Acknowledging ndcube#

If you use ndcube, we kindly ask you to cite the following references in you publications:

  • Ryan, Mumford et al., ndcube: Manipulating N-dimensional Astronomical Data in Python, Journal of Open Source Software, 2023a, DOI:

  • Ryan, Mumford et al., A Unified Framework for Manipulating N-dimensional Astronomical Data and Coordinate Transformations in Python: The NDCube 2 & Astropy APE-14 WCS APIs, Astrophysical Journal, 2023b, DOI:

Citing these references helps to spread awareness of ndcube’s capabilities and philosophy and gives some credit to those who have volunteered their time in making ndcube possible. To learn how to become part of the ndcube project, see Contributing to ndcube.

You may also like to include the ndcube logo in your presentations. This helps to publicise ndcube to others who might find it helpful in their work.