • Fixed a bug with sample_at_coords() where sampling outside the bounds of the map would sometimes not error and instead return strange pixel values. (#7206)

  • Improved code when loading CDF files to improve performance and avoid raising of pandas performance warnings. (#7247)

  • Fixed a bug with sunpy.map.GenericMap.plot() where setting norm to None would result in an error. (#7261)




  • sunpy.map.extract_along_coord() has been removed. Instead, use pixelate_coord_path(), and then pass its output to sample_at_coords(). pixelate_coord_path uses a different line algorithm by default, but you can specify bresenham=True as an argument to use the same line algorithm as extract_along_coord. (#7200)

  • sunpy.visualisation.limb.draw_limb() has been removed. Use sunpy.visualization.drawing.limb() instead. (#7202)

  • Removed GenericTimeSeries.index. Use GenericTimeseries.time instead as a direct replacement. (#7203)

  • Removed the deprecated sunpy.io.cdf submodule, which is not intended to be user facing. (#7240)

  • Removed the deprecated sunpy.io.jp2, which is not intended to be user facing. (#7241)

  • Removed the deprecated sunpy.io.file_tools, which is not intended to be user facing. (#7242)

  • The deprecated sunpy.data.download_sample_data() has been removed Use sunpy.data.sample.download_all() instead. (#7250)

Internal Changes#

  • Removed the Binder configuration and link in README. This is because the configuration was untested, and does not currently work. (#7062)

  • Add a Dependabot config file to auto-update GitHub action versions. (#7068)

  • Add tests to check whether various Map methods preserve laziness when operating on Maps backed by a dask.array.Array. (#7100)

  • Added missing support to find GOES-18 XRS data in XRSClient. (#7108)

  • Raise an error with a helpful message when sunpy.map.GenericMap.plot() is called with a non-boolean value for the annotate keyword, because the user is probably trying to specify the axes. (#7163)

  • Fixed our ASDF manifest having the incorrect ID. (#7282)

  • Fix example formatting in a few asdf schemas. (#7292)

  • Pinned the drms requirement to < 0.7 to avoid breaking changes in drms version 0.7. (#7308)

5.0.0 (2023-06-14)#

Breaking Changes#

  • XRSClient now provides the re-processed GOES-XRS 8-15 data from NOAA. These files are now all NetCDF and not FITS files. (#6737)

  • Changed the output of sunpy.map.sample_at_coords() to return the sampled values as Quantity with the appropriate units instead of merely numbers. (#6882)


  • Using sunpy.map.header_helper.meta_keywords is deprecated. Please see Meta Keywords for the list of metadata keywords used by Map. (#6743)

  • The utility function sunpy.map.extract_along_coord is deprecated. Use sunpy.map.pixelate_coord_path(), and then pass its output to sunpy.map.sample_at_coords(). (#6840)

  • Parsing SDO/EVE level 0CS average files is deprecated, and will be removed in sunpy 6.0. Parsing this data is untested, and we cannot find a file to test it with. If you know where level 0CS ‘averages’ files can be found, please get in touch at https://community.openastronomy.org/c/sunpy/5. (#6857)

  • Fully deprecated sunpy.database, with an expected removal version of sunpy 6.0. (#6869)

  • sunpy.io.cdf, sunpy.io.file_tools and sunpy.io.jp2 sub-modules have been deprecated, and will be removed in version 5.1. This because they are designed for internal use only, and removing it from the public API gives the developers more flexibility to modify it without impacting users. (#6895)

New Features#

  • A pure Python sunpy wheel is now published on PyPI with each release. pip will now default to installing the pure Python wheel instead of the source distribution on platforms other than Linux (x86-64) and macOS (x86-64 and ARM64). This should mean simpler and faster installs on such platforms, which includes the Raspberry Pi as well as some cloud computing services.

    This wheel does not contain the sunpy.io.ana compiled extension. If you need this extension (not available on Windows) you can install the sunpy source distribution with pip install --no-binary sunpy "sunpy[all]". (#6175)

  • Added three tutorials which replicate CompositeMap functionality (Overlaying Two Maps, Combining off-limb and disk maps, Creating a Composite Plot with Three Maps). (#6459)

  • exposure_time now looks for the exposure time in the XPOSURE key first and then the EXPTIME key. (#6557)

  • make_fitswcs_header now includes the keyword argument detector for setting the DETECTOR FITS keyword in the resulting header. (#6558)

  • Adds two tutorials that demonstrate how to use LASCO data in overlaying maps (Overlay an AIA image on a LASCO C2 coronagraph) and how to create a custom mask for a LASCO C2 image (Creating a mask for LASCO C2 data). (#6576)

  • Able to run the sunpy tests doing python -m sunpy.tests.self_test. (#6600)

  • Able to detect gzip-compressed FITS files even if they don’t have the .gz extension in the filename. detect_filetype now looks for the right file signature while checking for gzipped FITS files. (#6693)

  • Added AttrAnd and AttrOr to the namespace in sunpy.net.attrs. This allows users to to avoid | or & when creating a query a larger query. (#6708)

  • SUVIClient now provides GOES-18 SUVI data. (#6737)

  • The minimum required versions of several core dependencies have been updated:

    • Python 3.9

    • astropy 5.0.1

    • numpy 1.21.0

    The minimum required versions of these optional dependencies has also been updated:

    • Matplotlib 3.5.0

    • dask 2021.4.0

    • pandas 1.2.0

    • scikit-image 0.18.0

    • scipy 1.7.0 (#6742)

  • Added the utility function sunpy.map.pixelate_coord_path() to fully pixelate a coordinate path according to the pixels of a given map. (#6840)

  • The minimum version of h5netcdf required by sunpy has been bumped to version 0.11.0. (#6859)

  • Able to download files from REST/TAP Data Providers from the VSO. (#6887)

  • Adding data unit into html repr for sunpy.map.Map (#6902)

  • Joined HISTORY keys with newline characters when parsing HISTORY cards from FITS header. (#6911)

  • Added the ability to query for the GOES-XRS 1 minute average data with the XRSClient. (#6925)

  • Increased minimum version of parfive to 2.0.0.

    We are aware the change in the parfive minimum version is a release earlier than our dependency policy allows for. However, due to significant issues that parfive v2.0.0 solves and changes to remote servers, we have decided to increase it to improve the user experience when downloading files. (#6942)

Bug Fixes#

  • Fixed the incorrect calculation in make_fitswcs_header() of the rotation matrix from a rotation angle when the pixels are non-square. (#6597)

  • Return code from self_test is now non-zero if it stops due to missing dependencies. (#6600)

  • Fixed an issue with loading old EIT fits files with sunpy.map.Map where the date could not be parsed. (#6605)

  • Fixed a bug where the exposure_time returned None when the exposure time key was set to zero. (#6637)

  • Fixed a bug that prevented specifying a BaseCoordinateFrame (as opposed to a SkyCoord) to sunpy.map.GenericMap.draw_quadrangle(). (#6648)

  • HMI JPEG2000 files from Helioviewer could not be loaded due to a bug in setting the plotting normalization. This has been fixed. (#6710)

  • The data_manager was not raising failed downloads correctly and would continue as if the file existed locally. Now it will raise any errors from parfive. (#6711)

  • XRTMap will now set the unit for XRT files if the BUNIT key is missing. (#6725)

  • XRSClient update use the new url for which the GOES-XRS 8-15 data is provided by NOAA. (#6737)

  • Updated database to be compatible with SQLAlchemy versions >=2.0 (#6749)

  • When using autoalign=True when plotting maps, the result was misaligned by half a pixel. (#6796)

  • sunpy.map.GenericMap.submap() can now handle a BaseCoordinateFrame as input. (#6820)

  • Multi-line HISTORY and COMMENT keys metadata dictionaries are now correctly split into multiple history and comment cards when writing a FITS file. (#6911)

  • Pass in “max_splits” to Parfive to prevent multi connections to JSOC for JSOC only queries. (#6921)

  • When converting an astropy.wcs.WCS object to a solar coordinate frame the DATE-AVG key will be used before the DATE-OBS key, previously only DATE-OBS was checked. (#6995)

  • sunpy.map.GenericMap.rotation_matrix now applies the default values if any FITS rotation matrix keywords are missing from the header. (#7004)

  • Modified sunpy.io.special.srs.read_srs() to correctly handle uppercase SRS files and supplementary sections occurring after the main data sections (I, IA, II). (#7035)


Internal Changes#

  • When determining which VSO servers to use for queries, VSOClient will now attempt to check if the cgi endpoint referenced by the WDSL file is accessible, and try the next endpoint if it can’t be reached. This should mean that a small category of connection issues with the VSO are now automatically bypassed. (#6362)

4.1.0 (2022-11-11)#

Breaking Changes#

  • Updated the sample data file, AIA_171_ROLL_IMAGE to be rice compressed instead of gzip compressed. This means that the data is now stored in the second HDU. (#6221)


  • Passing positional arguments to all timeseries peek() methods is now deprecated, and will raise an error in sunpy 5.1. Pass the arguments with keywords (e.g. title='my plot title') instead. (#6310)

  • Using sunpy.timeseries.GenericTimeSeries.index` is deprecated. Use time to get an astropy Time object, or ts.to_dataframe().index to get the times as a pandas DataTimeIndex. (#6327)

  • Deprecated the sunpy.visualization.limb module. The sunpy.visualization.limb.draw_limb function has been moved into drawing as limb(). (#6332)

  • The sunpy.net.helioviewer module is deprecated and will be removed in version 5.1. The Helioviewer Project now maintains a replacement Python library called hvpy. As such, in consultation with the Helioviewer Project, we have decided to deprecate the HelioviewerClient class. (#6404)

  • Passing the algorithm, return_footprint arguments as positional arguments is deprecated. Pass them as keyword arguments (e.g. ..., return_footprint=True, ...) instead. (#6406)

  • sunpy.data.download_sample_data() is now deprecated. Use sunpy.data.sample.download_all() instead. (#6426)

  • The sunpy.database module is no longer actively maintained and has a number of outstanding issues. It is anticiapted that sunpy.database will be formally deprecated in sunpy 5.0 and removed in sunpy 6.0. If you are using sunpy.database and would like to see a replacement, please join the discussion thread at https://community.openastronomy.org/t/deprecating-sunpy-database/495. (#6498)


New Features#

  • Updated and expanded the HTML representation for TimeSeries. (#5951)

  • When reading CDF files, any columns with a floating point data type now have their masked values converted to NaN. (#5956)

  • Add support for saving GenericMap as JPEG 2000 files. (#6153)

  • Add a function sunpy.map.extract_along_coord that, for a given set of coordinates, finds each array index that crosses the line traced by those coordinates and returns the value of the data array of a given map at those array indices. (#6189)

  • Three new maps have been added to the sample data from STEREO A and STEREO B at 195 Angstrom, and AIA at 193 Angstrom. These images are from a time when the three spacecraft were equally spaced around the Sun, and therefore form near complete instantaneous coverage of the solar surface.

    Users upgrading to this version will find this three files download when they use the sample data for the first time. (#6197)

  • Added a SDO/AIA 1600 file of the Venus transit to the sunpy sample data. (#6242)

  • Created the sunpy.visualization.drawing module which includes new equator() and prime_meridian() functions. (#6251)

  • Expose GOES quality flags in order to allow filtering corrupt values when using the XRSTimeSeries. (#6260)

  • All TimeSeries plotting methods now consistently set the same formatter and locator for the x-axis. (#6264)

  • sunpy.timeseries.GenericTimeSeries.peek() now takes a title argument to set the title of the plot. (#6304)

  • Added the sunpy.timeseries.GenericTimeSeries.time property to get the times of a timeseries as a Time object. (#6327)

  • Added the Plotting the solar equator and prime meridian example to the Example Gallery. (#6332)

  • Added a new function sunpy.map.header_helper.make_heliographic_header() to help with generating FITS-WCS headers in Carrington or Stonyhurst coordinate systems that span the entire solar surface. (#6415)

  • Sample data files provided through sunpy.data.sample are now downloaded individually on demand rather than being all downloaded upon import of that module. To download all sample data files, call sunpy.data.sample.download_all(). (#6426)

  • XRSTimeSeries is now able to parse the primary detector information from the GOES-R XRS data if available. (#6454)

  • sunpy.net.Scraper now includes treats files as spanning a full interval equal to the smallest increment specified in the file pattern. For example, a pattern like "%Y.txt" that only contains a year specifier will be considered to span that full year.

    This means searches that fall entirely within the whole interval spanned by a pattern will return that file, where previously they did not. As an example, matching "%Y.txt" with TimeRange('2022-02-01', '2022-04-01') will now return ["2022.txt"] where previously no files were returned. (#6472)

  • Implemented site configuration for sunpyrc, and modified documentation for sunpy customization. (#6478)

  • make_fitswcs_header() now includes the keyword argument unit for setting the BUNIT FITS keyword in the resulting header. This will take precedence over any unit information attached to data. (#6499)

  • If the data argument to make_fitswcs_header() is an Quantity, the associated unit will be used to set the BUNIT FITS keyword in the resulting header. (#6499)

  • Added a 304 sample data file called AIA_304_IMAGE. (#6546)

Bug Fixes#

  • Fix a bug that prevented EUI maps with missing wavelength metadata loading. (#6199)

  • The sunpy.net.dataretriever.sources.noaa.SRSClient was not correctly setting the passive mode for FTP connection resulting in a permission error. This has been fixed. (#6256)

  • Fixed XRSTimeSeries inability to read leap-second files for GOES. It floors the leap-second timestamp to be 59.999, so that Python datetime does not raise an exception. (#6262)

  • Changed the default scaling for EUIMap from a linear stretch to a asinh stretch.

    To revert to the previous linear stretch do the following:

    from astropy.visualization import ImageNormalize, LinearStretch
    euimap.plot_settings["norm"] = ImageNormalize(stretch=LinearStretch()) (`#6285 <https://github.com/sunpy/sunpy/pull/6285>`__)
  • Fixed bugs when working with a coordinate frame where the observer is specified in HeliographicStonyhurst with a Cartesian representation, which is equivalent to Heliocentric Earth Equatorial (HEEQ). Now, the observer will always be converted to spherical representation when the coordinate frame is created. (#6311)

  • Fixed an error when Fido returns zero results from the VSO and some results from at least one other data source. This (now fixed) error is only present when using numpy version >= 1.23. (#6318)

  • If a level 1 XRT file does not specify the heliographic longitude of the spacecraft, a silent assumption is made that the spacecraft is at zero Stonyhurst heliographic longitude (i.e., the same longitude as Earth). (#6333)

  • The sample data retry was failing under parfive 2.0.0. (#6334)

  • Fixed bug that prevented RotatedSunFrame instances from being pickled. (#6342)

  • Fix a bug in loading XRSTimeSeries due to unsupported quality flag column names. (#6410)

  • Adds units (dimensionless units) to the quality columns in XRSTimeSeries. (#6423)

  • Refactored SXTMap to use ITRS observer coordinate information in header rather than incorrect HGS keywords. The SXTMap also now uses the default dsun property as this information can be derived from the (now corrected) observer coordinate. (#6436)

  • In sunpy.map.GenericMap.coordinate_system and sunpy.map.GenericMap.date, the default values will now be used if the expected key(s) used to derive those properties are empty. Previously, empty values of these keys were not treated as missing and thus the default values were not correctly filled in. (#6436)

  • Fixed a bug where the observer coordinate was incorrectly determined for KCorMap. (#6447)

  • Trying to download an empty search response from the JSOC now results in an empty results object. Previously the results object contained the path to the sunpy download directory. (#6449)

  • Removed an error when searching CDAWEB using sunpy.net.Fido and no results are returned. An empty response table is now returned. (#6450)

  • Fix a bug to parse the GOES “observatory” number in XRSTimeSeries for GOES 13, 14, 15 and for the 1 minute GOES-R data. (#6451)

  • Changed the default scaling for XRTMap from a linear stretch to LogStretch.

    To revert to the previous linear stretch do the following:

    from astropy.visualization import ImageNormalize, LinearStretch
    xrtmap.plot_settings["norm"] = ImageNormalize(stretch=LinearStretch()) (`#6480 <https://github.com/sunpy/sunpy/pull/6480>`__)
  • Fix the detector property of SOTMap to return “SOT”. (#6480)

  • The right-hand y-axis of the GOES-XRS timeseries plots with labelled flare classes now automatically scales with the left-hand y-axis. (#6486)

  • Add support for Python 3.11.

