Source code for ndcube.utils.misc

import astropy.units as u

__all__ = ['unique_sorted', 'convert_quantities_to_units']

[docs] def unique_sorted(iterable): """ Return unique values in the order they are first encountered in the iterable. """ lookup = set() # a temporary lookup set return [ele for ele in iterable if ele not in lookup and lookup.add(ele) is None]
[docs] def convert_quantities_to_units(coords, units): """Converts a sequence of Quantities to units used in the WCS. Non-Quantity types in the sequence are allowed and ignored. Parameters ---------- coords: iterable of `astropy.units.Quantity` or `None` The coordinates to be converted. units: iterable of `astropy.units.Unit` or `str` The units to which the coordinates should be converted. Returns ------- converted_coords: iterable of `astropy.units.Quantity` or `None` The coordinates converted to the units. Non-quantity types remain. """ return [ if isinstance(coord, u.Quantity) else coord for coord, unit in zip(coords, units)]