Create FITS-WCS equivalent to (nested) WCS wrapper object.

Underlying WCS must be FITS-WCS. No axes are dropped from original FITS-WCS, even if sliced by an integer. Instead, integer-sliced axes is sliced to length-1 and marked True in the dropped_data_axes output. Currently supported wrapper classes include astropy.wcs.wcsapi.SlicedLowLevelWCS and ndcube.wcs.wrappers.ResampledLowLevelWCS.


wcs (BaseWCSWrapper) – The WCS Wrapper object. Base level WCS implementation must be FITS-WCS.


  • fitswcs (astropy.wcs.WCS) – The equivalent FITS-WCS object.

  • dropped_data_axes (1-D numpy.ndarray) – Denotes which axes must have been dropped from the data array by slicing wrappers. Axes are in array/numpy order, reversed compared to WCS.