Source code for sunpy.visualization.visualization

This module provides plotting support in iPython.
from functools import wraps

import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

__all__ = ['peek_show', "axis_labels_from_ctype"]

[docs]def peek_show(func): """ A decorator to place on ``peek()`` methods to show the figure. The ``peek()`` method should return the figure then this method will attempt to show it in the correct way. This decorator will not return the figure to the user. """ @wraps(func) def show_figure(*args, **kwargs): _ = func(*args, **kwargs) return show_figure
[docs]def axis_labels_from_ctype(ctype, unit): """ Returns axis labels for the given coordinate type and unit. Parameters ---------- ctype: `str` Coordinate type. unit: `str` Required unit. Returns ------- `str` "Axis Label [Unit]" """ ctype_short = ctype[:4] labels = {'HGLN': f'Heliographic Longitude [{unit}]', 'CRLN': f'Carrington Longitude [{unit}]', 'HPLN': f'Helioprojective Longitude (Solar-X) [{unit}]', 'SOLX': f'Heliocentric X [{unit}]', 'HGLT': f'Latitude [{unit}]', 'CRLT': f'Latitude [{unit}]', 'HPLT': f'Helioprojective Latitude (Solar-Y) [{unit}]', 'SOLY': f'Heliocentric Y [{unit}]'} return labels.get(ctype_short, f"{ctype} [{unit}]")