sunkit_image.radial Module

This module contains functions that can be used to enhance the regions above a radius.



Fits a polynomial of a given degree to the log of the radial intensity.

calculate_fit_radial_intensity(radii, polynomial)

Calculates the fit value of the radial intensity at the values radii.

normalize_fit_radial_intensity(radii, ...)

Normalizes the fitted radial intensity to the value at the normalization radius.

intensity_enhance(smap, radial_bin_edges[, ...])

Returns a SunPy Map with the intensity enhanced above a given radius.

nrgf(smap, radial_bin_edges[, scale, ...])

Implementation of the normalizing radial gradient filter (NRGF).

set_attenuation_coefficients(order[, ...])

This is a helper function to Fourier Normalizing Radial Gradient Filter (sunkit_image.radial.fnrgf).

fnrgf(smap, radial_bin_edges, order, ...[, ...])

Implementation of the fourier normalizing radial gradient filter (FNRGF).