class ndcube.visualization.mpl_sequence_plotter.MatplotlibSequencePlotter(ndcube=None)[source]#

Bases: BasePlotter

Provide visualization methods for NDCubeSequence which use matplotlib.

This plotter delegates much of the visualization to the ndcube.NDCube.plot which is assumed to employ the MatplotlibPlotter.

Methods Summary

animate([sequence_axis_coords, ...])

Animate the NDCubeSequence with the sequence axis as a slider.

plot([sequence_axis_coords, sequence_axis_unit])

Visualize the NDCubeSequence.

Methods Documentation

animate(sequence_axis_coords=None, sequence_axis_unit=None, **kwargs)[source]#

Animate the NDCubeSequence with the sequence axis as a slider.

Keyword arguments are passed to ndcube.visualization.mpl_plotter.MatplotlibPlotter.plot and therefore only apply to cube axes, not the sequence axis. See that method’s docstring for definition of keyword arguments.

  • sequence_axis_coords (str optional) – The name of the coordinate in sequence_axis_coords to be used as the slider pixel values. If None, array indices will be used.

  • sequence_axis_units (astropy.units.Unit or str, optional) – The unit in which the sequence_axis_coordinates should be displayed. If None, the default unit will be used.

plot(sequence_axis_coords=None, sequence_axis_unit=None, **kwargs)[source]#

Visualize the NDCubeSequence.