sunpy.self_test(modulename='', coverage=False, cov_report=False, online=False, offline=True, remote_data=False, figure=False, verbose=False, parallel=0, args=None) [edit on github]

Execute the test suite of the sunpy package. The parameters may be used to restrict the number of tests that will be executed or to adjust the output. See the following documentation of the parameters for more information.

  • modulename (str) – The name of the SunPy submodule which will be tested. The default is to test the whole sunpy package, i.e. all submodules.
  • coverage (bool) – Whether to enable or disable code coverage. The default is False.
  • cov_report (string) – Specify if a coverage report should be generated and which one. Allowed values: ‘html’ ‘xml’ ‘annotate’ ‘term-missing’
  • online (bool) – Run the tests that require an internet connection.
  • offline (bool) – Run the tests that don’t require an internet connection.
  • remote_data (bool) – Run the tests that require an internet connection.
  • figure (bool) – Include the figure tests in the test run.