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from abc import ABCMeta, abstractmethod
from pathlib import Path

from sunpy.util.parfive_helpers import Downloader

__all__ = ['DownloaderBase', 'DownloaderError', 'ParfiveDownloader']

[docs]class DownloaderBase(metaclass=ABCMeta): """ Base class for remote data manager downloaders. """
[docs] @abstractmethod def download(self, url, path): """ Downloads a file. Parameters ---------- url : `str` URL of the file to be downloaded. path : `pathlib.Path` or `str` Path where the file should be downloaded to. Raises ------ `DownloaderError` DownloaderError is raised when download errors. """
[docs]class DownloaderError(Exception): """ Error to be raised when a download fails. """
[docs]class ParfiveDownloader(DownloaderBase): """ Concrete implementation of `` using :mod:`parfive`. """
[docs] def download(self, url, path): downloader = Downloader() path = Path(path) filename = directory = path.parent downloader.enqueue_file(url, directory, filename) try: except Exception as e: raise DownloaderError from e