    The deprecated cgi.parse_header is now available as sunpy.util.net.parse_header. (#6512)

  • Fixed the metadata handling of resample() and superpixel() so that the CDELTi values are scaled and the PCi_j matrix (if used) is modified in the correct manner for asymmetric scaling. The previous approach of having the PCi_j matrix store all of the scaling resulted in non-intuitive behaviors when accessing the scale and rotation_matrix properties, and when de-rotating a map via rotate(). (#6571)

  • Fixd a bug with the sunpy.map.GenericMap.scale property for maps containing only the CDij matrix where the scale was not being determined from the CDij matrix. (#6573)

  • Fixed a bug with the sunpy.map.GenericMap.rotation_matrix property for maps using the CDij matrix formulism where the rotation matrix would be calculated incorrectly for non-square pixels. (#6573)

  • Fixed a bug where parse_time() would always disregard the remainder of a time string starting with the final period if it was followed by only zeros, which could affect the parsing of the time string. (#6581)


  • Improved annotations in the SRS active regions plotting example. (#6196)

  • Updated gallery examples that use STEREO data to use sample data instead of searching for and downloading data via Fido. (#6197)

  • Added the current bugfix release policy to the docs. (#6336)

  • The Maps and Timeseries have been reviewed and updated. (#6345)

  • Adds a pull request check list to the Developer’s Guide. (#6346)

  • Improved the plotting guide. (#6430)

  • Slight improvements to the downloading data with Fido part of the guide. (#6444)

  • Split the units and coordinate guides on to separate pages, and made minor improvements to them. (#6462)

  • Added a how-to guide conda_for_dependencies for using conda to set up an environment with the complete set of dependencies to use all optional features, build the documentation, and/or run the full test suite. The guide also describes how best to have an editable installation of sunpy in this environment. (#6524)

Internal Changes#

  • Added a columns keyword to each plot method for all sunpy.timeseries.GenericTimeSeries sources. (#6056)

  • Added a script in the sunpy/tools that will update all the Python libraries in sunpy/extern. (#6127)

  • Added automatic conversion of unit strings in CDF files to astropy unit objects for the following instruments: PSP/ISOIS, SOHO/CELIAS, SOHO/COSTEP-EPHIN, and SOHO/ERNE. (#6159)

  • Add an environment variable SUNPY_NO_BUILD_ANA_EXTENSION which when present will cause sunpy to not compile the ANA C extension when building from source. (#6166)

  • sunpy now uses the Limited Python API. Therefore, one binary distribution (wheel) per platform is now published and it is compatible with all Python versions sunpy supports. (#6171)

  • Add support for upcoming parfive 2.0 release. (#6243)

  • The primary sample-data URL will be changing from https://github.com/sunpy/sample-data/raw/master/sunpy/v1/ to https://github.com/sunpy/data/raw/main/sunpy/v1/. We expect GitHub to redirect from the old URL for sometime but will eventually expire it. The data.sunpy.org mirror will continue to be available. (#6289)

  • Add support for downloading sample data from more than two mirror locations. (#6295)

  • Timeseries data sources can now set the _peek_title class attribute to set the default plot title produced when .peek() is called and the user does not provide a custom title. (#6304)

  • All internal code for limb drawing now uses limb(). (#6332)

  • Add maintainer documentation on the backport bot (#6355)

  • Switched to using the standard matrix-multiplication operator (available in Python 3.5+) instead of a custom function. (#6376)

  • Fixed a colormap deprecation warning when importing the sunpy colormaps with Matplotlib 3.6. (#6379)

  • Removed custom tick label rotation from Lyra, EVE, and Norh timeseries sources, and grid drawing from NOAA and RHESSI sources. (#6385)

  • Added tests and test data for SXTMap (#6436)

  • Fixed a bug where the private attribute _default_observer_coordinate for GenericMap was being used even when there was sufficient observer metadata in the header. (#6447)

  • Tidy the GOES XRSTimesSeries tests and add two new XRS files to test. (#6460)

  • Added a pre-commit hook for codespell, and applied spelling fixes throughout the package. (#6574)

v4.0.0 (2022-05-06)#

Breaking Changes#


  • Deprecate sunpy.image.coalignment as the code has now been moved to sunkit_image.coalignment with an identical API. This module will be removed in sunpy 4.1. (#5957)

  • The sunpy.map.GenericMap.shift method has been renamed to sunpy.map.GenericMap.shift_reference_coord and shift has been deprecated. (#5977)

  • The sunpy.map.GenericMap.shifted_value property has been deprecated. Modifications to the reference coordinate can be found in the CRVAL1 and CRVAL2 keys of sunpy.map.GenericMap.meta.modified_items. (#5977)

  • The sunpy.io.fits module is deprecated, as it was designed for internal use only. Use the astropy.io.fits module instead for more generic functionality to read FITS files. (#5983)

  • sunpy.physics.solar_rotation.mapsequence_solar_derotate is deprecated and will be removed in version 4.1. This function has been moved to sunkit_image.coalignment.mapsequence_coalign_by_rotation and has an identical API and functionality. (#6031)

  • sunpy.physics.solar_rotation.calculate_solar_rotate_shift is deprecated and will be removed in version 4.1. This function has been moved to sunkit_image.coalignment.calculate_solar_rotate_shift and has an identical API and functionality. (#6031)

  • Deprecated using sunpy.map.GenericMap.draw_limb on an Axes that is not a WCSAxes. (#6079)

New Features#

Bug Fixes#

  • Fixed reading CDF files when a column has no entries. If this is the case the column will be ignored, and a message logged at DEBUG level. (#5664)

  • Fixed the units of sunpy.map.sources.HMISynopticMap.scale and sunpy.map.sources.MDISynopticMap.scale. (#5682)

  • Fixed a bug where custom values in the plot_settings dictionary were not being propagated to new map instances created when calling map methods (e.g. .submap). (#5687)

  • Added automatic conversion of some common but non-standard unit strings in CDF files to astropy unit objects. If sunpy does not recognise the unit string for a particular column, units of u.dimensionless_unscaled are applied to that column and a warning raised.

    If you think a given unit should not be dimensionless and support should be added for it in sunpy, please raise an issue at sunpy/sunpy#issues. (#5692)

  • The default id_type in sunpy.coordinates.get_horizons_coord() is now None to match the default id_type in astroquery 0.4.4, which will search major bodies first, and if no major bodies are found, then search small bodies. For older versions of astroquery the default id_type used by get_horizons_coord() is still 'majorbody'. (#5707)

  • In consultation with JSOC, we now limit all JSOC downloads to one connection. This will override all connection user settings passed to the downloader. (#5714)

  • Updated the plot methods on some timeseries classes to correctly label and format the time axis. (#5720)

  • Fixed a long-standing bug where our logger could intercept Astropy warnings in addition to SunPy warnings, and thus could conflict with Astropy’s logger. (#5722)

  • Update asdf schemas so that references use URIs not tags as this is not supported by the new asdf extensions API. (#5723)

  • Increased the default maximum amount of records returned from HEC to 500 from 10. If the maximum number of records are returned, a message is shown. (#5738)

  • Reading a series of CDF files where at least one of them is empty no longer raises an error. A message for each empty file is logged at the DEBUG level. (#5751)

  • sunpy.map.header_helper.make_fitswcs_header() now includes a PC_ij matrix in the returned header if no rotation is specified. (#5763)

  • In the case where a map header has no PC_ij values, CROTA2 != 0, and CDELT1 != CDELT2, the calculation of the map rotation matrix has been fixed. This bug only affected maps with non-zero rotation, no PC matrix in the header, and un-equal scales along the two image axes. (#5766)

  • Maps created from resample() and superpixel() have been fixed in the case where the resampling was not square, and the PCi_j matrix (often a rotation matrix) was not a multiple of the identity matrix. When the PCi_j or CDi_j formalisms are used in the metadata these are now correctly modified, and the CDELT values are left unchanged. (#5786)

  • The __repr__ of several sunpy.database classes have been updated to remove angular brackets and add equals signs. As an example, '<DatabaseEntry(id 3)>' has changed to 'DatabaseEntry(id=3)' (#5790)

  • Fixed a bug when rotating a map by a matrix that is not purely a rotation. The likely way to inadvertently encounter this bug was when de-rotating a map with rectangular pixels that were not aligned with the coordinate axes. (#5803)

  • Fixed a bug where rotating a map while simultaneously scaling it could result in some of the map data being cropped out. (#5803)

  • Symmetric colorbar limits are no longer set on intensity images from MDI. (#5825)

  • Fixed plotting and peeking NORH timeseries data with pandas 1.4.0. (#5830)

  • In the case where sunpy.database.Database.fetch() successfully downloads only some of the search results, a PartialFetchError is raised. This fixes a bug where the successful downloads would have been added to the database, but sometimes with incorrect metadata. (#5835)

  • When getting IRIS files from the VSO, Fido was incorrectly labelling them as XML files. (#5868)

  • HMIMap now looks for 'INSTRUME' instead of 'TELESCOP' in order to support Helioviewer JPEG2000 versions of HMI data which do not preserve the 'TELESCOP' keyword as expected in the JSOC standard. (#5886)

  • Fixes a bug where the cmap and norm keyword arguments were ignored when calling plot. (#5889)

  • Fix parsing of the GOES/XRS netcdf files to ignore leap seconds. (#5915)

  • Fixed compatibility with h5netcdf>0.14 when loading GOES netcdf files. (#5920)

  • Fixed bugs with the rebinning and per-keV calculation for Fermi/GBM summary lightcurves (GBMSummaryTimeSeries). (#5943)

  • Fixed the unintentionally slow parsing of Fermi/GBM files (GBMSummaryTimeSeries). (#5943)

  • Fixes a bug in SJIMap where undefined variable was used when parsing the wavelength. Also fixes the unit parsing by removing the “corrected” string from the BUNIT keyword as “corrected DN” cannot be parsed as a valid FITS unit. (#5968)

  • Fixed unit handling issue with GenericMap and lowercasing the unit before it submits it to astropy.units. (#5970)

  • Fixed reading CDF files when a variable has more than 2 dimensions. If this is the case the variable will be ignored, and a user warning is provided. (#5975)

  • Fixed sunpy.system_info so it returns the extra group when an optional dependency is missing. (#6011)

  • Relax condition check for a HMI Synoptic map source. (#6018)

  • VSOClient was not passing **kwargs through each download method. (#6052)

  • Fixed the inability to rotate images and maps with byte ordering that is different from the native byte order of the system (e.g., big-endian values on a little-endian system) for certain interpolation orders when internally using scikit-image. (#6064)

  • Fixed a crash for dask arrays when displaying the GenericMap html representation. (#6088)

  • Constructing the color map name for a KCorMap no longer requires the “detector” key in the metadata. This allows for reading files that are missing this keyword, as in the KCor JPEG2000 files. (#6112)

  • We now correctly pass keyword arguments in our internal FITS reader to astropy.io.fits.open. (#6123)


  • Fixed various plotting issues with the gallery example Drawing the AIA limb on a STEREO EUVI image. (#5534)

  • Improved the gallery example AIA to STEREO coordinate conversion to better illustrate how coordinate transformations interact with submaps and coordinate plotting. (#5534)

  • Tidy the API Reference section of the documentation and improve the landing page for the docs. (#5623)

  • Add info about loading CDF files to the API documentation. (#5735)

  • Added a known issues entry about scikit-image package version pinning. (#5865)

  • Edited entries in the example gallery to have a consistent plotting style. Added said style guidelines to the example gallery page in the dev guide. (#5870)

  • Added the gallery example Reprojecting to a Map Projection with a Custom Origin, which specifically showcases the azimuthal equidistant projection (also known as the Postel projection). (#5961)

  • Remove the part of the SJIMap docstring that says it only works on L1 as the data work for L2 and the level checking was not being enforced. (#5968)

  • Updated the timeseries documentation to make it clear that you can pass in a numpy array. (#6024)

Internal Changes#

  • Sped up the parsing of results from the VSO. For large queries this significantly reduces the time needed to perform a query to the VSO. (#5681)

  • sunpy.map.GenericMap.wcs now checks that the scale property has the correct units whilst constructing the WCS. (#5682)

  • Added packaging as a core dependency as distutils is now deprecated. (#5713)

  • SunpyWarning is no longer a subclass of AstropyWarning. (#5722)

  • Running the tests now requires the pytest-xdist package. By default tests are not run in parallel, but can be configured to do so using pytest-xdist command line options. (#5827)

  • Migrate the asdf infrastructure to the new style converters etc added in asdf 2.8.0. This makes sure sunpy will be compatible with the upcoming asdf 3.0 release. (#6057)

  • Declare in our dependencies that we are not compatible with asdf 3.0.0 until we are. (#6077)

  • Improved performance of the code that parses dates in clients that use the Scraper to get available files. (#6101)

3.1.0 (2021-10-29)#

Breaking Changes#

  • sunpy.timeseries.sources.NOAAIndicesTimeSeries.peek() accepts plot_type as an argument instead of type. (#5200)

  • Fill values are now set to numpy.nan in sunpy.timeseries.sources.noaa file parsers. They were previously set to a fill value of -1. (#5363)

  • sunpy.map.GenericMap.date now looks for more metadata than just DATE-OBS, using new FITS keywords defined in version 4 of the standard. sunpy.map.GenericMap.date now returns, in order of preference:

    1. The DATE-OBS FITS keyword

    2. date_average

    3. date_start

    4. date_end

    5. The current time.

    If DATE-OBS is present alongside DATE-AVG or DATE-BEG and DATE-END, this results in a behaviour change to favour the new (more precisely defined) keywords. It is recommended to use date_average, date_start, or date_end instead if you need one of these specific times. (#5449)

  • sunpy.io.fits.get_header no longer automatically tries to add the WAVEUNIT keyword if it isn’t present in the header. To replicate the original behaviour do:

    header = sunpy.io.fits.get_header(...)
    waveunit = sunpy.io.fits.extract_waveunit(header)
    if waveunit is not None:
        header['WAVEUNIT'] = waveunit

    The sunpy.map.GenericMap.waveunit property still uses sunpy.io.fits.extract_waveunit` to try and get the waveunit if the WAVEUNIT key isn’t present. (#5501)

  • sunpy.map.GenericMap.wcs no longer passes the whole .meta dictionary to astropy.wcs.WCS when constructing .wcs. Instead each metadata value is manually taken from various map properties, which allows fixes to be made to the WCS without modifying the original map header. We think that wcs correctly sets all the keys needed for a full WCS header, but if you find anything missing please open an issue on the sunpy issue tracker. (#5501)


  • sunpy.util.scraper.Scraper has been moved into sunpy.net, please update your imports to be from sunpy.net import Scraper. (#5364)

  • Using “neighbour” as a resampling method in sunpy.image.resample.resample() is deprecated. Use “nearest” instead, which has the same effect. (#5480)

  • The sunpy.visualization.animator subpackage has been spun out into the standalone mpl-animators package, with the exception of MapSequenceAnimator. Please update your imports to replace sunpy.visualization.animator with mpl_animators.

    This is primarily because the ndcube package now relies on the animator classes as well as sunpy. (#5619)


  • The deprecated sunpy.roi.chaincode.Chaincode has been removed in favour of sunpy.net.helio.Chaincode. (#5304)

  • The deprecated sunpy.roi.roi was removed, there is no direct replacement but astropy-regions is something to consider. (#5304)

  • The deprecated sunpy.instr has been removed, please use sunkit_instruments. (#5304)

  • The deprecated sunpy.map.GenericMap.size has been removed, please use sunpy.map.GenericMap.data.size. (#5304)

  • The deprecated ability to read txt files from sunpy.timeseries.sources.noaa.NOAAIndicesTimeSeries and sunpy.timeseries.sources.noaa.NOAAPredictIndicesTimeSeries has been removed as the data provided by NOAA is now provided as JSON files. (#5304)

  • Removed various deprecated methods on our Fido clients and responses:

    1. UnifiedResponse.build_table, UnifiedResponse.tables, UnifiedResponse.responses, UnifiedResponse.get_response and UnifiedResponse.blocks as UnifiedResponse is now an astropy.table.Table that is sliceable.

    2. UnifiedResponse.response_block_properties as UnifiedResponse.path_format_keys was added as a better replacement.

    3. HECClient.time_query as you can now use Fido.search directly.

    4. sunpy.net.jsoc.attrs.Keys was not used for querying JSOC.

    5. sunpy.net.jsoc.JSOCClient.search_metadata as the functionality this provided was merged into sunpy.net.jsoc.JSOCClient.search.

    6. sunpy.net.vso.VSOClient.link as better search support in the client replaces this method. (#5304)

  • The deprecated sunpy.map.GenericMap.draw_rectangle() has been removed, the replacement is sunpy.map.GenericMap.draw_quadrangle() (#5304)

  • sunpy now errors if the unused .rsun or .heliographic_observer attributes are set on a WCS. (#5348)

  • Support for passing non-unit levels to sunpy.map.GenericMap.draw_contours() when map data has units set has been removed, and with now raise an error. (#5352)

  • The origin argument to sunpy.map.GenericMap.world_to_pixel() and sunpy.map.GenericMap.pixel_to_world() has been removed. (#5353)

  • Support for plotting or contouring GenericMap on axes that are not WCSAxes has been removed. To create a WCSAxes, use the projection argument when the axes is created, e.g. fig.add_subplot(111, projection=my_map). (#5354)

  • The following search attributes in sunpy.net.vso.attrs have been removed: ['Time', 'Instrument', 'Wavelength', 'Source', 'Provider', 'Level', 'Sample', 'Detector', 'Resolution', 'Physobs']. Use the equivalent attribute from sunpy.net.attrs instead. (#5355)

  • The default response format from the VSO client is now a table. (#5355)

  • sunpy.net.hek.attrs.Time has been removed, use sunpy.net.attrs.Time instead. (#5355)

New Features#

Bug Fixes#

  • sunpy.map.GenericMap.superpixel() now keeps the reference coordinate of the WCS projection the same as the input map, and updates the reference pixel accordingly. This fixes inconsistencies in the input and output world coordinate systems when a non-linear projection is used. (#5295)

  • Inputs to the dimensions and offset arguments to sunpy.map.GenericMap.superpixel() in units other than u.pix (e.g. `u.kpix) are now handled correctly. (#5301)

  • Fractional inputs to the dimensions and offset arguments to sunpy.map.GenericMap.superpixel() were previously rounded using int in the superpixel algorithm, but not assigned integer values in the new metadata. This has now been changed so the rounding is correctly reflected in the metadata. (#5301)

  • Remove runtime use of astropy.tests.helper.assert_quantity_allclose which introduces a runtime dependency on pytest. (#5305)

  • sunpy.map.GenericMap.resample() now keeps the reference coordinate of the WCS projection the same as the input map, and updates the reference pixel accordingly. This fixes inconsistencies in the input and output world coordinate systems when a non-linear projection is used. (#5309)

  • Fix saving GenericMap to an asdf file with version 2.8.0 of the asdf package. (#5342)

  • When the limb is entirely visible, sunpy.map.GenericMap.draw_limb() no longer plots an invisible patch for the hidden part of the limb and now returns None instead of the invisible patch. Similarly, when the limb is entirely invisible, no patch is drawn for the visible part and None is returned instead of the visible patch. (#5414)

  • sunpy.map.GenericMap.plot() now correctly sets axis labels based on the coordinate system of the axes, and not the coordinate system of the map being plotted. This was previously only an issue if using autoalign=True when the Map coordinate system was different to the axes coordinate system. (#5432)

  • sunpy.map.GenericMap.plot() no longer adds a unit string to the axis labels if the axes being plotted on is a WCSAxes. For a WCSAxes, angular units are indicated in the tick labels, and automatically change when the zoom level changes from e.g. degrees to arc-minutes. This could previously lead to situations where the axis label units were incorrect. (#5432)

  • Implement automatic fallback to helioviewer mirrors if API is non-functional. (#5440)

  • Fixed the incorrect value for the FITS WCS LONPOLE keyword when using make_fitswcs_header() for certain combinations of WCS projection and reference coordinate. (#5448)

  • The date returned by date for Solar Orbiter/EUI maps has been adjusted to be taken from the DATE-AVG keyword (the middle of the image acquisition period), instead of the DATE-OBS keyword (the beginning of the image acquisition period). This means the observer coordinate now has the correct date. (#5462)

