sunkit_image.utils.get_radial_intensity_summary(smap, radial_bin_edges, scale=None, summary=<function mean>, **summary_kwargs)[source]#

Get a summary statistic of the intensity in a map as a function of radius.

  • smap ( – A SunPy map.

  • radial_bin_edges (astropy.units.Quantity) – A two-dimensional array of bin edges of shape (2, nbins) where “nbins” is the number of bins.

  • scale ({ None, astropy.units.Quantity }, optional) – A length scale against which radial distances are measured, expressed in the map spatial units. For example, in AIA helioprojective Cartesian maps a useful length scale is the solar radius and is expressed in units of arcseconds.

  • summary (function, optional) – A function that returns a summary statistic of the distribution of intensity, at a given radius, for example numpy.std.

  • summary_kwargs (dict, optional) – Keywords applicable to the summary function.


intensity summary (numpy.ndarray) – A summary statistic of the radial intensity in the bins defined by the bin edges.