Image processing (sunpy.image)

sunpy.image contains routines to process images (i.e. numpy arrays). The routines in this submodule are generally exposed through map-specific functions in other places.

sunpy.image Package

sunpy.image.resample Module

Image resampling methods.


resample(orig, dimensions[, method, center, ...])

Returns a new numpy.ndarray that has been resampled up or down.

reshape_image_to_4d_superpixel(img, ...)

Re-shape the two dimension input image into a a four dimensional array whose first and third dimensions express the number of original pixels in the "x" and "y" directions that form one superpixel.

sunpy.image.transform Module

Functions for geometrical image transformation and warping.


add_rotation_function(name, *, ...)

Decorator to add a rotation function to the registry of selectable implementations.

affine_transform(image, rmatrix[, order, ...])

Rotates, shifts and scales an image.