  • The .unit attribute for HMI synoptic maps has been fixed. (#5467)

  • When “TAI” is in the date string, sunpy.map.GenericMap.date now only raises a warning if the TIMESYS keyword is present and different to “TAI”. Previously a warning was raised all the time when “TAI” was in the date string. (#5468)

  • Fixed a bug where the property sunpy.map.GenericMap.rsun_meters would always internally determine the observer location, even when it is not needed, particularly for Stonyhurst heliographic maps, which have no notion of an observer. Thus, when working with a Stonyhurst heliographic map, a user could get an irrelevant warning message about having to assume an observer location (Earth center). (#5478)

  • Fixed the unintended insertion of (assumed) observer location information when accessing the property sunpy.map.GenericMap.wcs for Stonyhurst heliographic maps. (#5478)

  • Fixed an incorrect value for the FITS WCS LONPOLE keyword when using make_fitswcs_header() for Helioprojective maps with certain values of latitude for the reference coordinate. (#5490)

  • A non-standard CROTA keyword included in a sunpy.map.sources.EUIMap FITS header is now renamed to the recommended CROTA2 so a warning is no longer raised. (#5493)

  • The plotting x-limits of sunpy.timeseries.sources.NOAAIndicesTimeSeries.plot() are now adjusted to only include finite points in the timeseries data. (#5496)

  • The Hinode/XRT map source now corrects the TIMESYS keyword, fixing the .wcs property that was previously broken for Hinode/XRT maps. (#5508)

  • Updated sunpy.map.CompositeMap.plot to support the linestyles and colors arguments, in addition to the existing linewidths argument. (#5521)

  • Fixed a bug where rotating a Map could result in an extremely small shift (at the numerical-precision level) in the mapping from world coordinates to pixels. (#5553)

  • Fixed a bug where rotating a Map that is missing observation-time metadata could result in an incorrect reference coordinate. (#5553)

  • Fix a bug where saving a helioprojective or heliocentric coordinate to an asdf file didn’t work due to a schema version mismatch if the observer location was a fully specified Stonyhurst heliographic coordinate. (#5584)

  • XRTMap uppercases the TIMESYS key before checking if the key needs to be fixed. (#5592)

  • Fixed passing a URL to sunpy.io.read_file() on windows. (#5601)

  • Fixed a bug where the date property on HMISynopticMap returned None if the DATE-OBS key was present. (#5648)


Internal Changes#

  • The Helioprojective frame now has the convenience property angular_radius to return the angular radius of the Sun as seen by the observer. (#5191)

  • Online tests can now report back status of remote urls and will XFAIL if the remote server is unreachable. (#5233)

  • Re-enabled the unit test to check for coordinates consistency with JPL HORIZONS when the matching ephemeris can be specified. (#5314)

  • The TimeSeries factory has been refactored to improve readability and maintainability of the internal code. (#5411)

  • sunpy.map.GenericMap.rsun_obs no longer emits a warning if the metadata it looks for is not present. Instead the standard photospheric radius is assumed and a log message emitted at the ‘info’ level. (#5416)

  • Nearest-neighbour and linear (the default for sunpy.map.GenericMap.resample()) resampling have been significantly sped up. (#5476)

  • sunpy.map.Map now raises a clear error when the map is constructed if units of either two axes are not angular units. (#5602)

3.0.1 (2021-07-03)#

Bug Fixes#

  • Fixed a bug where GenericMap used to break with keyword arguments. (#5392)

  • Fixed a bug where calling sunpy.map.GenericMap.draw_contours() on a different WCS could result in an unnecessary expansion of the plot limits. (#5398)

  • Fixed incorrect return values from all_corner_coords_from_map() if a rectangular map was provided. (#5419)

  • Do not trigger a pytest import in the asdf plugin for saving sunpy coordinate frames. (#5429)

  • Constructing a 2D coordinate in the HeliographicCarrington frame with observer='self' now raises an error upon creation. When specifying observer='self', the radius coordinate component serves as the Sun-observer distance that is necessary to fully define the Carrington heliographic coordinates. (#5358)

  • Fixed two bugs with handling the motion of the Sun when transforming between coordinate frames with a change in obstime. These bugs did not affect any results if the context manager transform_with_sun_center() had been used. (#5381)

  • Fixed a bug where the rsun frame attribute could be unintentionally reset to the default value during transformation. This bug primarily affected the transformation of a Helioprojective coordinate to a HeliographicStonyhurst frame. (#5395)

  • Fixed a bug where creating a HeliographicStonyhurst frame or a HeliographicCarrington frame from WCS information failed to make use of any specified rsun_ref value. (#5395)

  • SXTMap now always returns None for the wavelength attribute. Previously this raised an error. (#5401)

Added/Improved Documentation#

  • Simplified the “Downloading LASCO C2” gallery example by removing redundant modifications to the metadata before it is loaded by Map. (#5402)

  • Tided up the HMI synoptic map example by removing redundant code and correcting some of the comments. (#5413)

3.0.0 (2021-05-14)#

Backwards Incompatible Changes#

Deprecations and Removals#

  • Deprecated sunpy.map.GenericMap.draw_rectangle in favor of draw_quadrangle(). (#5236)

  • Using GenericMap plotting methods on an Axes that is not a WCSAxes is deprecated. This previously raised a warning, but is now formally deprecated, and will raise an error in sunpy 3.1. (#5244)

  • Deprecated sunpy.roi.chaincode.Chaincode and created a replacement at sunpy.net.helio.Chaincode.

    This replacement has the following changes:

    1. Added support for numpy array as an input (it was broken before).

    2. Renamed BoundingBox to boundingbox

    3. Renamed subBoundingBox to sub_boundingbox

    4. Now area and length raise NotImplementedError (#5249)

  • Deprecated sunpy.roi.roi, as it currently has no obvious use and has never seen any real development work. (#5249)


  • sunpy.coordinates.get_horizons_coord() can now be given a start time, end time, and number of intervals (or interval length) to query a evenly spaced set of times. See the documentation string for more information and an example. (#4698)

  • Added sunpy.map.GenericMap.draw_quadrangle() for drawing a quadrangle on a map. A quadrangle has edges that are aligned with lines of constant latitude and longitude, but these can be in a different coordinate system than that of the map. (#4809)

  • Added a longitude keyword argument to carrington_rotation_time() as an alternate way to specify a fractional Carrington rotation. (#4879)

  • Colorbar in sunpy.map.GenericMap.peek now has a unit label. (#4930)

  • The default axes used by BaseFuncAnimator.get_animation() is now BaseFuncAnimator.axes, instead of the currently active axes (accessed via. matplotlib.pyplot.gca()). The allows animations to be created on figures created directly using matplotlib.figure.Figure.

    To revert to the previous behaviour of using the current axes, give axes=plt.gca() to get_animation(). (#4968)

  • Added colormaps for Solar Orbiter EUI images. These are used automatically when an EUI image is loaded. (#5023)

  • Added the ability to dynamically scale sunpy.visualization.animator instances. By specifying the clip_interval keyword, it will now clip the minimum and maximum at each slider step to the specified interval. (#5025)

  • Added a sunpy.time.timerange.TimeRange.__contains__ method to sunpy.time.TimeRange that tests if two time ranges overlap. (#5093)

  • Added the ability to namespace files downloaded using sunpy.data.data_manager.manager.DataManager by prepending the file name with module name. (#5111)

  • Added a rigid rotation model to diff_rot() via rot_type=rigid, where the rotation rate does not vary with latitude. (#5132)

  • Added a save() method to sunpy.map.MapSequence that saves each map of the sequence. (#5145)

  • The allowable level inputs to sunpy.map.GenericMap.contour() and sunpy.map.GenericMap.draw_contours() have been consolidated. Both methods now accept - Scalars, if the map has no units - Quantities, if the map has units - Percentages (#5154)

  • Added support for corrected NOAA SWPC solar region summary data files. (#5173)

  • Updated sunpy.util.sysinfo.system_info to return all optional dependencies of sunpy. (#5175)

  • sunpy.map.Map now supports the EUI instrument on Solar Orbiter. (#5210)

  • HeliographicStonyhurst and HeliographicCarrington now have an rsun frame attribute to specify the radius of the Sun, which defaults to the photospheric radius defined in sunpy.sun.constants. This frame attribute is used when converting a 2D coordinate (longitude and latitude, with no specified radial distance) to a 3D coordinate by setting the radial distance to rsun (i.e., the assumption is that the coordinate is on the surface of the Sun). (#5211)

  • Enhanced sunpy.map.GenericMap.draw_limb() so that the solar limb can be plotted on axes that correspond to a different map (e.g., with a different observer). The part of the limb that is not visible to the axes’s observer because it is on the far side of the Sun is shown as dotted rather than solid. (#5237)

  • MetaDict now saves a copy of the metadata on creation, which can be accessed using the original_meta property. Three new properties have also been added to query any changes that have been made to metadata:

    As an example, my_map.meta.modified_items will return a dictionary mapping keys to their original value and current value. (#5241)

  • Added sunpy.map.contains_coordinate() which provides a quick way to see if a world coordinate is contained within the array bounds of a map. (#5252)

  • Added an optional keyword argument autoalign to sunpy.map.GenericMap.plot() for plotting a map to axes that correspond to a different WCS. See Auto-Aligning AIA and HMI Data During Plotting. (#5255)

  • sunpy.map.CompositeMap.plot() now properly makes use of WCS information to position and orient maps when overlaying them. (#5255)

Bug Fixes#

  • Fixed the drawing methods of sunpy.map.GenericMap (e.g., ~sunpy.map.GenericMap.draw_rectangle) so that any text labels will appear in the legend. (#5019)

  • Fixed bug in sunpy.until.scraper.Scraper which caused URL patterns containing backslashes to be incorrectly parsed on Windows. (#5022)

  • Constructing a MetaDict is now more lenient, and accepts any class that inherits from collections.abc.Mapping. This fixes a regression where headers read with astropy.io.fits raised an error when passed to individual map sources. (#5047)

  • Added warning to sunpy.map.GenericMap.rotate() when specified missing value is not compatible with the number type of the data array. (#5051)

  • Prevented some colormaps being accidentally modified depending on the order and method through which they were accessed. (#5054)

  • Reverted change for sunpy.map.GenericMap.draw_limb that made it use “add_artist” as it was changing the FOV of the plotted image. (#5069)

  • Fixed a bug where some RotatedSunFrame transformations could fail with an observer=None error. (#5084)

  • Fixed bug where sunpy.data.data_manager.DataManager would fail to recover upon deleting the sqlite database file. (#5089)

  • Fixed a bug where coordinate frames were considered different due to an unintended time difference during time handling at the level of numerical precision (i.e., tens of picoseconds). This resulted in the unexpected use of transformation machinery when transforming a coordinate to its own coordinate frame. (#5127)

  • Fixed a bug with failing downloads in 2010 with the SRSClient. (#5159)

  • If the property sunpy.map.GenericMap.rsun_obs needs to calculate the solar angular radius from header information, it now properly uses the rsun_ref keyword if it is present and does not emit any warning. (#5172)

  • Added a “rsun_obs” keyword to the output of sunpy.map.header_helper.make_fitswcs_header() if the coordinate argument has a “rsun” frame attribute. (#5177)

  • Fixed small inaccuracies in the grid plotted by draw_grid() for maps that specify a radius of the Sun that is different from the constant in sunpy.sun.constants. (#5211)

  • Fixed sunpy.map.GenericMap.draw_contours() so that the contours from a map can be plotted on axes with a different coordinate system. (#5239)

  • When using the cylindrical representation of Heliocentric to work in the Heliocentric Radial coordinate frame, the psi component now goes from 0 to 360 degrees instead of -180 to 180 degrees. (#5242)

  • Changed MDIMap to use the “CONTENT” keyword to identify the measurement, similar to HMIMap, and removed the special-case nickname. This fixes the broken title on plots. (#5257)

  • sunpy.coordinates.solar_frame_to_wcs_mapping() now sets the observer auxiliary information when a HeliographicCarrington frame with observer='self' is passed. (#5264)

  • Calling sunpy.map.header_helper.make_fitswcs_header() with a HeliographicCarrington coordinate that with observer='self' set now correctly sets the observer information in the header. (#5264)

  • sunpy.map.GenericMap.superpixel() now keeps the reference coordinate of the WCS projection the same as the input map, and updates the reference pixel accordingly. This fixes inconsistencies in the input and output world coordinate systems when a non-linear projection is used. (#5295)

  • Inputs to the dimensions and offset arguments to sunpy.map.GenericMap.superpixel() in units other than u.pix (e.g. `u.kpix) are now handled correctly. (#5301)

  • Fractional inputs to the dimensions and offset arguments to sunpy.map.GenericMap.superpixel() were previously rounded using int in the superpixel algorithm, but not assigned integer values in the new metadata. This has now been changed so the rounding is correctly reflected in the metadata. (#5301)

  • Remove runtime use of astropy.tests.helper.assert_quantity_allclose which introduces a runtime dependency on pytest. (#5305)

  • sunpy.map.GenericMap.resample() now keeps the reference coordinate of the WCS projection the same as the input map, and updates the reference pixel accordingly. This fixes inconsistencies in the input and output world coordinate systems when a non-linear projection is used. (#5309)

  • Fix saving GenericMap to an asdf file with version 2.8.0 of the asdf package. (#5342)

Added/Improved Documentation#

Trivial/Internal Changes#

  • Replaced the old test runner with a new version that adds a dependency check before the test suite is run. (#4596)

  • The testing suite now raises a warning if the pyplot figure stack is not empty prior to running a test, and it closes all open figures after finishing each test. (#4969)

  • Improved performance when moving the slider in sunpy.visualisation.animator.ArrayAnimatorWCS. (#4971)

  • Added some basic logging to HEK searches, at the ‘debug’ logging level. (#5020)

  • Refactored RotatedSunFrame transformations for improved performance. (#5084)

  • Re-ordered keyword-only arguments of sunpy.map.GenericMap.draw_rectangle to match sunpy.map.GenericMap.submap(). (#5091)

  • Significantly sped up calls to parse_time() for string arguments. This will have knock on effects, including improved performance of querying the VSO. (#5108)

  • Added tests for sunpy.visualization.animator.mapsequenceanimator and sunpy.map.MapSequence.plot(). (#5125)

  • The CROTA keywords are no longer set on sunpy.map.GenericMap.wcs, as the PC_ij keywords are always set and the FITS standard says that these keywords must not co-exist. (#5166)

  • Temporarily disabled the unit test to check for coordinates consistency with JPL HORIZONS due to the inability to choose a matching ephemeris. (#5203)

  • wcsaxes_heliographic_overlay() now accepts obstime and rsun optional arguments. This function is not typically called directly by users. (#5211)

  • GenericMap plotting methods now have consistent argument checking for the axes argument, and will raise the same warnings or errors for similar axes input. (#5223)

  • Calling sunpy.map.GenericMap.plot() on a WCSAxes with a different World Coordinate System (WCS) to the map now raises a warning, as the map data axes may not correctly align with the coordinate axes. This happens if an Axes is created with a projection that is a different map to the one being plotted. (#5244)

  • Re-enabled the unit test to check for coordinates consistency with JPL HORIZONS when the matching ephemeris can be specified. (#5314)

2.1.0 (2020-02-21)#

Backwards Incompatible Changes#

  • Support for Python 3.6 and Numpy 1.15 has been dropped in line with NEP 29. The minimum supported version of Astropy is now 4.0, and the minimum version of scipy is now 1.2. (#4284)

  • Changed sunpy.coordinates.sun.B0() return type from Angle to Latitude. (#4323)

  • An error is now raised if vmin or vmax are passed to to sunpy.map.GenericMap.plot and they are already set on the map norm. This is consistent with upcoming Matplotlib changes. (#4328)

  • Previously slicing the result of Fido.search() (a UnifiedResponse object) so that it had a length of one returned another UnifiedResponse object. Now it will return a QueryResponseTable object, which is a subclass of astropy.table.Table. (#4358)

  • The .size property of a coordinate frame with no associated data will now raise an error instead of returning 0. (#4577)

  • The following Map methods have had support for specific positional arguments removed. They must now be passed as keyword arguments (i.e. m.method(keyword_arg=value)).

    • submap(): width, height.

    • sunpy.map.GenericMap.draw_rectangle: width, height, axes, top_right. (#4616)

  • The sunpy specific attributes .heliographic_observer and .rsun are no longer set on the WCS returned by sunpy.map.GenericMap.wcs. (#4620)

  • Due to upstream changes, the parsing logic for the HECClient now returns strings and not bytes for get_table_names(). (#4643)

  • Reduced the selection of dependent packages installed by default via pip, which means that some of our sub-packages will not fully import when sunpy is installed with pip install "sunpy". You can install all dependencies by specifying pip install "sunpy[all]", or you can install sub-package-specific dependencies by specifying, e.g., [map] or [timeseries]. (#4662)

  • The class inheritance for RotatedSunFrame and the frames it creates has been changed in order to stop depending on unsupported behavior in the underlying machinery. The return values for some isinstance()/issubclass() calls will be different, but the API for RotatedSunFrame is otherwise unchanged. (#4691)

  • Fix a bug in submap where only the top right and bottom left coordinates of the input rectangle in world coordinates were considered when calculating the pixel bounding box. All four corners are once again taken into account now, meaning that submap correctly returns the smallest pixel box which contains all four corners of the input rectangle.

    To revert to the previous 2.0.0 behaviour, first convert the top right and bottom left coordinates to pixel space before calling submap with:

    top_right = smap.wcs.world_to_pixel(top_right) * u.pix
    bottom_left = smap.wcs.world_to_pixel(bottom_left) * u.pix
    smap.submap(bottom_left=bottom_left, top_right=top_right)

    This will define the rectangle in pixel space. (#4727)

  • VSO results where the size was -1 (missing data) now return None rather than -1 to be consistent with other missing data in the VSO results. (#4798)

  • All result objects contained within the results of a Fido.search() (a UnifiedResponse object) are now QueryResponseTable objects (or subclasses thereof). These objects are subclasses of astropy.table.Table and can therefore be filtered and inspected as tabular objects, and the modified tables can be passed to Fido.fetch.

