sunpy.net.hek2vso.vso_attribute_parse(phrase)[source] [edit on github]

Parses VSO attributes from a HEK result.

This is a simple function to parse HEK query result and generate a list containing VSO relevant attributes.


phrase (sunpy.net.hek.hek.HEKRow.) – The single HEK result to be parsed for VSO attribute data.


>>> from sunpy.net.hek import hek, HEKClient
>>> from sunpy.net.hek2vso import hek2vso, H2VClient
>>> h = HEKClient()  # doctest: +REMOTE_DATA
>>> h2v = H2VClient()  # doctest: +REMOTE_DATA
>>> q = h.search(hek.attrs.Time('2011/08/09 07:23:56', '2011/08/09 12:40:29'), hek.attrs.EventType('FL'))  # doctest: +REMOTE_DATA
>>> len(q)  # doctest: +REMOTE_DATA
>>> hek2vso.vso_attribute_parse(q[9])  # doctest: +REMOTE_DATA
[<Time(<Time object: scale='utc' format='isot' value=2011-08-09T07:22:38.000>, <Time object: scale='utc' format='isot' value=2011-08-09T08:32:02.000>, None)>, <Source('SDO')>, <Instrument('AIA')>, <Wavelength(210.99999999999997, 210.99999999999997, 'Angstrom')>]