sunraster.instr.spice.read_spice_l2_fits(filenames, windows=None, memmap=True, read_dumbbells=False)[source]#

Read SPICE level 2 FITS file.

  • filenames (iterable of str) – The name(s), including path, of the SPICE FITS file(s) to read.

  • windows (iterable of str) – The names of the windows to read. All windows must of the same type: dumbbell and regular. Default=None implies all narrow-slit or dumbbell windows read out depending on value of read_dumbells kwarg. See below.

  • memmap (bool) – If True, FITS file is reading with memory mapping.

  • read_dumbbells (bool) – Defines whether dumbbell or regular windows are returned. If True, returns the dumbbell windows. If False, returns regular windows. Default=False Ignored if windows kwarg is set.


outputsunraster.SpectrogramSequence A collection of spectrogram/raster cubes/sequences, one for each window. If only one window present or requested, a single spectrogram cube or sequence is returned.

Return type:

ndcube.NDCollection or sunraster.SpectrogramCube, sunraster.RasterSequence,