wcs (ndcube.wcs)#

ndcube.wcs Package#

Helpers and wrappers for WCS.

ndcube.wcs.wrappers Package#


CompoundLowLevelWCS(*wcs[, mapping, pixel_atol])

A wrapper that takes multiple low level WCS objects and makes a compound WCS that combines them.

ReorderedLowLevelWCS(wcs, pixel_order, ...)

A wrapper for a low-level WCS object that has re-ordered pixel and/or world axes.

ResampledLowLevelWCS(wcs, factor[, offset])

A wrapper for a low-level WCS object that has down- or up-sampled pixel axes.

Class Inheritance Diagram#

Inheritance diagram of ndcube.wcs.wrappers.compound_wcs.CompoundLowLevelWCS, ndcube.wcs.wrappers.reordered_wcs.ReorderedLowLevelWCS, ndcube.wcs.wrappers.resampled_wcs.ResampledLowLevelWCS

ndcube.wcs.tools Module#



Create FITS-WCS equivalent to (nested) WCS wrapper object.