SunPy sun

The sun submodule contains constants, parameters and models of the Sun.

sunpy.sun Package

Contains astronomical and physical constants for use in SunPy or other places.


apparent_declination([t]) Returns the apparent declination of the Sun.
apparent_latitude([t]) Returns the true latitude.
apparent_longitude([t]) Returns the apparent longitude of the Sun.
apparent_obliquity_of_ecliptic([t]) Return the apparent obliquity of the ecliptic.
apparent_rightascension([t]) Returns the apparent right ascension of the Sun.
carrington_rotation_number([t]) Return the Carrington Rotation number
eccentricity_SunEarth_orbit([t]) Returns the eccentricity of the Sun Earth Orbit.
equation_of_center([t]) Returns the Sun’s equation of center (in degrees).
geometric_mean_longitude([t]) Returns the geometric mean longitude (in degrees).

Deprecated since version 0.8.

param t:Time, which can be either time_string, int, or datetime object. Parsed
mean_anomaly([t]) Returns the mean anomaly (the angle through which the Sun has moved assuming a circular orbit) as a function of time.
mean_ecliptic_longitude([t]) Returns the mean ecliptic longitude.
position([t]) Returns the position of the Sun (right ascension and declination) on the celestial sphere using the equatorial coordinate system in arcsec.
print_params([t]) Print out a summary of Solar ephemeris.
solar_cycle_number([t]) Return the solar cycle number.

Deprecated since version 0.8.

solar_semidiameter_angular_size([t]) Return the angular size of the semi-diameter of the Sun as a function of time as viewed from Earth (in arcsec)

Deprecated since version 0.8.

true_anomaly([t]) Returns the Sun’s true anomaly (in degrees).
true_declination([t]) Return the true declination.
true_latitude([t]) Returns the true latitude.
true_longitude([t]) Returns the Sun’s true geometric longitude (in degrees).
true_obliquity_of_ecliptic([t]) Returns the true obliquity of the ecliptic.
true_rightascension([t]) Return the true right ascension.

sunpy.sun.constants Module

Fundamental Solar Physical Constants

These constants are taken from various sources. The structure of this module is heavily based on if not directly copied from the SciPy constants module but contains Solar Physical constants.


get(key) Retrieve a constant by key.
find([sub]) Return list of constants keys containing a given string
print_all([key]) Provides a table of the complete list of constants.

sunpy.sun.models Module

Solar Physical Models

This module contains standard models of the sun from various sources. All data is saved in pandas DataFrames with two added attributes

  • source : names the source of the data
  • units : a dictionary with the units of each of the columns


interior : pandas.DataFrame
The standard model of the solar interior
evolution : pandas.DataFrame
The evolution as a function of time of the Sun