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import astropy.units as u
from astropy.coordinates import EarthLocation, SkyCoord
from astropy.visualization import PowerStretch
from astropy.visualization.mpl_normalize import ImageNormalize

from import GenericMap
from import source_stretch

__all__ = ['KCorMap']

[docs] class KCorMap(GenericMap): """ K-Cor Image Map. The COronal Solar Magnetism Observatory (COSMO) K-coronagraph (K-Cor) is one of three proposed instruments in the COSMO facility suite. It is specifically designed to study the formation and dynamics of coronal mass ejections and the evolution of the density structure of the low corona. The K-Cor records the polarization brightness (pB) formed by Thomson scattering of photospheric light by coronal free electrons. The National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR), via the National Science Foundation (NSF), provided full funding for the COSMO K-Cor, which was deployed to the Mauna Loa Solar Observatory (MLSO) in Hawaii in September 2013, replacing the aging MLSO Mk4 K-coronameter. References ---------- * `COSMO Mission Page <>`_ * `KCOR Instrument Page <>`_ Notes ----- Observer location: The standard K-Cor metadata does not include the full 3D location of the observer. There are 2D Carrington heliographic coordinates, but using them is not recommended because the calculation of Carrington longitude differs from ``sunpy`` (see :ref:`sunpy-topic-guide-coordinates-carrington`). Instead, we assume the default observer location to be the geographic location of MLSO. """ # MLSO location per Wikipedia ( _earth_location = EarthLocation(-155.576*u.deg, 19.536*u.deg, 3394*u.m) def __init__(self, data, header, **kwargs): super().__init__(data, header, **kwargs) self._nickname = self.detector self.plot_settings['cmap'] = self._get_cmap_name() self.plot_settings['norm'] = ImageNormalize( stretch=source_stretch(self.meta, PowerStretch(0.25)), clip=False) # Negative value pixels can appear that lead to ugly looking images. # This can be fixed by setting the lower limit of the normalization. self.plot_settings['norm'].vmin = 0.0 def _get_cmap_name(self): """Build the default color map name.""" return self.detector.lower() @property def observatory(self): return "MLSO" @property def detector(self): return "KCor" @property def waveunit(self): """ If the WAVEUNIT FITS keyword is not present, defaults to nanometers. """ unit = self.meta.get("waveunit", "nm") return u.Unit(unit) @property def _default_observer_coordinate(self): return SkyCoord(self._earth_location.get_itrs(
[docs] @classmethod def is_datasource_for(cls, data, header, **kwargs): """Determines if header corresponds to a COSMO image""" return header.get('instrume') == 'COSMO K-Coronagraph'