    This, while a breaking change for anyone accessing these response objects directly, will hopefully make working with Fido search results much easier. (#4798)

  • Results from the NOAAIndicesClient and the NOAAPredictClient no longer has Start Time or End Time in their results table as the results returned from the client are not dependent upon the time parameter of a search. (#4798)

  • The sunpy.net.vso.QueryResponse.search method has been removed as it has not worked since the 1.0 release of sunpy. (#4798)

  • The sunpy.net.hek.hek.HEKColumn class has been removed, the HEKTable class now uses the standard astropy.table.Column class. (#4798)

  • The keys used to format file paths in Fido.fetch have changed. They are now more standardised across all the clients, as they are all extracted from the names of the columns in the results table.

    For results from the VSO the keys are no longer separated with ., and are based on the displayed column names. For results from the dataretriever clients the only main change is that the keys are now lower case, where they were capitilized before. You can use the .sunpy.net.fido_factory.UnifiedResponse.path_format_keys method to see all the possible keys for a particular search. (#4798)

  • The time returned from carrington_rotation_number() has been changed from the TT scale to the more common UTC scale. To undo this change, use time_out = time_out.tt on the outputted time. (#4819)

  • response_block_properties has been renamed to .BaseQueryResponse.path_format_keys, on the return objects from all search() methods on all clients and from Fido.search(). (#4798)


  • Removed deprecated functions:

    • sunpy.coordinates.frames.Helioprojective.calculate_distance, alternative is sunpy.coordinates.frames.Helioprojective.make_3d.

    • sunpy.image.coalignment.repair_image_nonfinite - if you wish to repair the image, this has to be done manually before calling the various sunpy.image.coalignment functions.

    • The repair_nonfinite keyword argument to calculate_shift and calculate_match_template_shift has been removed.

    • sunpy.instr.lyra.download_lytaf_database - this just downloaded the file at http://proba2.oma.be/lyra/data/lytaf/annotation_ppt.db, which can be done manually.

    • sunpy.util.net.check_download_file, no alternative.

    • sunpy.visualization.animator.ImageAnimatorWCS, alternative is sunpy.visualization.animator.ArrayAnimatorWCS. (#4350)

  • Removed deprecated function sunpy.instr.aia.aiaprep. Alternative is register for converting AIA images from level 1 to level 1.5. (#4485)

  • sunpy.cm has been removed. All of the functionality in this module can now be found in sunpy.visualization.colormaps. (#4488)

  • sunpy.test.hash has been removed, the functionality has been moved into the pytest-mpl package. (#4605)

  • sunpy.util.multimethod has been removed. (#4614)

  • The lytaf_path argument (which previously did nothing) has been removed from - sunpy.instr.lyra.remove_lytaf_events_from_timeseries - sunpy.instr.lyra.get_lytaf_events - sunpy.instr.lyra.get_lytaf_event_types (#4615)


  • Deprecated sunpy.net.vso.attrs.Source and sunpy.net.vso.attrs.Provider. They are now sunpy.net.attrs.Source and sunpy.net.attrs.Provider respectively. (#4321)

  • Deprecated the use of the sunpy.map.GenericMap.size property, use sunpy.map.Map.data.size instead. (#4338)

  • sunpy.net.helio.HECClient.time_query is deprecated, search is the replacement. (#4358)

  • sunpy.net.jsoc.attrs.Keys is deprecated; all fields are returned by default and can be filtered post search. (#4358)

  • sunpy.net.hek.attrs.Time is deprecated; Time should be used instead. (#4358)

  • Support for sunpy.coordinates.wcs_utils.solar_wcs_frame_mapping() to use the .heliographic_observer and .rsun attributes on a WCS is deprecated. (#4620)

  • The origin argument to sunpy.map.GenericMap.pixel_to_world and sunpy.map.GenericMap.world_to_pixel is deprecated.

    • If passing 0, not using the origin argument will have the same effect.

    • If passing 1, manually subtract 1 pixel from the input to pixel_to_world, or manually add 1 pixel to the output of world_to_pixel, and do not use the origin argument. (#4700)

  • The .VSOClient.link method is deprecated as it is no longer used. (#4789)

  • The .UnifiedResponse.get_response, .UnifiedResponse.tables and .UnifiedResponse.responses attributes of .UnifiedResponse have been deprecated as they are no longer needed now the object returns the table objects it contains when sliced. (#4798)

  • sunpy.net.vso.VSOClient.search() has a new keyword argument response_type= which controls the return type from the search() method. In sunpy 2.1 and 3.0 it will default to the "legacy" response format, in 3.1 it will default to the new "table" response format, and the "legacy" format may be deprecated and removed at a later date.

    Searches made with Fido will use the new "table" response format, so this only affects users interacting with the VSOClient object directly. (#4798)


  • For sunpy.map.GenericMap.quicklook() and sunpy.map.MapSequence.quicklook() (also used for the HTML representation shown in Jupyter notebooks), the histogram is now shaded corresponding to the colormap of the plotted image. Clicking on the histogram will toggle an alternate version of the histogram. (#4931)

  • Add an SRS_TABLE file to the sample data, and use it in the magnetogram plotting example. (#4993)

  • Added a sunpy.map.GenericMap.contour() method to find the contours on a map. (#3909)

  • Added a context manager (assume_spherical_screen()) to interpret Helioprojective coordinates as being on the inside of a spherical screen instead of on the surface of the Sun. (#4003)

  • Added sunpy.map.sources.HMISynopticMap for handling the Synoptic maps from HMI. (#4053)

  • Added a MDISynopticMap map source class. (#4054)

  • Created GONGClient for accessing magnetogram synoptic map archives of NSO-GONG. (#4055)

  • All coordinate frames will now show the velocity if it exists in the underlying data. (#4102)

  • The ephemeris functions get_body_heliographic_stonyhurst(), get_earth(), and get_horizons_coord() can now optionally return the body’s velocity as part of the output coordinate. (#4102)

  • MetaDict now maintains coherence between its keys and their corresponding keycomments. Calling del on a MetaDict object key is now case-insensitive. (#4129)

  • Allow sunpy.visualization.animator.ArrayAnimatorWCS to disable ticks for a coordinate, by setting ticks: False in the coord_params dictionary. (#4270)

  • Added a show() method for BaseQueryResponse which returns Table with specified columns for the Query Response. (#4309)

  • Added _extract_files_meta method in sunpy.util.scraper.Scraper which allows scraper to extract metadata from the file URLs retrieved for a given time range. (#4313)

  • Refactoring of dataretriever which adds these capabilities to QueryResponse:

    • Any attr shall not be defaulted to a hard-coded value in all subclasses of GenericClient; thus records for all possible attrs shall be returned if it is not specified in the query.

    • QueryResponse can now show more columns; thus all metadata extractable from matching file URLs shall be shown and for a client, non-spported attrs shall not be shown in the response tables. (#4321)

  • New class attributes added to GenericClient:

    • baseurl and pattern which are required to define a new simple client.

    • optional and required which are a set of optional and required attrs respectively; which generalizes _can_handle_query(). (#4321)

  • Additions in sunpy.util.scraper to support the refactoring of GenericClient: - sunpy.util.scraper.Scraper.findDatewith_extractor that parses the url using extractor to return its start time. - A matcher in sunpy.util.scraper.Scraper._extract_files_meta which validates the extracted metadata by using the dictionary returned from _get_match_dict(). (#4321)

  • Added methods pre_search_hook() and post_search_hook() which helps to translate the attrs for scraper before and after the search respectively. (#4321)

  • sunpy.timeseries.sources.RHESSISummaryTimeSeries.peek has had the following minor changes:

    • Colors from the default matplotlib color cycle are now used (but the colors remain qualitatively the same)

    • The default matplotlib linewidth is now used

    • It is now possible to pass in a user specified linewidth

    • Seconds have been added to the x-axis labels (previously it was just hours and minutes) (#4326)

  • HECClient and HEKClient now inherit BaseClient which makes them compatible with the UnifiedDownloaderFactory (Fido). (#4358)

  • MaxRecords and TableName added as “attrs” for HELIO searches. (#4358)

  • Add the ability to download new GOES 16 & 17 data alongside the reprocessed GOES 13, 14 and 15 data via the GOES-XRS Fido client. (#4394)

  • sunpy.net.jsoc.JSOCClient.request_data now support additional parameter “method” which allows user to download staged data as single .tar file. (#4405)

  • Added sunpy.util.get_timerange_from_exdict which finds time range for a URL using its metadata. Added sunpy.util.scraper.Scraper.isvalid_time that checks whether the file corresponds to a desired time range. (#4419)

  • Colormap data has been moved to individual .csv files in the sunpy/visualization/colormaps/data directory. (#4433)

  • Added solar_angle_equivalency to convert between a physical distance on the Sun (e.g., km) to an angular separation as seen by an observer (e.g., arcsec). (#4443)

  • sunpy.map.Map instances now have their .unit attribute set from the 'BUNIT' FITS keyword. If the keyword cannot be parsed, or is not present the unit is set to None. (#4451)

  • The sunpy.map.GenericMap.wcs property is now cached, and will be recomputed only if changes are made to the map metadata. This improves performance of a number of places in the code base, and only one warning will now be raised about WCS fixes for a given set of metadata (as opposed to a warning each time .wcs is accessed) (#4467)

  • Extended concatenate() and concatenate() to allow iterables. (#4499)

  • Enable RotatedSunFrame to work with non-SunPy frames (e.g., HeliocentricMeanEcliptic). (#4577)

  • Add support for pathlib.Path objects to be passed to sunpy.timeseries.TimeSeries. (#4589)

  • Add support for GOES XRS netcdf files to be read as a sunpy.timeseries.sources.XRSTimeSeries. (#4592)

  • Add Cutout attr for requesting cutouts from JSOC via JSOCClient and Fido. (#4595)

  • sunpy now sets auxiliary parameters on sunpy.map.GenericMap.wcs using the astropy.wcs.Wcsprm.aux attribute. This stores observer information, along with the reference solar radius if present. (#4620)

  • The HeliographicCarrington frame now accepts the specification of observer='self' to indicate that the coordinate itself is also the observer for the coordinate frame. This functionality greatly simplifies working with locations of observatories that are provided in Carrington coordinates. (#4659)

  • Add two new colormaps (rhessi and std_gamma_2) that are used for plotting RHESSI maps. (#4665)

  • If either ‘CTYPE1’ or ‘CTYPE2’ are not present in map metadata, sunpy now assumes they are ‘HPLN-TAN’ and ‘HPLT-TAN’ (previously it assumed ‘HPLN- ‘ and ‘HPLT- ‘). In addition, a warning is also now raised when this assumption is made. (#4702)

  • Added a new all_corner_coords_from_map function to get the coordinates of all the pixel corners in a GenericMap. (#4776)

  • Added support for “%Y/%m/%dT%H:%M” to sunpy.time.parse_time(). (#4791)

  • Added the STEREO EUVI instrument specific colormaps called” ‘euvi171’, ‘euvi195’, ‘euvi284’, ‘euvi304’. (#4822)

Bug Fixes#

  • sunpy.map.GenericMap.date now has its time scale set from the ‘TIMESYS’ FITS keyword, if it is present. If it isn’t present the time scale defaults to ‘UTC’, which is unchanged default behaviour, so this change will only affect maps with a ‘TIMESYS’ keyword that is not set to ‘UTC’. (#4881)

  • Fixed the sunpy.net.dataretriever.sources.noaa.SRSClient which silently failed to download the SRS files when the tarball for the previous years did not exist. Client now actually searches for the tarballs and srs files on the ftp archive before returning them as results. (#4904)

  • No longer is the WAVEUNIT keyword injected into a data source if it is missing from the file’s metadata. (#4926)

  • Map sources no longer overwrite FITS metadata keywords if they are present in the original metadata. The particular map sources that have been fixed are SJIMap, KCorMap, RHESSIMap, EITMap, EUVIMap, SXTMap. (#4926)

  • Fixed a handling bug in sunpy.map.GenericMap.draw_rectangle when the rectangle is specified in a different coordinate frame than that of the map. A couple of other minor bugs in sunpy.map.GenericMap.draw_rectangle were also fixed. (#4929)

  • Improved error message from sunpy.net.Fido.fetch() when no email has been supplied for JSOC data. (#4950)

  • Fixed a bug when transforming from RotatedSunFrame to another frame at a different observation time that resulted in small inaccuracies. The translational motion of the Sun was not being handled correctly. (#4979)

  • Fixed two bugs with differential_rotate() and solar_rotate_coordinate() that resulted in significant inaccuracies. Both functions now ignore the translational motion of the Sun. (#4979)

  • The ability to to filter search results from the VSOClient was broken. This has now been restored. (#4011)

  • Fixed a bug where transformation errors were not getting raised in some situations when a coordinate frame had obstime set to the default value of None and SkyCoord was not being used. Users are recommended to use SkyCoord to manage coordinate transformations unless they have a specific reason not to. (#4267)

  • Fixed a bug in _get_url_for_timerange which returned incorrect URLs because of not using **kwargs in the client’s _get_overlap_urls() method. (#4288)

  • Data products from NOAAIndicesClient and NOAAPredictClient have been updated to download new JSON files. The old text files which the data used to come in no longer exist. The new JSON files for NOAAIndicesClient now do not have the following columns: - Geomagnetic Observed and Smoothed - Sunspot Numbers Ratio (RI/SW)

    Both sunpy.timeseries.sources.noaa.NOAAIndicesTimeSeries and sunpy.timeseries.sources.noaa.NOAAPredictIndicesTimeSeries have been updated to support the new JSON files. Loading the old text files is still supported, but support for this will be removed in a future version of sunpy. (#4340)

  • Fixed a bug due to which sunpy.net.helio.parser.wsdl_retriever ignored previously discovered Taverna links. (#4358)

  • The flare class labels in GOES peek() plots are now drawn at the center of the flare classes. Previously they were (ambiguously) drawn on the boundaries. (#4364)

  • sunpy.map.GenericMap.rsun_obs no longer assumes the observer is at Earth if

    rsun_obs was not present in the map metadata. The sun-observer distance is now taken directly from the observer coordinate. If the observer coordinate is not present, this defaults to the Earth, retaining previous behaviour. (#4375)

  • Nanosecond precision is now retained when using parse_time with a Timestamp. (#4409)

  • Fixed a bug where SunPy could not be successfully imported if the default text encoding of the running environment was unable to handle non-ASCII characters. (#4422)

  • sunpy.net.dataretriever.sources.noaa.SRSClient now correctly returns zero results for queries in the future or before 1996, which is when data is first available. (#4432)

  • Fixes issue where NAXISn is not updated after invoking GenericMap.resample() (#4445)

  • The floating point precision of input to sunpy.image.transform.affine_transform is now preserved. Previously all input was cast to numpy.float64, which could cause large increases in memory use for 32 bit data. (#4452)

  • Fixed affine_transform() to scale images to [0, 1] before passing them to skimage.transform.warp() and later rescale them back. (#4477)

  • Several warnings.simplefilter('always', Warning) warning filters in sunpy.timeseries have been removed. (#4511)

  • All calculations of the angular radius of the Sun now use the same underlying code with the accurate calculation. The previous inaccuracy was a relative error of ~0.001% (0.01 arcseconds) for an observer at 1 AU, but could be as large as ~0.5% for Parker Solar Probe perihelia. (#4524)

  • Fixed an issue in sunpy.time.TimeRange.get_dates() where the function would return the wrong number of days if less than 24 hours had passed (#4529)

  • Several functions in sunpy.map now properly check if the provided coordinate is in the expected Helioprojective frame. (#4552)

  • Fixes a bug which occurs in setting the ylims by sunpy.visualization.animator.line.LineAnimator when there are non-finite values in the data array to be animated. (#4554)

  • Clear rotation metadata for SOHO/LASCO Helioviewer JPEG2000 images, as they are already rotated correctly. (#4561)

  • The max_conn argument to Fido.fetch() is now correctly respected by the JSOC client. Previously the JSOC client would default to 4 connections no matter what the value passed to Fido.fetch() was. (#4567)

  • sunpy.time.parse_time() now correctly parses lists of time strings that have one of the built in sunpy time formats. (#4590)

  • Fixes the SRSClient to search for files of correct queried time and now allows a path keyword to be downloaded in fetch. (#4600)

  • Fixed sunpy.net.helio.parser.wsdl_retriever, which previously ignored discovered Taverna links. (#4601)

  • The transformations between HCRS and HeliographicStonyhurst have been re-implemented to enable the proper transformations of velocities. All ephemeris functions (e.g., get_body_heliographic_stonyhurst()) now return properly calculated velocities when include_velocity=True is specified. (#4613)

  • The maximum number of connections opened by the JSOC downloader has been reduced from 4 to 2. This should prevent downloads of large numbers of files crashing. (#4624)

  • Fixed a significant performance bug that affected all coordinate transformations. Transformations have been sped up by a factor a few. (#4663)

  • Fixed a bug with the mapping of a WCS header to a coordinate frame if the observer location is provided in Carrington coordinates. (#4669)

  • sunpy.io.fits.header_to_fits now excludes any keys that have associated NaN values, as these are not valid in a FITS header, and throws a warning if this happens. (#4676)

  • Fixed an assumption in sunpy.map.GenericMap.pixel_to_world that the first data axis is longitude, and the second is latitude. This will affect you if you are using data where the x/y axes are latitude/longitude, and now returns correct values in methods and properties that call pixel_to_world, such as bottom_left_coord, top_right_coord, center. (#4700)

  • Added a warning when a 2D Helioprojective coordinate is upgraded to a 3D coordinate and the number type is lower precision than the native Python float. This 2D->3D upgrade is performed internally when transforming a 2D Helioprojective coordinate to any other coordinate frame. (#4724)

  • All columns from a sunpy.net.vso.VSOClient.search will now be shown. (#4788)

  • The search results object returned from Fido.search (UnifiedResponse) now correctly counts all results in it’s file_num property. Note that because some Fido clients now return metadata only results, this is really the number of records and does not always correspond to the number of files that would be downloaded. (#4798)

  • Improved the file processing logic for EVE L0CS files, which may have fixed a bug where the first line of data was parsed incorrectly. (#4805)

  • Fixing the CROTA meta keyword in EUVI FITS to CROTAn standard. (#4846)

Added/Improved Documentation#

Documentation Fixes#

Trivial/Internal Changes#

  • Fido.fetch now always specifies a path= argument of type pathlib.Path to the fetch method of the client. This path will default to the configured sunpy download dir, will have the user directory expanded, will have the {file} placeholder and will be tested to ensure that it is writeable. (#4949)

  • Added information on what went wrong when sunpy.map.GenericMap.wcs fails to parse a FITS header into a WCS. (#4335)

  • Fixed the Helioprojective docstring to be clear about the names of the coordinate components. (#4351)

  • Raise a better error message if trying to load a FITS file that contains only one dimensional data. (#4426)

  • The following functions in sunpy.map have had their performance greatly increased, with runtimes typically improving by a factor of 20x. This has been achieved by improving many of the checks so that they only require checking the edge pixels of a map as opposed to all of the pixels.

