sunpy.coordinates.sun.carrington_rotation_time(crot, longitude: Unit('deg') = None)[source]#

Return the time of a given Carrington rotation.

Fractional Carrington rotation numbers can be provided in two ways: * Fractional numbers to crot * Integer numbers to crot and a Carrington longitude to longitude

Inputs can be arrays. If both crot and longitude are provided, the output shape will be the broadcasted combination. The round-trip from this method to carrington_rotation_number has absolute errors of < 0.11 seconds.

  • crot (int, float, Quantity) – Carrington rotation number(s). Can be a fractional rotation number.

  • longitude (Quantity) – Carrington longitude(s), which must be > 0 degrees and <= 360 degrees. If provided, crot must be strictly integral.




>>> from sunpy.coordinates.sun import carrington_rotation_time
>>> import astropy.units as u
>>> carrington_rotation_time(2242)
<Time object: scale='utc' format='iso' value=2021-03-17 22:31:37.030>
>>> carrington_rotation_time(2000.25)
<Time object: scale='utc' format='iso' value=2003-02-27 02:52:57.315>
>>> carrington_rotation_time(2000, 270*u.deg)
<Time object: scale='utc' format='iso' value=2003-02-27 02:52:57.315>