class sunpy.coordinates.frames.HeliographicStonyhurst(*args, **kwargs)[source] [edit on github]

Bases: sunpy.coordinates.frames.SunPyBaseCoordinateFrame

A coordinate or frame in the Stonyhurst Heliographic system.

In a cartesian representation this is also known as the Heliocentric Earth Equatorial (HEEQ) system. This frame has its origin at the solar centre and the north pole above the solar north pole, and the zero line on longitude pointing towards the Earth.

A new instance can be created using the following signatures (note that all the arguments must be supplied as keywords):

HeliographicStonyhurst(lon, lat, obstime)
HeliographicStonyhurst(lon, lat, radius, obstime)
HeliographicStonyhurst(x, y, z, obstime, representation_type='cartesian')
  • representation (BaseRepresentation or None) – A representation object or None to have no data.

  • lon (Angle, optional) – The longitude for this object (lat must also be given and representation must be None).

  • lat (Angle, optional) – The latitude for this object (lon must also be given and representation must be None).

  • radius (Quantity, optional) – This quantity holds the radial distance. If not specified, it is, by default, the radius of the photosphere.

  • x (Quantity, optional) – x coordinate.

  • y (Quantity, optional) – y coordinate.

  • z (Quantity, optional) – z coordinate.

  • obstime (Time) – The date and time of the observation, used to convert to heliographic carrington coordinates.


>>> from astropy.coordinates import SkyCoord
>>> import sunpy.coordinates
>>> import astropy.units as u
>>> sc = SkyCoord(1*u.deg, 1*u.deg, 2*u.km,
...               frame="heliographic_stonyhurst",
...               obstime="2010/01/01T00:00:45")
>>> sc
<SkyCoord (HeliographicStonyhurst: obstime=2010-01-01T00:00:45.000): (lon, lat, radius) in (deg, deg, km)
    (1., 1., 2.)>
>>> sc.frame
<HeliographicStonyhurst Coordinate (obstime=2010-01-01T00:00:45.000): (lon, lat, radius) in (deg, deg, km)
    (1., 1., 2.)>
>>> sc = SkyCoord(HeliographicStonyhurst(-10*u.deg, 2*u.deg))
>>> sc
<SkyCoord (HeliographicStonyhurst: obstime=None): (lon, lat, radius) in (deg, deg, km)
    (-10., 2., 695700.)>


This frame will always be converted a 3D frame where the radius defaults to rsun.

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Attributes Documentation

frame_attributes = {'obstime': <sunpy.coordinates.frameattributes.TimeFrameAttributeSunPy object>}
name = 'heliographic_stonyhurst'
obstime = None