  • Improved the output when you print a sunpy Map. (#4464)

  • Creating a MetaDict with dictionary keys that are not strings now raises as user-friendly ValueError which prints all the non-compliant keys. (#4476)

  • Maps created directly via. sunpy.map.GenericMap now have their metadata automatically converted to a MetaDict, which is the same current behaviour of the sunpy.map.Map factory. (#4476)

  • If the top_right corner given to sunpy.map.GenericMap.submap() is below or to the right of the bottom_left corner, a warning is no longer raised (as the rectangle is still well defined), but a message is still logged at the debug level to the sunpy logger. (#4491)

  • Added test support for Python 3.9 (no wheels yet). (#4569)

  • sunpy.sun functions now make use of the GeocentricTrueEcliptic frame to simplify internal calculations, but the returned values are unchanged. (#4584)

  • Change the format of the time returned from carrington_rotation_number() from 'jd' to 'iso', so printing the Time returned will now print an ISO timestamp instead of the Julian days. (#4819)

  • The listings for the sample data (sunpy.data.sample) are now sorted. (#4838)

  • Changed the implementation of a hypothesis-based test so that it does not raise an error with hypothesis 6.0.0. (#4852)

2.0.0 (2020-06-12)#

Backwards Incompatible Changes#

  • The frames HeliographicStonyhurst and HeliographicCarrington now inherit from the new base class BaseHeliographic. This changes means that isinstance(frame, HeliographicStonyhurst) is no longer True when frame is HeliographicCarrington. (#3595)

  • aia_color_table, eit_color_table and suvi_color_table now only take astropy.units quantities instead of strings. (#3640)

  • sunpy.map.Map is now more strict when the metadata of a map cannot be validated, and an error is now thrown instead of a warning if metadata cannot be validated. In order to load maps that previously loaded without error you may need to pass silence_errors=True to sunpy.map.Map. (#3646)

  • Fido.search will now return results from all clients which match a query, you no longer have to make the query specific to a single client. This means that searches involving the ‘eve’ and ‘rhessi’ instruments will now potentially also return results from the VSO. For RHESSIClient you can now specify a.Physobs("summary_lightcurve") to only include the summary lightcurve data products not provided by the VSO. (#3770)

  • The objects returned by the search methods on VSOClient, JSOCClient and GenericClient have been changed to be based on sunpy.net.base_client.BaseQueryResponse. This introduces a few subtle breaking changes for people using the client search methods directly (not Fido.search), or people using sunpy.net.fido_factory.UnifiedResponse.get_response. When slicing an instance of QueryResponse it will now return an instance of itself, QueryResponse.blocks can be used to access the underlying records. Also, the .client attribute of the response no longer has to be the instance of the class the search was made with, however, it often is. (#3770)

  • HeliographicCarrington is now an observer-based frame, where the observer location (specifically, the distance from the Sun) is used to account for light travel time when determining apparent Carrington longitudes. Coordinate transformations using this frame now require an observer to be specified. (#3782)

  • To enable the precise co-alignment of solar images from different observatories, the calculation of Carrington coordinates now ignores the stellar-aberration correction due to observer motion. For an Earth observer, this change results in an increase in Carrington longitude of ~20 arcseconds. See Calculating Carrington longitude for more information. (#3782)

  • Fixed a bug where some of the coordinate transformations could raise ValueError instead of ConvertError when the transformation could not be performed. (#3894)

  • Astropy 3.2 is now the minimum required version of that dependency. (#3936)

Deprecations and Removals#


  • Added RotatedSunFrame for defining coordinate frames that account for solar rotation. (#3537)

  • Added a context manager (transform_with_sun_center) to ignore the motion of the center of the Sun for coordinate transformations. (#3540)

  • Updated the gallery example titled ‘Downloading and plotting an HMI magnetogram’ to rotate the HMI magnetogram such that solar North is pointed up. (#3573)

  • Creates a function named sunpy.map.sample_at_coords that samples the data from the map at the given set of coordinates. (#3592)

  • Enabled the discovery of search attributes for each of our clients. (#3637)

  • Printing sunpy.net.attrs.Instrument or other “attrs” will show all attributes that exist under the corresponding “attr”. (#3637)

  • Printing sunpy.net.Fido will print out all the clients that Fido can use. (#3637)

  • Updates draw_grid to allow disabling the axes labels and the ticks on the top and right axes. (#3673)

  • Creates a tables property for UnifiedResponse, which allows to access the BaseQueryResponse as an Table, which then can be used for indexing of results. (#3675)

  • Change the APIs for sunpy.map.GenericMap.draw_rectangle and sunpy.map.GenericMap.submap() to be consistent with each other and to use keyword-only arguments for specifying the bounding box. (#3677)

  • Updates the observer_coordinate property to warn the user of specific missing metadata for each frame. Omits warning about frames where all metadata is missing or all meta is present. (#3692)

  • Added sunpy.util.config.copy_default_config that copies the default config file to the user’s config directory. (#3722)

  • sunpy.database now supports adding database entries and downloading data from HEK query (#3731)

  • Added a helper function (get_rectangle_coordinates) for defining a rectangle in longitude and latitude coordinates. (#3737)

  • Add a .data property in GenericTimeSeries, so that users are encouraged to use to_dataframe() to get the data of the timeseries. (#3746)

  • It is now possible to turn on or off various corrections in L0() (the apparent Carrington longitude of Sun-disk center as seen from Earth). (#3782)

  • Made skimage.transform import lazy to reduce import time of sunpy.image.transform by ~50% (#3818)

  • Add support for parfive 1.1. This sets a limit on the number of open connections to JSOC when downloading files to 10. (#3822)

  • Fido clients (subclasses of sunpy.net.base_client.BaseClient) can now register their own attrs modules with sunpy.net.attrs. This allows clients which require attr classes specific to that client to register modules that can be used by the user i.e. a.vso. It also allows clients implemented externally to sunpy to register attrs. (#3869)

  • Added the methods sunpy.map.GenericMap.quicklook() and sunpy.map.MapSequence.quicklook() to display an HTML summary of the instance, including interactive controls. When using Jupyter notebooks, this HTML summary is automatically shown instead of a text-only representation. (#3951)

  • Added _localfilelist method in sunpy.util.scraper.Scraper to scrap local data archives. (#3994)

  • Added extra constants to sunpy.sun.constants:

  • Adds to sunpy.util.scraper.Scraper the ability to include regular expressions in the URL passed. (#4107)

Bug Fixes#

  • Added support for passing TimeSeriesMetaData object to timeseries_factory and associated validation tests. (#3639)

  • Now when GenericMap fails to load a file, the filename that failed to load will now be part of the error message. (#3727)

  • Work around incorrect Content-Disposition headers in some VSO downloads, which were leading to mangled filenames. (#3740)

  • Fido.search can now service queries without a.Time being specified. This is currently only used by the sunpy.net.jsoc.JSOCClient. (#3770)

  • Fixed a bug with the calculation of Carrington longitude as seen from Earth where it was using an old approach instead of the current approach (for example, the varying Sun-Earth distance is now taken into account). The old approach resulted in errors no greater than 7 arcseconds in Carrington longitude when using L0 and HeliographicCarrington. (#3772)

  • Updated sunpy.map.CompositeMap.plot to support a linewidths argument. (#3792)

  • Fix a bug in sunpy.net.jsoc.JSOCClient where requesting data for export would not work if a non-time primekey was used. (#3825)

  • Add support for passing paths of type pathlib.Path in sunpy.net.jsoc.JSOCClient.fetch. (#3838)

  • Add explicit support for dealing with download urls for files, under ‘as-is’ protocol in sunpy.net.jsoc.JSOCClient.get_request. (#3838)

  • Updated the method used to filter time in the VSO post-search filtering function. (#3840)

  • Fix failing of fetching of the indexed JSOCResponses using sunpy.net.fido_factory.UnifiedDownloaderFactory.fetch. (#3852)

  • Prevented sunpy.map.GenericMap.plot modifying in-place any items passed as imshow_kwargs. (#3867)

  • Changed the format of DATE-OBS in sunpy.map.GenericMap.wcs from iso to isot (ie. with a “T” between the date and time) to conform with the FITS standard. (#3872)

  • Fixed a minor error (up to ~10 arcseconds) in the calculation of the Sun’s position angle (sunpy.coordinates.sun.P()). (#3886)

  • HEKClient was returning HTML and not JSON. (#3899)

  • Updated to HTTPS for HEK. (#3917)

  • The accuracy of the output of sunpy.coordinates.ephemeris.get_horizons_coord() is significantly improved. (#3919)

  • Fixed a bug where the longitude value for the reference coordinate in the Map repr would be displayed with the unintended longitude wrapping. (#3959)

  • It is now possible to specify a local file path to sunpy.data.data_manager.DataManager.override_file without having to prefix it with file://. (#3970)

  • Closed the session in the destructor of VSOClient thus solving the problem of socket being left open (#3973)

  • Fixed a bug of where results of VSO searches would have inconsistent ordering in sunpy.net.vso.vso.QueryResponse by always sorting the results by start time. (#3974)

  • Fixes two bugs in sunpy.util.deprecated: correctly calculates the removal version and does not override the default and/or alternative functionality message. Providing a custom deprecation message now suppresses any mention of the removal version. Additionally, a pending keyword argument is provided to denote functions/classes that are pending deprecation. (#3982)

  • Correctly generate labels for sliders in ~sunpy.visualization.animator.ArrayAnimatorWCS when the number of pixel dimensions and the number of world dimensions are not the same in the WCS. (#3990)

  • Updated VSOClient.response_block_properties to check if “None” is in the return. (#3993)

  • Fix a bug with sunpy.visualization.animator.ArrayAnimatorWCS where animating a line with a masked array with the whole of the initial line masked out the axes limits for the x axis were not correctly set. (#4001)

  • Fixed passing in a list of URLs into sunpy.map.GenericMap, before it caused an error due to the wrong type being returned. (#4007)

  • Fixed a bug with transform_with_sun_center() where the global variable was sometimes restored incorrectly. This bug was most likely encountered if there was a nested use of this context manager. (#4015)

  • Fixes a bug in fido_factory to allow path=”./” in fido.fetch(). (#4058)

  • Prevented sunpy.io.fits.header_to_fits modifying the passed header in-place. (#4067)

  • Strip out any unknown unicode from the HEK response to prevent it failing to load some results. (#4088)

  • Fixed a bug in get_body_heliographic_stonyhurst() that resulted in a error when requesting an array of locations in conjunction with enabling the light-travel-time correction. (#4112)

  • sunpy.map.GenericMap.top_right_coord and center have had their definitions clarified, and both have had off-by-one indexing errors fixed. (#4121)

  • Fixed sunpy.map.GenericMap.submap() when scaled pixel units (e.g. u.mpix) are used. (#4127)

  • Fixed bugs in sunpy.util.scraper.Scraper.filelist that resulted in error when the HTML page of URL opened by the scraper contains some “a” tags without “href” attribute and resulted in incorrect file urls when any href stores filepath relative to the URL’s domain instead of just a filename. (#4132)

  • Fixed inconsistencies in how submap behaves when passed corners in pixel and world coordinates. The behavior for submaps specified in pixel coordinates is now well-defined for pixels on the boundary of the rectangle and is consistent for all boundaries. Previously pixels on the lower left boundary were included, but excluded on the upper and right boundary. This means the shape of a submap may now be 1 pixel larger in each dimension. Added several more tests for submap for a range of cutout sizes in both pixel and world coordinates. (#4134)

  • sunpy.map.on_disk_bounding_coordinates now fully propagates the coordinate frame of the input map to the output coordinates. Previously only the observer coordinate, and no other frame attributes, were propagated. (#4141)

  • Fix an off-by-one error in the reference pixel returned by sunpy.map.header_helper.make_fitswcs_header(). (#4152)

  • sunpy.map.GenericMap.reference_pixel now uses zero-based indexing, in order to be consistent with the rest of the sunpy.map API. (#4154)

  • Previously sunpy.map.GenericMap.resample with method='linear' was using an incorrect and constant value to fill edges when upsampling a map. Values near the edges are now correctly extrapolated using the fill_value=extrapolate option to scipy.interpolate.interp1d. (#4164)

  • Fixed a bug where passing an int or list via the hdus keyword argument to sunpy.io.fits.read threw an exception because the list of HDU objects was no longer of type HDUList. (#4183)

  • Fix attr printing when the attr registry is empty for that attr (#4199)

  • Improved the accuracy of angular_radius() by removing the use of the small-angle approximation. The inaccuracy had been less than 5 milliarcseconds. (#4239)

  • Fixed a bug with the observer frame attribute for coordinate frames where an input that was not supplied as a SkyCoord would sometimes result in a transformation error. (#4266)

Improved Documentation#

  • Fixed an issue with the scaling of class-inheritance diagrams in the online documentation by blocking the versions of graphviz containing a bug. (#3548)

  • A new example gallery example “Plotting a difference image” has been added, which can be used for base difference or running difference images. (#3627)

  • Removed obsolete Astropy Helpers submodule section in CONTRIBUTING.rst; Also removed mentions of astropy_helpers in all files of the project. (#3676)

  • Corrected misleading TimeSeriesMetaData documentation about optional parameters. (#3680)

  • Added an example for world_to_pixel function in the Units & Coordinates guide. (#3776)

  • Added a page describing how SunPy calculates Carrington longitudes. (#3782)

  • Changed padding value of an example in the example gallery to fix the overlap of titles and x-label axes. (#3835)

  • More information and links about how to create changelogs. (#3856)

  • Clarified some inputs to sunpy.map.GenericMap.plot. (#3866)

  • Changed quoted sentence (that we suggest authors add to their research papers) in CITATION.rst (#3896)

  • Add example of how to use SunPy’s HEK client to search for the GOES flare event list. (#3953)

  • Improved the doc layout of sunpy.data.sample. (#4034)

  • Made improvements to STEREO starfield gallery example. (#4039)

  • Improved the documentation of sunpy.map.GenericMap.resample. (#4043)

  • Updated the STEREO starfield example to use all of the information in the star catalog. (#4116)

  • Mini-galleries are now easier to create in the documentation thanks to a custom Sphinx directive (minigallery). The page Differential rotation using coordinate frames has an example of a mini-gallery at the bottom. (#4124)

  • Added sunpy.visualization.colormaps.color_tables to the docs. (#4182)

  • Made minor improvements to the map histogramming example. (#4205)

  • Add a warning to sunpy.io docs to recommend not using it for FITS (#4208)

Trivial/Internal Changes#

  • Removed un-used and un-tested code paths in the private _remove_lytaf_events function in sunpy.instr.lyra. (#3570)

  • Removed astropy_helpers and this means that python setup.py <test,build_docs> no longer works. So if you want to:

    • Run the tests: Use tox -e <env name> or call pytest directly

    • Build the docs: Use tox -e docs or cd into the docs folder and run make html or sphinx-build docs docs/_build/html -W -b html -d docs/_build/.doctrees (#3598)

  • Cleaned up test warnings in sunpy.coordinates. (#3652)

  • Fix Python version for requiring importlib_resources (#3683)

  • sunpy.net.attr.AttrWalker no longer uses sunpy.util.multimethod.MultiMethod it uses a derivative of functools.singledispatch sunpy.util.functools.seconddispatch which dispatches on the second argument. (#3714)

  • Errors from a VSO search will now be raised to the user. (#3719)

  • Fixed the transformation test for NorthOffsetFrame, which would intermittently fail. (#3775)

  • earth_distance() is now computed without using coordinate transformations for better performance. (#3782)

  • Created a helper function for testing the equality/closeness of longitude angles (i.e., angles with wrapping). (#3804)

  • Bump the astropy version figure tests are run with from 3.1.2 to 3.2.3 (#3925)

  • Used urllib.parse.urlsplit in sunpy.util.scraper for file scraping functionalities. (#3956)

  • Added sunpy.net.base_client.BaseClient.check_attr_types_in_query as a helper method to check if a query contains a set of required attributes, and is a subset of optional attributes. (#3979)

  • Removes appending login details for ftp urls from scraper. (#4020)

  • Re-factored the sunpy.map.Map factory to dispatch argument parsing based on type. (#4037)

  • Improved the error message raised by the Map factory when a map matches multiple source map types. (#4052)

  • Added log messages when the sample data fails to download. (#4137)

  • Remove an Astropy 3.1 compatibility wrapper for Quantity.to_string. (#4172)

  • Refactor the sphinx config to no longer depend on astropy-sphinx and more closely match the new sunpy package template (#4188)

1.1.0 (2020-01-10)#

Backwards Incompatible Changes#

  • The sunpy.net.vso.vso.get_online_vso_url function has been broken into two components, the new sunpy.net.vso.vso.get_online_vso_url function takes no arguments (it used to take three) and now only returns an online VSO mirror or None. The construction of a zeep.Client object is now handled by sunpy.net.vso.vso.build_client which has a more flexible API for customising the zeep.Client interface. (#3330)

  • Importing sunpy.timeseries.timeseriesbase no longer automatically imports Matplotlib. (#3376)

  • sunpy.timeseries.sources.NOAAIndicesTimeSeries.peek() now checks that the type argument is a valid string, and raises a ValueError if it isn’t. (#3378)

  • Observer-based coordinate frames (Heliocentric and Helioprojective) no longer assume a default observer (Earth) if no observer is specified. These frames can now be used with no observer specified, but most transformations cannot be performed for such frames. This removal of a default observer only affects sunpy.coordinates, and has no impact on the default observer in sunpy.map. (#3388)

  • The callback functions provided to BaseFuncAnimator button_func keyword argument now take two positional arguments rather than one. The function signature is now (animator, event) where the first arg is the animator object, and the second is the matplotlib mouse event. (#3407)

  • The colormap stored in SunPy’s Map subclasses (ie. map.plot_settings['cmap']) can now be colormap string instead of the full matplotlib.colors.Colormap object. To get the full Colormap object use the new attribute map.cmap. (#3412)

