Source code for ndcube.mixins.ndslicing

from astropy.nddata.mixins.ndslicing import NDSlicingMixin
from astropy.wcs.wcsapi.wrappers.sliced_wcs import sanitize_slices

__all__ = ['NDCubeSlicingMixin']

[docs]class NDCubeSlicingMixin(NDSlicingMixin): # Inherit docstring from parent class __doc__ = NDSlicingMixin.__doc__ def __getitem__(self, item): """ Override the parent class method to explicitly catch `None` indices. This method calls ``_slice`` and then constructs a new object using the kwargs returned by ``_slice``. """ if item is None or (isinstance(item, tuple) and None in item): raise IndexError("None indices not supported") item = tuple(sanitize_slices(item, len(self.dimensions))) sliced_cube = super().__getitem__(item) sliced_cube._global_coords._internal_coords = self.global_coords._internal_coords sliced_cube._extra_coords = self.extra_coords[item] return sliced_cube