sunkit_image.utils.noiselevel(img, patchsize, decim, confidence, iterations)[source]#

Calculates the noise level of the input array.

  • img (numpy.ndarray) – Single Numpy image array.

  • patchsize (int, optional) – Patch size, defaults to 7.

  • decim (int, optional) – Decimation factor, defaults to 0. If you use large number, the calculation will be accelerated.

  • confidence (float, optional) – Confidence interval to determine the threshold for the weak texture. In this algorithm, this value is usually set the value very close to one. Defaults to 0.99.

  • iterations (int, optional) – Number of iterations, defaults to 3.


tuple – A tuple containing the estimated noise levels, threshold to extract weak texture patches at the last iteration, and number of extracted weak texture patches.