  • Fix a warning in sunpy.map.GenericMap.rotate where the truth value of an array was being calculated. This changes the behaviour of rotate when the angle= parameter is not an Quantity object to raise TypeError rather than ValueError. (#3456)

Deprecations and Removals#

  • Removed the step of reparing images (replacing non-finite entries with local mean) before coaligning them. The user is expected to do this themselves before coaligning images. If NaNs/non-finite entries are present, a warning is thrown. The function sunpy.image.coalignment.repair_image_nonfinite is deprecated. (#3287)

  • The method to convert a Helioprojective frame from 2D to 3D has been renamed from calculate_distance to make_3d. This method is not typically directly called by users. (#3389)

  • sunpy.visualization.animator.ImageAnimatorWCS is now deprecated in favour of ArrayAnimatorWCS. (#3407)

  • sunpy.cm has been moved to sunpy.visualization.colormaps and will be removed in a future version. (#3410)


Bug Fixes#

  • Fixed accuracy issues with the calculations of Carrington longitude (L0) and Carrington rotation number (carrington_rotation_number). (#3178)

  • Updated sunpy.map.header_helper.make_fitswcs_header() to be more strict on the inputs it accepts. (#3183)

  • Fix the calculation of rsun_ref in make_fitswcs_header() and and ensure that the default reference pixel is indexed from 1. (#3184)

  • Fixed the missing transformation between two HeliographicCarrington frames with different observation times. (#3186)

  • sunpy.map.sources.AIAMap and sunpy.map.sources.HMIMap will no longer assume the existence of certain header keys. (#3217)

  • sunpy.map.header_helper.make_fitswcs_header() now supports specifying the map projection rather than defaulting to TAN. (#3218)

  • Fix the behaviour of sunpy.coordinates.frames.Helioprojective.calculate_distance if the representation isn’t Spherical. (#3219)

  • Fixed a bug where the longitude of a coordinate would not wrap at the expected angle following a frame transformation. (#3223)

  • Fixed a bug where passing a time or time interval to the differential rotation function threw an error because the new observer was not in HGS. (#3225)

  • Fixed bug where get_horizons_coord was unable to accept Time arrays as input. (#3227)

  • Fix the ticks on the default heliographic grid overlay so they are not white (and normally invisible) by default. (#3235)

  • Fixed a bug with sunpy.net.hek.HEKClient when the results returned were a mixed dataset. (#3240)

  • Fix sunpy.physics.differential_rotation.differential_rotate to rotate in the correct direction and to account for the rotation of the heliographic coordinate frame with time. (#3245)

  • Fixed a bug with the handling of changing observation times for transformations between HCRS and HeliographicStonyhurst, which also indirectly affected other transformations when changing observation times. (#3246)

  • Fixed all coordinate transformations to properly handle a change in observation time. (#3247)

  • Fixed the handling of coordinates with velocity information when transforming between Astropy frames and SunPy frames. (#3247)

  • Fixed sunpy.physics.solar_rotation.calculate_solar_rotate_shift so that it does not calculate a shift between the reference layer and itself, which would sometimes incorrectly result in a shift of a pixel due to numerical precision. (#3255)

  • Stop crash when LineAnimator axes_ranges entry given as 1D array when data is >1D, i.e. as an independent axis. (#3283)

  • Fixed a sunpy.coordinates bug where a frame using the default observer of Earth could have its observer overwritten during a transformation. (#3291)

  • Fixed a bug where the transformation from Helioprojective to Heliocentric used the Sun-observer distance from the wrong frame when shifting the origin, and thus might not give the correct answer if the observer was not the same for the two frames. (#3291)

  • Fixed a bug with the transformations between Heliocentric and HeliographicStonyhurst when the frame observation time was not the same as the observer observation time. The most common way to encounter this bug was when transforming from Helioprojective to any non-observer-based frame while also changing the observation time. (#3291)

  • VSO client fetch should not download when wait keyword argument is specified. (#3298)

  • Fixed a bug with solar_frame_to_wcs_mapping that assumed that the supplied frame was a SunPy frame. (#3305)

  • Fixed bugs with solar_frame_to_wcs_mapping if the input frame does not include an observation time or an observer. (#3305)

  • GreatArc now accounts for the start and end points of the arc having different observers. (#3334)

  • Fixed situations where 2D coordinates provided to HeliographicStonyhurst and HeliographicCarrington were not converted to 3D as intended. Furthermore, the stored data will always be the post-conversion, 3D version. (#3351)

  • Fix off by one error in sunpy.map.header_helper.make_fitswcs_header() where when using the default reference_pixel=None keyword argument the pixel coordinate of the reference pixel was off by +1. (#3356)

  • Updated both GOES XRS and LYRA dataretriever clients to use sunpy.util.scraper.Scraper, to make sure that files are actually on the servers being queried. (#3367)

  • Fixing the ordering of lon and lat inputs into make_fitswcs_header (#3371)

  • Updated the URL for Fermi spacecraft-pointing files to use an HTTPS connection to HEASARC. (#3381)

  • Fixed a bug where permission denied errors when downloading files are very verbose by adding an error message in fetch. (#3417)

  • Fixed a malformed call to astropy.time.Time in a test, which resulted in an incorrect time scale (UTC instead of TT). (#3418)

  • Fix incorrect files being included in the tarball, and docs missing from the tarball (#3423)

  • Fixed a bug where clipping behavior had been enabled by default in the plotting normalizers for Map objects. Clipping needs to be disabled to make use of the over/under/masked colors in the colormap. (#3427)

  • Fix a bug with observer based frames that prevented a coordinate with an array of obstimes being transformed to other frames. (#3455)

  • sunpy.map.GenericMap will no longer raise a warning if the position of the observer is not known for frames that don’t need an observer, i.e. heliographic frames. (#3462)

  • Apply os.path.expanduser to sunpy.map.map_factory.MapFactory input before passing to glob.glob (#3477)

  • Fix multiple instances of sunpy.map sources assuming the type of FITS Header values. (#3497)

  • Fixed a bug with NorthOffsetFrame where non-spherical representations for the north pole produced an error. (#3517)

  • Fixed map.__repr__ when the coordinate system information contained in the CUNIT1/2 metadata is not set to a known value. (#3569)

  • Fixed bugs with some coordinate transformations when obstime is None on the destination frame but can be assumed to be the same as the obstime of the source frame. (#3576)

  • Updated sunpy.map.mapsequence.MapSequence so that calling _derotate() raises NotImplementedError. Added associated tests. (#3613)

  • Fixed pandas plotting registration in sunpy.timeseries. (#3633)

  • Correctly catch and emit a warning when converting a map metadata to a FITS header and it contains a keyword with non-ascii characters. (#3645)

Improved Documentation#

  • Clean up the docstring for sunpy.physics.differential_rotation.solar_rotate_coordinate to make the example clearer. (#2708)

  • Added new gallery examples and cleaned up various gallery examples. (#3181)

  • Cleaned and expanded upon the docstrings for each Fido Client. (#3220)

  • Added clarifying hyperlinks to the gallery example getting_lasco_observer_location to link to astroquery docs page. (#3228)

  • Added more details to docstrings in sunpy.coordinates.frames. (#3262)

  • Added a link to package maintainer list in the API Stability page. (#3281)

  • Improved the contributing guide by updating commands and highlighting text. (#3394)

  • Removing .fits from the end of path kwargs in sunpy.net.fido_factory.UnifiedDownloaderFactory.fetch docs to change output file extension from {file}.fits.fits to {file}.fits. (#3399)

  • A new example gallery section “Using SunPy with Other Packages” has been added, which contains a set of new examples using the reproject with solar data. (#3405)

  • Added a table of supported coordinate systems and other miscellaneous improvements to the coordinates documentation. (#3414)

  • Clarified the meaning of sunpy.map.GenericMap.dsun. (#3430)

  • Fixed the plots with multiple subplots in the Map user guide to properly use wcsaxes and to be appropriately sized. (#3454)

  • Fixed various issues with the gallery example of saving/loading coordinates using asdf. (#3473)

  • Added sunpy.__citation__ with a BibTex entry for citing sunpy. (#3478)

  • Added an example showing how to display two maps and fade between them. (#3488)

  • Clarified the meaning of some GenericMap observer properties. (#3585)

  • Added inherited members of sunpy.map classes to the docs. (#3587)

  • Fixed documentation of sunpy.database.Database.search by adding Returns docstring. (#3593)

  • Updated the docstring for the parameter sortby in MapSequence with the default value, valid value and how to disable sorting. (#3601)

  • Updated the tour guide to reflect that the time series is not random data. (#3603)

  • Fixes bold type and extra line breaks of remote data manager example. (#3615)

Trivial/Internal Changes#

  • Allow running our sphinx-gallery examples as Jupyter notebooks via Binder (#3256)

  • Improve error messages and type checking in sunpy.visualization.animator.image.ImageAnimatorWCS. (#3346)

  • Copy the library distro into sunpy/extern: replaces the deprecated platform/linux_distribution (#3396)

  • The version of Matplotlib used to generate figure tests has been bumped from 3.0.3 to 3.1.1. (#3406)

  • Corrected spelling of ‘plotting’ in timeseries method (changed ‘ploting’ to ‘plotting’). (#3429)

  • Switched to “importlib_metadata” to get package version to speed up import of SunPy. (#3449)

  • Fix tests for sunpy.data.data_manager and ensure they are correctly executed with pytest. (#3550)

1.0.0 (2019-06-01)#

Backwards Incompatible Changes#

  • Move the matplotlib animators from sunpy.visualisation.imageanimator and sunpy.visualization.mapcubeanimator to sunpy.visualization.animator. (#2515)

  • Make sunpy.time.parse_time return astropy.time.Time instead of datetime.datetime. (#2611)

  • The properties and methods of sunpy.time.TimeRange returns astropy.time.Time and astropy.time.TimeDelta instead of datetime.datetime and datetime.timedelta respectively. (#2638)

  • The sunpy.instr.goes module now accepts and returns sunpy.timeseries.sources.XRSTimeSeries objects only. (#2666)

  • obstime keyword param of sunpy.instr.goes._goes_lx takes a non-scalar astropy.time.Time object instead of numpy.ndarray. The precision of times contained in sunpy.timeseries has been increased to 9 from 6. (#2676)

  • Removed sunpy.net.jsoc.attrs.Time because it served the same purpose as sunpy.net.attrs.Time after the switch to astropy.time.Time. (#2694)

  • Remove unused **kwargs within TimeSeries functions. (#2717)

  • Rotation matrices inside map objects were previously stored as numpy matrices, but are now stored as numpy arrays, as numpy will eventually remove their matrix datatype. See https://docs.scipy.org/doc/numpy/user/numpy-for-matlab-users.html for more information. (#2719)

  • The sunpy.cm.show_colormaps function now accepts the keyword ‘search’ instead of ‘filter’. (#2731)

  • The keyword arguments to all client .fetch methods have been changed to support the new parfive downloader and to ensure consistency across all Fido clients. (#2797)

  • The Helioviewer client has been switched to using the newer Helioviewer API. This has meant that we have changed some of the keywords that were passed into client’s methods. We have enforced that several keywords (observatory,instrument,detector,measurement) need to be defined otherwise the functions cannot return any data. (#2801)

  • Maps no longer assume that the pixel units are arcseconds if the units aren’t explicitly set. In addition to this if critical metadata is missing from when creating a map, the map will fail to initialize and will raise an error. (#2847)

  • axis_ranges kwarg of sunpy.visualization.animator.base.ArrayAnimator, sunpy.visualization.animator.image.ImageAnimator and sunpy.visualization.animator.line.LineAnimator now must be entered as None, [min, max] or pixel edges of each array element. Previously, pixel centers were expected. This change removes ambiguity in interpretation and ensures the extent of the plot can always be accurately derived. (#2867)

  • All keywords have been added (with defaults) to each HelioviewerClient function. This means that there will be some changes to the style of the PNG screenshot that is returned. Returns for the JPEG 2000 and the other functions should be the same but not guaranteed. (#2883)

  • Changed sunpy.sun.models.interior and sunpy.sun.models.evolution from pandas.DataFrame to astropy.table.QTable (#2936)

  • Minimum numpy version is now >=1.14.5 (#2954)

  • Removed sunpy.time.julian_day, sunpy.time.julian_centuries, sunpy.time.day_of_year, sunpy.time.break_time, sunpy.time.get_day. (#2999)

  • Updated the solar values in sunpy.sun.constants to IAU 2015 values. (#3001)

  • Renamed eccentricity_sunearth_orbit to eccentricity_sun_earth_orbit. (#3001)

  • Renamed sunpy.image.rescale to sunpy.image.resample. (#3044)

  • Remove the basic_plot keyword argument from peek. An example has been added to the gallery showing how to make a plot like this. (#3109)

  • sunpy.map.GenericMap will no longer use the key solar_b0 as a value for heliographic latitude. (#3115)

  • sunpy.map.GenericMap now checks for a complete observer location rather than individually defaulting coordinates (lat, lon, distance) to Earth position. If any one of the three coordinates is missing from the header the observer will be defaulted to Earth and a warning raised. (#3115)

  • sunpy.sun.sun functions have been re-implemented using Astropy for significantly improved accuracy. Some functions have been removed. (#3137)

  • All of the functions in sunpy.sun.sun and all of the Sun-specific functions in sunpy.coordinates.ephemeris have been moved to the new module sunpy.coordinates.sun. (#3163)

Deprecations and Removals#

  • The deprecated sunpy.lightcurve, sunpy.wcs and sunpy.spectra modules have now been removed. (#2666)

  • sunpy.instr.rhessi.get_obssumm_dbase_file sunpy.instr.rhessi.get_obssum_filename, sunpy.instr.rhessi.get_obssumm_file have been removed. Fido should be used to download these files. (#2808)

  • Removed heliographic_solar_center in favour of sunpy.coordinates.get_sun_L0 and sunpy.coordinates.get_sun_B0 (#2830)

  • Removed GenericClient.query in favour of sunpy.net.dataretriever.GenericClient.search (#2830)

  • Removed sunearth_distance in favour of get_sunearth_distance (#2830)

  • Removed remove_lytaf_events_from_lightcurve in favour of sunpy.instr.lyra.remove_lytaf_events_from_timeseries (#2830)

  • Removed sunpy.cm.get_cmap in favour of plt.get_cmap (#2830)

  • Removed database.query in favour of sunpy.database.Database.search (#2830)

  • Removed sunpy.net.vso.InteractiveVSOClient (#2830)

  • Removed MapCube in favour of MapSequence (#2830)

  • Removed solar_north in favour of get_sun_P (#2830)

  • Removed database.download in favour of sunpy.database.Database.fetch (#2830)

  • Removed sunpy.map.GenericMap.pixel_to_data in favour of sunpy.map.GenericMap.pixel_to_world (#2830)

  • Removed GenericClient.get in favour of sunpy.net.dataretriever.GenericClient.fetch. This changes applies to the other clients as well. (#2830)

  • Removed Map.xrange and Map.yrange (#2830)

  • Removed sunpy.net.attrs.Wave in favour of sunpy.net.vso.attrs.Wavelength (#2830)

  • Removed JSOCClient.check_request in favour of drms.client.ExportRequest.status (#2830)

  • sunpy.net.vso.VSOClient.query_legacy and sunpy.net.vso.VSOClient.latest have been deprecated as we strongly recommend people use sunpy.net.Fido for all queries. (#2866)

  • The deprecated sunpy.physics.transforms module has been removed, it is replaced by sunpy.physics.solar_rotation and sunpy.physics.differential_rotation. (#2994)

  • Removed sunpy.sun.sun.solar_cycle_number because it was fundamentally flawed (#3150)


  • Change arguments to sunpy.test from offline= and online= to online and online_only. This matches the behavior of the figure keyword arguments and comes as a part of a move to using a modified version of the Astropy test runner. (#1983)

  • asdf schemas and tags were added for the SunPy coordinate frames and GenericMap allowing these objects to be saved to and restored from asdf files. (#2366)

  • The images from image tests are now saved in a local folder for easy access. (#2507)

  • sunpy.map.MapCube has been renamed to sunpy.map.MapSequence to better reflect its use as a collection of map objects. (#2603)

  • Net search attributes now support tab completion of values and display a table of possible values when printed, to allow easier discoverability of possible search values. (#2663)

  • Running the figure tests now creates a page showing the differences between the expected figures and the figures produced from running the tests. (#2681)

  • Add support for Dask arrays in sunpy.map.Map. The map factory now checks a whitelist of array types rather than strictly checking if the array is of type numpy.ndarray. (#2689)

  • Persist the name of a coordinate, i.e. “earth” even though a concrete coordinate object has been calculated and use this string representation to change the way the sunpy frames are printed. This is primarily to facilitate displaying the name of the body rather than the concrete coordinate when printing a SkyCoord. (#2723)

  • search now returns an astropy.table.Table instead of list of a dict. (#2759)

  • Add a downscaled HMI image to the sample data. (#2782)

  • Now able to create a sunpy.map.Map using an array and a astropy.wcs.WCS object. (#2793)

  • The download manager for Fido has been replaced with parfive. This provides advanced progress bars, proper handling of overwriting and the ability to retry failed downloads. (#2797)

  • sunpy.map.GenericMap can now save out rice compressed FITS files. (#2826)

  • Now any SunPyDeprecationWarnings will cause an error when using pytest. (#2830)

  • Added full Tox support for SunPy tests, documentation build and figure tests. (#2839)

  • Transition the sunpy.net.vso.VSOClient from using suds to zeep as the SOAP library. This is a more actively maintained library, and should provide better support for the VSOs https endpoints. This change should have no effect on the public API of the sunpy.net.vso.VSOClient. (#2866)

  • Provided access to the Helioviewer header information using get_jp2_header function. (#2904)

  • Add a new WSDL URL and port to support SunPy use of VSO instance at SDAC. (#2912)

  • Add support for COSMO K-Coronograph (KCOR) FITS data. (#2916)

  • Add logger messaging system based on AstropyLogger, cleaned up all warnings, removed all print statements. (#2980)

  • The function sunpy.image.coalignment.get_correlation_shifts now issues an error when the number of dimensions are not correct instead of a warning and returning None. (#2980)

  • The default location of the sunpy sample data has changed to be in the platform specific data directory as provided by appdirs. (#2993)

  • Add timeseries support for EVE/ESP level 1 data in sunpy.timeseries.sources (#3032)

  • The default style for Map plots have changed to reflect the changes in Astropy 3.2. (#3054)

