This package implements tracing routines for solar physics data.

sunkit_image.trace Module

This module contains functions that will the trace out coronal loop-like structures in an image.


occult2(image, nsm1, rmin, lmin, nstruc, ...)

Implements the Oriented Coronal CUrved Loop Tracing (OCCULT-2) algorithm for loop tracing in images.

bandpass_filter(image[, nsm1, nsm2])

Applies a band pass filter to the image.

curvature_radius(image, rmin, xl, yl, zl, ...)

Finds the radius of curvature at the given loop point and then uses it to find the next point in the loop.

erase_loop_in_image(image, istart, jstart, ...)

Makes all the points in a loop and its vicinity as zero in the original image to prevent them from being traced again.

initial_direction_finding(image, xstart, ...)

Finds the initial angle of the loop at the starting point.

loop_add(lengths, xloop, yloop, zloop, ...)

Adds the current loop to the output structures by interpolating the coordinates.

smooth(image, width[, nanopt])

Python implementation of the IDL's smooth.