sunkit_image.utils Package#


accept_array_or_map(*, arg_name[, output_to_map])

Decorator that allows a function to accept an array or a as an argument.

bin_edge_summary(r, binfit)

Return a summary of the bin edges.

calculate_gamma(pm, vel, pnorm, n)

Calculate gamma values.

conv2d_matrix(H, rows, columns)

Specialized 2D convolution matrix generation.

equally_spaced_bins([inner_value, ...])

Define a set of equally spaced bins between the specified inner and outer values.

find_pixel_radii(smap[, scale])

Find the distance of every pixel in a map from the center of the Sun.

get_radial_intensity_summary(smap, ...[, ...])

Get a summary statistic of the intensity in a map as a function of radius.

noise_estimation(img[, patchsize, decim, ...])

Estimates the noise level of an image.

noiselevel(img, patchsize, decim, ...)

Calculates the noise level of the input array.


Return polygon as grid of points inside polygon.

reform2d(array[, factor])

Reform a 2d array by a given factor.


Remove duplicated points in a the edge of a polygon.

weak_texture_mask(img, patchsize, thresh)

Calculates the weak texture mask.