  • sunpy.coordinates.ephemeris.get_body_heliographic_stonyhurst can now account for light travel time when computing the (apparent) body position, as long as the observer location is provided. (#3055)

  • Added a helper function (sunpy.map.header_helper.make_fitswcs_header()) that allows users to create a meta header for custom created sunpy.map.GenericMap. (#3083)

  • Map plotting now accepts the optional keyword clip_interval for specifying a percentile interval for clipping. For example, if the interval (5%, 99%) is specified, the bounds of the z axis are chosen such that the lowest 5% of pixels and the highest 1% of pixels are excluded. (#3100)

  • The new function get_horizons_coord enables querying JPL HORIZONS for the locations of a wide range of solar-system bodies, including spacecraft. (#3113)

Bug Fixes#

  • Fix the bug that prevented VSO queries for HMI data from downloading file without specifying a.Physobs. (#2621)

  • Fix sunpy.map.mapcube.MapCube.plot. The code had not been updated to support the changes to the wcsaxes helper functions. (#2627)

  • Replace all use of the deprecated sunpy.cm.get_cmap with matplotlib.cm.get_cmap to prevent deprecation warnings being raised. (#2635)

  • Fix generation of the coordinate transformation graph with Astropy 3.1.dev (#2636)

  • Prevent helioviewer from erroring when downloading file to a directory that does not exist. It will now create the directory when required. (#2642)

  • Fix transformations into/out of Heliographic Stonyhurst frame when the coordinate representation is Cartesian. (#2646)

  • Running the figure tests with setup.py test now saves the figures and the hashes to the same directory as setup.py. (#2658)

  • sunpy.instr.fermi.met_to_utc now returns the correct utc time which takes into account the leap seconds that have passed. (#2679)

  • Support passing Python file objects to sunpy.io.fits.write. (#2688)

  • Added DRMS to setup.py so sunpy[all] installs it as a dependency. (#2693)

  • Fix eve 0cs timeseries separator regex to support Python 3.7 (#2697)

  • Fix the bug which crashes LASCOMap for when ‘date-obs’ is reformatted again from a self applied function. (#2700)

  • Change all instances of quantity_allclose to astropy.units.allclose this prevents pytest being needed to import sunpy.coordinates on Astropy 3 (#2701)

  • Fix RHESSI obssum file downloading to include the final day in the time range. (#2714)

  • Raise an error when transforming between HPC and HCC frames if the observer is not the same. (#2725)

  • Replaces the existing LASCO C2 and C3 color maps with new ones that perform better with JP2 and Level 0.5, 1 data. (#2731)

  • Do not attempt to save a FITS header comment for a keyword which is not in the header. This prevents an error on saving some maps after the metadata had been modified but not the comments. (#2748)

  • Add support for HMIMap objects as input to sunpy.instr.aia.aiaprep. (#2749)

  • User can convert between HPC and HCC coordinates with different observers. This is implemented by automatically transforming the coordinate into HGS and then changing observer, and then transforming back to HCC. (#2754)

  • Changed default file type for Helioviewer to prevent decode errors. (#2771)

  • Increase figure size to avoid cutting off longer colormap names in sunpy.cm.show_colormaps. (#2824)

  • The sample data directory will no longer be created until files are downloaded to it. (#2836)

  • Timeseries and lightcurve will now respect updated config values for download directory. (#2844)

  • Always use _default_wrap_angle rather than hard coding a wrap angle in the init of a sunpy coordinate frame (#2853)

  • Ensure imageanimators only slice arrays with integers (#2856)

  • Fixed sunpy.io.fits.write to handle the keyword COMMENT correctly. (#2880)

  • If Carrington longitude (“crln_obs”) is found in the FITS header, Map converts this to the correct Heliographic longitude. (#2946)

  • sunpy.net.helio.hec.HECClient.time_query now resolves the correct input time format. (#2969)

  • Fixes the calculation of the solar rotation of coordinates and the differential rotation of sunpy.map.GenericMap. (#2972)

  • Added back the FERMI GBM client to sunpy.net.dataretriever. (#2983)

  • Fix bug in sunpy.net.hek which raised and error if a search returned zero results, now returns an empty sunpy.net.hek.HEKTable. (#3046)

  • AIAMap now uses the provided HAE coordinates instead of the provided HGS coordinates to determine the observer location. (#3056)

  • Correctly zero pad milliseconds in the sunpy.util.scraper.Scraper formatting to prevent errors when the millisecond value was less than 100. (#3063)

  • Fix sunpy.util.scraper.Scraper failing if a directory is not found on a remote server. (#3063)

  • Correctly extract observer location from MDI and EIT data (#3067)

  • Fix HGS <> HCRS test due to Ecliptic frame changes in astropy 3.2 (#3075)

  • Fixes bug when creating a timeseries from a URL and bug when creating a TimeSeries from older GOES/XRS fits files. (#3081)

  • Added rsun_obs. It returns a quantity in arcsec consistent with other sunpy.map.GenericMap and overwrites mapbase’s assumption of a photospheric limb as seen from Earth. (#3099)

  • Fixed bugs related to using plot and peek with the inline Matplotlib backend in Jupyter notebook. (#3103)

  • Make a correction to sunpy.coordinates.wcs_utils.solar_wcs_frame_mapping so that astropy.wcs.WCS objects are correctly converted to sunpy.coordinates.frames objects irrespective of the ordering of the axes. (#3116)

  • The solar_rotate_coordinate function returns a coordinate that accounts for the location of the new observer. (#3123)

  • Add support for rotation parameters to sunpy.map.header_helper.make_fitswcs_header(). (#3139)

  • Improve the implementation of differential_rotate the image warping when transforming Maps for differential rotation and change in observer position. (#3149)

  • Fix a bug where new helioviewer sources potentially cause data_sources to error. (#3162)

Improved Documentation#

  • Organise the gallery into sections based on example type and tidy up a little. (#2624)

  • Added gallery example showing the conversion of Helioprojective Coordinates to Altitude/Azimuth Coordinates to and back. (#2656)

  • Add contribution guidelines for the sunpy example gallery. (#2682)

  • Added a gallery example for “Downloading and plotting a HMI image” and “Creating a Composite map”. (#2746)

  • Added an example for sunpy.visualization.animator.ImageAnimatorWCS. (#2752)

  • Minor changes to the developer guide regarding sprint labels. (#2765)

  • Copyedited and corrected the solar cycles example. (#2770)

  • Changed “online” mark to “remote_data” and made formatting of marks consistent. (#2799)

  • Add a missing plot to the end of the units and coordinates guide. (#2813)

  • Added gallery example showing how to access the SunPy colormaps (#2865)

  • Added gallery example showing how to access the SunPy solar physics constants. (#2882)

  • Major clean up of the developer documentation. (#2951)

  • Overhaul of the install instructions for the guide section of our documentation. (#3147)

Trivial/Internal Changes#

  • parse_time now uses singledispatch underneath. (#2408)

  • Revert the handling of quantity_allclose now that astropy/astropy#7252 is merged. This also bumps the minimum astropy version to 3.0.2. (#2598)

  • Replace the subclasses of matplotlib Slider and Button in sunpy.visualization with partial functions. (#2613)

  • Sort the ana C source files before building to enable reproducible builds. (#2637)

  • We are now using towncrier to generate our changelogs. (#2644)

  • Moved figure tests to Python 3.6. (#2655)

  • Removed old metaclass used for Map and TimeSeries as we have now moved to Python 3.6. (#2655)

  • Updated astropy_helpers to v3.0.2. (#2655)

  • When running image tests, a comparison HTML page is now generated to show the generated images and expected images. (#2660)

  • Change to using pytest-cov for coverage report generation to enable support for parallel builds (#2667)

  • Use of textwrap to keep source code indented when multiline texts is used (#2671)

  • Fix misspelling of private attribute _default_heliographic_latitude in map. (#2730)

  • Miscellaneous fixes to developer docs about building sunpy’s documentation. (#2825)

  • Changed sunpy.instr.aia.aiaprep to update BITPIX keyword to reflect the float64 dtype. (#2831)

  • Remove warning from GenericMap.submap when using pixel Quantities as input. (#2833)

  • Remove the usage of six and all __future__ imports (#2837)

  • Fix SunPy Coordinate tests with Astropy 3.1 (#2838)

  • Stores entries from directories into database sorted by name. It adds mocks to the database user guide examples. (#2873)

  • Fix all DeprecationWarning: invalid escape sequence. (#2885)

  • Used unittest.mock for creating offline tests for simulating online tests for test_noaa.py (#2900)

  • Fix support for pip 19 and isolated builds (#2915)

  • Moved to using AppDirs as the place to host our configuration file. (#2922)

  • Users can now use fewer keywords in our HelioviewerClient to access the available sources. Either by observatory and measurement or instrument and measurement as this much information is enough to get the source ID for most of the cases. (#2926)

  • Remove the pytest dependency on the GenericMap asdf tag. (#2943)

  • Fix initialization of VSOClient when no WSDL link is found. (#2981)


New Features#

  • Added TimeUTime class to support utime. [#2409]

  • Example for fine-grained use of ticks and grids [#2435]

  • Maintiners Workflow Guide [#2411]

  • Decorator to append and/or prepend doc strings [#2386]

  • Adding python setup.py test --figure-only [#2557]

  • Fido.fetch now accepts pathlib.Path objects for path attribute.[#2559]

  • The HeliographicStonyhurst coordinate system can now be specified using a cartesian system, which is sometimes known as the “Heliocentric Earth equatorial” (HEEQ) coordinate system. [#2437]

API Changes#

  • sunpy.coordinates.representation has been removed. Longitude wrapping is now done in the constructor of the frames. [#2431]

  • Propagation of obstime in the coordinate frame transformation has changed, this means in general when transforming directly between frames (not SkyCoord) you will have to specify obstime in more places. [#2461]

  • Transforming between Heliographic Stonyhurst and Carrington now requires that obstime be defined and the same on both the input and output frames. [#2461]

  • Removed the figure return from .peek() [#2487]

Bug Fixes#

  • Improve TimeSeriesBase docstring [#2399]

  • Validate that pytest-doctestplus is installed [#2388]

  • Fix use of self.wcs in plot in mapbase [#2398]

  • Updated docstring with pointer to access EVE data for other levels [#2402]

  • Fix broken links and redirections in documentation [#2403]

  • Fixes Documentation changes due to NumPy 1.14 [#2404]

  • Added docstrings to functions in download.py [#2415]

  • Clean up database doc [#2414]

  • rhessi.py now uses sunpy.io instead of astropy.io [#2416]

  • Remove Gamma usage in Map [#2424]

  • Changed requirements to python-dateutil [#2426]

  • Clarify coordinate system definitions [#2429]

  • Improve Map Peek when using draw_grid [#2442]

  • Add HCC –> HGS test [#2443]

  • Testing the transformation linking SunPy and Astropy against published values [#2454]

  • Fixed title bug in sunpy.timeseries.rhessi [#2477]

  • Allow LineAnimator to accept a varying x-axis [#2491]

  • Indexing Bug Fix to LineAnimator [#2560]

  • Output sphinx warnings to stdout [#2553]

  • Docstring improvement for LineAnimator [#2514]

  • move the egg_info builds to circleci [#2512]

  • Added tests for TraceMap [#2504]

  • Fix HGS frame constructor and HPC calculate_distance with SkyCoord constructor. [#2463]

  • removed wavelnth keyword in meta desc of Maps to avoid using non standard FITS keyword like nan [#2456]

  • The documentation build now uses the Sphinx configuration from sphinx-astropy rather than from astropy-helpers.[#2494]

  • Migrate to hypothesis.strategies.datetimes [#2368]

  • Prevent a deprecation warning due to truth values of Quantity [#2358]

  • Print a warning when heliographic longitude is set to it’s default value of 0 [#2480]

  • parse_time now parses numpy.datetime64 correctly. [#2572]


Bug Fixes#

  • Removed AstropyDeprecationWarning from sunpy.coordinates.representation [#2476]

  • Fix for NorthOffsetFrame under Astropy 3.0 [#2486]

  • Fix lightcurve tests under numpy dev [#2505]

  • Updated depecration link of radiospectra [#2481]

  • Fixed Padding values in some of the documentation pages [#2497]

  • Move documentation build to circleci [#2509]

  • Fix Issue #2470 hgs_to_hcc(heliogcoord, heliocframe) [#2502]

  • Fixing CompositeMap object so that it respects masked maps [#2492]


Bug Fixes#

  • Improve detection of SkyCoord frame instantiation when distance is 1*u.one. This fixes a plotting bug with WCSAxes in Astropy 3.0 [#2465]

  • removed wavelnth keyword in meta desc of Maps to avoid using non standard FITS keyword like nan [#2427]

  • Change the default units for HPC distance from u.km to None. [#2465]


Bug Fixes#

  • XRSClient now reports time ranges of files correctly. [#2364]

  • Make parse_time work with datetime64s and pandas series [#2370]

  • CompositeMap axes scaling now uses map spatial units [#2310]

  • Moved license file to root of repository and updated README file [#2326]

  • Fix docstring formatting for net.vso.attrs [#2309]]

  • Fix coloring of ticks under matplotlib 2.0 default style [#2320]

  • Always index arrays with tuples in ImageAnimator [#2320]

  • Added links to possible attrs for FIDO in guide [#2317] [#2289]

  • Updated GitHub Readme [#2281] [#2283]

  • Fix matplotlib / pandas 0.21 bug in examples [#2336]

  • Fixes the off limb enhancement example [#2329]

  • Changes to masking hot pixels and picking bright pixels examples [#2325] [#2319]

  • Travis CI fix for numpy-dev build [#2340]

  • Updated masking brightest pixel example [#2338]

  • Changed TRAVIS cronjobs [#2338]

  • Support array values for obstime for coordinates and transformations [#2342] [#2346]

  • Updated Gallery off limb enhance example [#2337]

  • Documentation fixes for VSO [#2354] [#2353]

  • All tests within the documentation have been fixed [#2343]

  • Change to using pytest-remotedata for our online tests [#2345]

  • Fixed upstream astropy/numpy documentation issues [#2359]

  • Documentation for Map improved [#2361]

  • Fix the output units of pixel_to_world [#2362]

  • Documentation for Database improved [#2355]

  • Added test for mapsave [#2365]

  • Documentation for Sun improved [#2369]


Bug Fixes#

  • Shows a warning if observation time is missing [#2293]

  • Updates MapCube to access the correct properties of the namedtuple SpatialPair [#2297]


Bug fixes#

  • Fixed TimeSeries test failures due to missing test files [#2273]

  • Refactored a GOES test to avoid a Py3.6 issue [#2276]


New Features#

  • Solar differential rotation for maps and submaps included.

  • Solar rotation calculation and mapcube derotation now use sunpy coordinates.

  • Sample data now downloads automatically on import if not available and is now pluggable so can be used by affiliated packages. Shortcut names have been normalized and all LIGHTCURVE shortcuts have changed to TIMESERIES.

  • Calculation of points on an arc of a great circle connecting two points on the Sun.

  • Removed extract_time function from sunpy.time and also tests related to the function from sunpy.time.tests

  • User can now pass a custom time format as an argument inside sunpy.database.add_from_dir() in case the date-obs metadata cannot be read automatically from the files.

  • Add time format used by some SDO HMI FITS keywords

  • Now the sunpy.database.tables.display_entries() prints an astropy table.

  • Additional methods added inside the sunpy.database class to make it easier to display the database contents.

  • Remove unused sunpy.visualization.plotting module

  • Port the pyana wrapper to Python 3

  • Map.peek(basic_plot-True) no longer issues warnings

  • Remove the sunpy.map.nddata_compat module, this makes Map.data and Map.meta read only.

  • Add a NorthOffsetFrame class for generating HGS-like coordinate systems with a shifted north pole.

  • Remove deprecated VSOClient.show method.

  • Deprecate sunpy.wcs: sunpy.coordinates and sunpy.map now provide all that functionality in a more robust manner.

  • Added hdu index in sunpy.database.tables.DatabaseEntry as a column in the table.

  • Removed HelioviewerClient from the sunpy.net namespace. It should now be imported with from sunpy.net.helioviewer import HelioviewerClient.

  • Removed compatibility with standalone wcsaxes and instead depend on the version in astropy 1.3. SunPy now therefore depends on astropy>-1.3.

  • Update to TimeRange.__repr__; now includes the qualified name and id of the object.

  • A new sunpy.visualization.imageanimator.LineAnimator class has been added to animate 1D data. This has resulted in API change for the sunpy.visualization.imageanimator.ImageAnimator class. The updateimage method has been renamed to update_plot.

  • Drop support for Python 3.4.

  • SunPy now requires WCSAxes and Map.draw_grid only works with WCSAxes.

  • Helioprojective and HelioCentric frames now have an observer attribute which itself is a coordinate object (SkyCoord) instead of B0, L0 and D0 to describe the position of the observer.

  • GenericMap.draw_grid now uses WCSAxes, it will only work on a WCSAxes plot, this may be less performant than the previous implementation.

  • GenericMap.world_to_pixel and GenericMap.pixel_to_world now accept and return SkyCoord objects only.

  • GenericMap has a new property observer_coordinate which returns a SkyCoord describing the position of the observer.

  • GenericMap.submap now takes arguments of the form bottom_left and top_right rather than range_a and range_b. This change enables submap to properly handle rotated maps and take input in the form of SkyCoord objects.

  • When referring to physical coordinates Pair.x has been replaced with SpatialPair.axis1. This means values returned by GenericMap now differentiate between physical and pixel coordinates.

  • The physical radius of the Sun (length units) is now passed from Map into the coordinate frame so a consistent value is used when calculating distance to the solar surface in the HelioprojectiveFrame coordinate frame.

  • A new sunpy.visualization.imageanimator.ImageAnimatorWCS class has been added to animate N-Dimensional data with the associated WCS object.

  • Moved Docs to docs/ to follow the astropy style

  • Added SunPy specific warnings under util.

  • SunPy coordinate frames can now be transformed to and from Astropy coordinate frames

  • The time attribute for SunPy coordinate frames has been renamed from dateobs to obstime

  • Ephemeris calculations with higher accuracy are now available under sunpy.coordinates.ephemeris

  • Add support for SunPy coordinates to specify observer as a string of a major solar-system body, with the default being Earth. To make transformations using an observer specified as a string, obstime must be set.

  • Added VSO query result block level caching in the database module. This prevents re-downloading of files which have already been downloaded. Especially helpful in case of overlapping queries.

