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import astropy.units as u

from sunpy.coordinates.utils import get_rectangle_coordinates
from import Time, Wavelength
from import AttrAnd, AttrOr, AttrWalker, DataAttr, SimpleAttr
from sunpy.util.decorators import deprecated

__all__ = ['Series', 'Protocol', 'Notify', 'Segment', 'Keys', 'PrimeKey',

# Define a custom __dir__ to restrict tab-completion to __all__
def __dir__():
    return __all__

[docs]class Series(SimpleAttr): """ The JSOC Series to Download. This is the list of `Series <>`__. """
[docs]@deprecated(since="2.1", message="specify desired keywords as arguments to") class Keys(SimpleAttr): """ Keys choose which keywords to fetch while making a query request. """
[docs]class PrimeKey(DataAttr): """ Prime Keys Parameters ---------- label : str value : str """ def __init__(self, label, value): super().__init__() self.label = label self.value = value def __repr__(self): return f"{object.__repr__(self)}" + "\n" + f"{self.label, self.value}"
[docs] def collides(self, other): return False
[docs]class Segment(SimpleAttr): """ Segments choose which files to download when there are more than one present for each record e.g. 'image'. """
[docs] def collides(self, other): return False
[docs]class Protocol(SimpleAttr): """ The type of download to request one of ("FITS", "JPEG", "MPG", "MP4", or "as-is"). Only FITS is supported, the others will require extra keywords. """
[docs]class Notify(SimpleAttr): """ An email address to get a notification to when JSOC has staged your request. """ def __init__(self, value): super().__init__(value) if value.find('@') == -1: raise ValueError("Notify attribute must contain an '@' symbol " "to be a valid email address") self.value = value
[docs]class Cutout(DataAttr): """ Select a cutout region. The JSOC allows for users to request cutouts. This process is performed server side so as to allow users to download only the portions of the full-disk images they are interested in. For a detailed explanation of the routine used to perform these cutouts on the JSOC server, see Parameters ---------- bottom_left : `~astropy.coordinates.SkyCoord` Coordinate for the bottom left corner of the cutout. top_right : `~astropy.coordinates.SkyCoord`, optional Coordinate for the top right corner of the cutout. If this is not specified, both ``width`` and ``height`` must both be specified. width : `~astropy.units.Quantity`, optional Width of the cutout. If this parameter, along with ``height``, is not specified, ``top_right`` must be specified. height : `~astropy.units.Quantity`, optional Height of the cutout. If this parameter, along with ``width``, is not specified, ``top_right`` must be specified. tracking : `bool`, optional If True, the field of view follows the rotation of the Sun register : `bool`, optional If True, use sub-pixel registration when cropping to the target location. nan_off_limb : `bool`, optional If True, all off-limb pixels are set to NaN See Also -------- sunpy.coordinates.utils.get_rectangle_coordinates """ @u.quantity_input def __init__(self, bottom_left, top_right=None, width: u.arcsec = None, height: u.arcsec = None, tracking=False, register=False, nan_off_limb=False): super().__init__() bl, tr = get_rectangle_coordinates(bottom_left, top_right=top_right, width=width, height=height) self.value = { 't_ref': bl.obstime.isot, # JSOC input is disable tracking so take the negative 't': int(not tracking), 'r': int(register), 'c': int(nan_off_limb), 'locunits': 'arcsec', 'boxunits': 'arcsec', 'x': ((bl.Tx + tr.Tx) / 2).to('arcsec').value, 'y': ((bl.Ty + tr.Ty) / 2).to('arcsec').value, 'width': (tr.Tx - bl.Tx).to('arcsec').value, 'height': (tr.Ty - bl.Ty).to('arcsec').value, }
[docs] def collides(self, other): return isinstance(other, self.__class__)
walker = AttrWalker() @walker.add_creator(AttrOr) def _create1(wlk, query): qblocks = [] for iattr in query.attrs: qblocks.extend(wlk.create(iattr)) return qblocks @walker.add_creator(AttrAnd, DataAttr) def _create(wlk, query): map_ = {} wlk.apply(query, map_) return [map_] @walker.add_applier(AttrAnd) def _apply(wlk, query, imap): for iattr in query.attrs: wlk.apply(iattr, imap) @walker.add_applier(SimpleAttr) def _apply1(wlk, query, imap): imap[query.__class__.__name__.lower()] = query.value @walker.add_applier(PrimeKey) def _apply1(wlk, query, imap): key = 'primekey' if key in imap: imap[key][query.label] = query.value else: imap[key] = {query.label: query.value} @walker.add_applier(Segment) def _apply1(wlk, query, imap): key = 'segment' if key in imap: imap[key].append(query.value) else: imap[key] = [query.value] @walker.add_applier(Cutout) def _apply1(wlk, query, imap): imap[query.__class__.__name__.lower()] = query.value @walker.add_applier(Time) def _apply1(wlk, query, imap): imap['start_time'] = query.start imap['end_time'] = query.end @walker.add_applier(Wavelength) def _apply1(wlk, query, imap): if query.min != query.max: raise ValueError( "For JSOC queries Wavelength.min must equal Wavelength.max") imap[query.__class__.__name__.lower()] = query.min