  • Change the default representation for the Heliographic Carrington frame so Longitude follows the convention of going from 0-360 degrees.

  • All Clients that are able to search and download data now have a uniform API that is search and fetch. The older functions are still there but are deprecated for 0.8.

Bug fixes#

  • Add tests for RHESSI instrument

  • Maps from Helioviewer JPEG2000 files now have correct image scaling.

  • Get and set methods for composite maps now use Map plot_settings.

  • Simplified map names when plotting.

  • Fix bug in wcs.convert_data_to_pixel where crpix[1] was used for both axes.

  • Fix some leftover instances of GenericMap.units

  • Fixed bugs in sun equations

  • sunpy.io.fits.read will now return any parse-able HDUs even if some raise an error.

  • VSOClient no longer prints a lot of XML junk if the query fails.

  • Fix Map parsing of some header values to allow valid float strings like ‘nan’ and ‘inf’.

  • Fix Map parsing of some header values to allow valid float strings like ‘nan’ and ‘inf’.


  • The SunPy data directory “~/sunpy” is no longer created until it is used (issue #2018)

  • Change the default representation for the Heliographic Carrington frame so Longitude follows the convention of going from 0-360 degrees.

  • Fix for surface gravity unit.

  • Support for Pandas 0.20.1


  • Fix errors with Numpy 1.12


  • Add Astropy 1.3 Support


  • Fix test failure (mapbase) with 1.7.4

  • Restrict supported Astropy version to 1.0<astropy<1.3

  • Add Figure test env to SunPy repo.


  • Remove Map always forcing warnings on.

  • Map.center now uses Map.wcs to correctly handle rotation.

  • Fix link in coordinates documentation.

  • Update helioviewer URL to HTTPS (fixes access to Helioviewer).

  • Fix processing of TRACE and YOHKOH measurement properties.

  • Remove warnings when using Map.peek(basic_plot-True)

  • Update docstrings for HPC and HCC frames.


  • Fix ConfigParser for Python 3.5.2 - This allows SunPy to run under Python 3.5.2

  • Fix incorrect ordering of keys in MapMeta

  • Add sunpy.util.scraper to the API documentation.


  • Fixed bugs in sun equations


  • Fix bug in wcs.convert_data_to_pixel where crpix[1] was used for both axes.

  • Fix some leftover instances of GenericMap.units

  • Fixed bugs in sun equations

  • Now the sunpy.database.tables.display_entries() prints an astropy table.

  • Additional methods added inside the sunpy.database class to make it easier to display the database contents.

  • sunpy.io.fits.read will now return any parse-able HDUs even if some raise an error.

  • VSOClient no longer prints a lot of XML junk if the query fails.

  • Remove unused sunpy.visualization.plotting module

  • Map.peek(basic_plot-True) no longer issues warnings

  • Remove the sunpy.map.nddata_compat module, this makes Map.data and Map.meta read only.

  • Add a NorthOffsetFrame class for generating HGS-like coordinate systems with a shifted north pole.

  • Remove deprecated VSOClient.show method.

  • Deprecate sunpy.wcs: sunpy.coordinates and sunpy.map now provide all that functionality in a more robust manner.

  • Added hdu index in sunpy.database.tables.DatabaseEntry as a column in the table.

  • Removed HelioviewerClient from the sunpy.net namespace. It should now be imported with from sunpy.net.helioviewer import HelioviewerClient.

  • Removed compatibility with standalone wcsaxes and instead depend on the version in astropy 1.3. SunPy now therefore depends on astropy>-1.3.

  • Update to TimeRange.__repr__; now includes the qualified name and id of the object.

  • Change the default representation for the Heliographic Carrington frame so Longitude follows the convention of going from 0-360 degrees.

  • Fix Map parsing of some header values to allow valid float strings like ‘nan’ and ‘inf’.


  • Fixed test failures with numpy developer version.[#1808]

  • Added timeout parameter in sunpy.data.download_sample_data()

  • Fixed aiaprep to return properly sized map.

  • Deprecation warnings fixed when using image coalignment.

  • Sunpy is now Python 3.x compatible (3.4 and 3.5).

  • Added a unit check and warnings for map metadata.

  • Added IRIS SJI color maps.

  • Updated show_colormaps() with new string filter to show a subset of color maps.

  • Fixed MapCube animations by working around a bug in Astropy’s ImageNormalize

  • Remove vso.QueryResponse.num_records() in favour of len(qr)

  • Add a draw_rectangle helper to GenericMap which can plot rectangles in the native coordinate system of the map.

  • Added the ability to shift maps to correct for incorrect map location, for example.

  • Bug fix for RHESSI summary light curve values.

  • Mapcube solar derotation and coalignment now pass keywords to the routine used to shift the images, scipy.ndimage.interpolation.shift.

  • Add automatic registration of GenericMap subclasses with the factory as long as they define an is_datasource_for method.

  • Added functions flareclass_to_flux and flux_to_flareclass which convert between GOES flux to GOES class numbers (e.g. X12, M3.4).

  • Removed old sunpy.util.goes_flare_class()

  • Bug fix for RHESSI summary light curve values.

  • The MapCube.as_array function now returns a masked numpy array if at least one of the input maps in the MapCube has a mask.

  • Map superpixel method now respects maps that have masks.

  • Map superpixel method now accepts numpy functions as an argument, or any user-defined function.

  • Map superpixel method no longer has the restriction that the number of original pixels in the x (or y) side of the superpixel exactly divides the number of original pixels in the x (or y) side of the original map data.

  • sunpy.physics.transforms has been deprecated and the code moved into sunpy.physics.

  • Add the sunpy.coordinates module, this adds the core physical solar coordinates frame within the astropy coordinates framework.

  • Added ability of maps to draw contours on top of themselves (draw_contours)

  • Added concatenate functionality to lightcurve base class.

  • Fix Map to allow astropy.io.fits Header objects as valid input for meta arguments.

  • Added an examples gallery using sphinx-gallery.

  • API clean up to constants. Removed constant() function which is now replaced by get().

  • Prevent helioviewer tests from checking access to the API endpoint when running tests offline.

  • GenericMap.units is renamed to GenericMap.spatial_units to avoid confusion with NDData.unit.

  • GenericMap now has a coordinate_frame property which returns an astropy.coordinates frame with all the meta data from the map populated.

  • GenericMap now has a _mpl_axes method which allows it to be specified as a projection to matplotlib methods and will return a WCSAxes object with WCS projection.


  • The draw_grid keyword of the peek method of Map now accepts booleans or astropy quantities.

  • Fix bug in wcs.convert_data_to_pixel where crpix[1] was used for both axes.

  • Fixed bugs in sun equations


  • Bug fix for rhessi summary lightcurve values.

  • Fix docstring for pixel_to_data and data_to_pixel.

  • Fix the URL for the Helioviewer API. (This fixes Helioviewer.)

  • Fix the way reshape_image_to_4d_superpixel checks the dimension of the new image.

  • Fix Map to allow astropy.io.fits Header objects as valid input for meta arguments.

  • Prevent helioviewer tests from checking access to API when running tests in offline mode.


  • Change setup.py extras to install suds-jurko not suds.


  • Changed start of GOES 2 operational time range back to 1980-01-04 so data from 1980 can be read into GOESLightCurve object

  • Fix bug with numpy 1.10

  • update astropy_helpers

  • Added new sample data


  • Fixed MapCube animations by working around a bug in Astropy’s ImageNormalize

  • Small fix to RTD builds for Affiliated packages

  • SunPy can now be installed without having to install Astropy first.

  • MapCubes processed with coalignment.apply_shifts now have correct metadata.

  • Multiple fixes for WCS transformations, especially with solar-x, solar-y CTYPE headers.


  • Enforced the use of Astropy Quantities through out most of SunPy.

  • Dropped Support for Python 2.6.

  • Remove old style string formatting and other 2.6 compatibility lines.

  • Added vso like querying feature to JSOC Client.

  • Refactor the JSOC client so that it follows the .query() .get() interface of VSOClient and UnifedDownloader.

  • Provide __str__ and __repr__ methods on vso QueryResponse deprecate .show().

  • Downloaded files now keep file extensions rather than replacing all periods with underscores.

  • Update to TimeRange API, removed t1 and t0, start and end are now read-only attributes.

  • Added ability to download level3 data for lyra Light Curve along with corresponding tests.

  • Added support for gzipped FITS files.

  • Add STEREO HI Map subclass and color maps.

  • Map.rotate() no longer crops any image data.

  • For accuracy, default Map.rotate() transformation is set to bi-quartic.

  • sunpy.image.transform.affine_transform now casts integer data to float64 and sets NaN values to 0 for all transformations except scikit-image rotation with order <- 3.

  • CD matrix now updated, if present, when Map pixel size is changed.

  • Removed now-redundant method for rotating IRIS maps since the functionality exists in Map.rotate()

  • Provide __str__ and __repr__ methods on vso QueryResponse deprecate .show()

  • SunPy colormaps are now registered with matplotlib on import of sunpy.cm

  • sunpy.cm.get_cmap no longer defaults to ‘sdoaia94’

  • Added database url config setting to be setup by default as a sqlite database in the sunpy working directory

  • Added a few tests for the sunpy.roi module

  • Added capability for figure-based tests

  • Removed now-redundant method for rotating IRIS maps since the functionality exists in Map.rotate().

  • SunPy colormaps are now registered with matplotlib on import of sunpy.cm.

  • sunpy.cm.get_cmap no longer defaults to ‘sdoaia94’.

  • Added database url config setting to be setup by default as a sqlite database in the sunpy working directory.

  • Added a few tests for the sunpy.roi module.

  • Refactored mapcube co-alignment functionality.

  • Removed sample data from distribution and added ability to download sample files

  • Changed start of GOES 2 operational time range back to 1980-01-04 so data from 1980 can be read into GOESLightCurve object

  • Require JSOC request data calls have an email address attached.

  • Calculation of the solar rotation of a point on the Sun as seen from Earth, and its application to the de-rotation of mapcubes.

  • Downloaded files now keep file extensions rather than replacing all periods with underscores

  • Fixed the downloading of files with duplicate names in sunpy.database

  • Removed sample data from distribution and added ability to download sample files.

  • Added the calculation of the solar rotation of a point on the Sun as seen from Earth, and its application to the de-rotation of mapcubes.

  • Changed default for GOESLightCurve.create() so that it gets the data from the most recent existing GOES fits file.

  • Map plot functionality now uses the mask property if it is present, allowing the plotting of masked map data

  • Map Expects Quantities and returns quantities for most parameters.

  • Map now used Astropy.wcs for world <-> pixel conversions.

  • map.world_to_pixel now has a similar API to map.pixel_to_world.

  • map.shape has been replaced with map.dimensions, which is ordered x first.

  • map.rsun_arcseconds is now map.rsun_obs as it returns a quantity.

  • Map properties are now named tuples rather than dictionaries.

  • Improvement for Map plots, standardization and improved color tables, better access to plot variables through new plot_settings variable.

  • Huge improvements in Instrument Map doc strings. Now contain instrument descriptions as well as reference links for more info.

  • net.jsoc can query data series with time sampling by a Sample attribute implemented in vso.

  • MapCube.plot and MapCube.peek now support a user defined plot_function argument for customising the animation.

  • Added new sample data file, an AIA cutout file.

  • Moved documentation build directory to doc/build


  • Changed default for GOESLightCurve.create() so that it gets the data from the most recent existing GOES fits file.

  • Improvements to the Map documentation.

  • Typo fixes in sunpy.wcs documentation.


  • sunpy.image.transform.affine_transform now casts integer data to float64 and sets NaN values to 0 for all transformations except scikit-image rotation with order <- 3.

  • Updated SWPC/NOAA links due to their new website.

  • Exposed the raw AIA color tables in sunpy.cm.color_tables.

  • Fixes map compatibility with Astropy 1.0.x.


  • Goes peek() plot now works with matplotlib 1.4.x

  • The ANA file reading C extensions will no longer compile under windows. Windows was not a supported platform for these C extensions previously.


  • If no CROTA keyword is specified in Map meta data, it will now default to 0 as specified by the FITS WCS standard.

  • Map now correctly parses and converts the CD matrix, as long as CDELT is specified as well. (Fixes SWAP files)

  • Fix of HELIO webservice URLs

  • MapCube.plot() is now fixed and returns a matplotlib.animation.FuncAnimation object.


  • MAJOR FIX: map.rotate() now works correctly for all submaps and off center rotations.

  • HELIO URL updated, queries should now work as expected.

  • All tabs removed from the code base.

  • All tests now use tempfile rather than creating files in the current directory.

  • Documentation builds under newer sphinx versions.

  • ANA and JP2 tests are skipped if dependencies are missing.

  • ANA tests are skipped on windows.


  • Added additional functionality to the GOES module i.e. the ability to calculate GOES temperature and emission measure from GOES fluxes.

  • changed _maps attribute in MapCube to a non-hidden type

  • Added Nobeyama Radioheliograph data support to Lightcurve object.

  • Fixed some tests on map method to support Windows

  • Added a window/split method to time range

  • Updates to spectrogram documentation

  • Added method Database.add_from_hek_query_result to HEK database

  • Added method Database.download_from_vso_query_result

  • GOES Lightcurve now makes use of a new source of GOES data, provides metadata, and data back to 1981.

  • Removed sqlalchemy as a requirement for SunPy

  • Added support for NOAA solar cycle prediction in lightcurves

  • Some basic tests for GenericLightCurve on types of expected input.

  • Fix algorithm in sunpy.sun.equation_of_center

  • Added Docstrings to LightCurve methods.

  • Added tests for classes in sunpy.map.sources. Note that some classes (TRACE, RHESSI) were left out because SunPy is not able to read their FITS files.

  • Added functions that implement image coalignment with support for MapCubes.

  • Cleaned up the sunpy namespace, removed .units, /ssw and .sphinx. Also moved .coords .physics.transforms.

  • Added contains functionality to TimeRange module

  • Added t-‘now’ to parse_time to provide utcnow datetime.

  • Fixed time dependent functions (.sun) to default to t-‘now’

  • Fixed solar_semidiameter_angular_size

  • Improved line quality and performances issues with map.draw_grid()

  • Remove deprecated make_map command.


  • Fixes to the operational range of GOES satellites

  • Fix the URL for HELIO queries.


  • Fix map.rotate() functionality

  • Change of source for GOES data.

  • Fix EIT test data and sunpy FITS saving

  • Some documentation fixes

  • fix file paths to use os.path.join for platform independence.


  • Major documentation refactor. A far reaching re-write and restructure.

  • Add a SunPy Database to store and search local data.

  • Add beta support for querying the HELIO HEC

  • Add beta HEK to VSO query translation.

  • Add the ability to download the GOES event list.

  • Add support for downloading and querying the LYTAF database.

  • Add support for ANA data.

  • Updated sun.constants to use astropy.constants objects which include units, source, and error instide. For more info check out https://docs.astropy.org/en/latest/constants/index.html

  • Add some beta support for IRIS data products

  • Add a new MapCubeAnimator class with interactive widgets which is returned by mapcube.peek().

  • The Glymur library is now used to read JPEG2000 files.

  • GOESLightCurve now supports all satellites.

  • Add support for VSO queries through proxies.

  • Fix apparent Right Ascension calculations.

  • LightCurve meta data member now an OrderedDict Instance


  • Pass draw_limb arguments to patches.Circle

  • Pass graw_grid arguments to pyplot.plot()

  • Fix README code example

  • Fix Documentation links in potting guide

  • Update to new EVE data URL

  • Update LogicalLightcurve example in docs

  • Improved InteractiveVSOClient documentation

  • GOESLightCurve now fails politely if no data is available.

Known Bugs:

  • sunpy.util.unit_conversion.to_angstrom does not work if ‘nm’ is passed in.


  • Bug Fix: Fix a regression in CompositeMap that made contor plots fail.

  • Bug Fix: Allow Map() to accept dict as metadata.

  • Bug Fix: Pass arguments from Map() to io.read_file.


  • Removal of Optional PIL dependency

  • Parse_time now looks through nested lists/tuples

  • Draw_limb and draw_grid are now implemented on MapCube and CompositeMap

  • Calculations for differential rotation added

  • mapcube.plot() now runs a mpl animation with optional controls

  • A basic Region of Interest framework now exists under sunpy.roi

  • STEREO COR colour maps have been ported from solarsoft.

  • sunpy.time.timerange has a split() method that divides up a time range into n equal parts.

  • Added download progress bar

  • pyfits is deprecated in favor of Astropy


  • Plotting has been refactorted to use a consistent interface

  • spectra now no-longer inherits from numpy.ndarray instead has a .data attribute.

Map: * map now no-longer inherits from numpy.ndarray instead has a .data attribute. * make_map is deprecated in favor of Map which is a new factory class * sunpy.map.Map is now sunpy.map.GenericMap * mymap.header is now mymap.meta * attributes of the map class are now read only, changes have to be made through map.meta * new MapMeta class to replace MapHeader, MapMeta is not returned by sunpy.io * The groundwork for GenericMap inheriting from astropy.NDData has been done, there is now a NDDataStandin class to provide basic functionality.

io: * top level file_tools improved to be more flexible and support multiple HDUs * all functions in sunpy.io now assume multiple HDUs, even JP2 ones. * there is now a way to override the automatic filetype detection * Automatic fits file detection improved * extract_waveunit added to io.fits for detection of common ways of storing wavelength unit in fits files.

  • A major re-work of all internal imports has resulted in a much cleaner namespace, i.e. sunpy.util.util is no longer used to import util.

  • Some SOHO and STEREO files were not reading properly due to a date_obs parameter.

  • Sunpy will now read JP2 files without a comment parameter.

  • Memory leak in Crotate patched

  • Callisto: Max gap between files removed


  • Completely re-written plotting routines for most of the core datatypes.

  • JPEG 2000 support as an input file type.

  • Improved documentation for much of the code base, including re-written installation instructions.

  • New lightcurve object

    • LYRA support

    • GOES/XRS support

    • SDO/EVE support

  • New Spectrum and Spectrogram object (in development)

    • Spectrogram plotting routines

    • Callisto spectrum type and support

    • STEREO/SWAVES support

  • Map Object

    • Added support for LASCO, Yohkoh/XRT maps

    • A new CompositeMap object for overlaying maps

    • Resample method

    • Superpixel method

    • The addition of the rotate() method for 2D maps.