Getting started#

Once you have everything installed, you can start off by importing the main plotting class:

from sunkit_pyvista import SunpyPlotter

From here, you will need to initialize a plotter object:

plotter = SunpyPlotter()

This has the methods required to plot data. For example, plot_map() will plot a sunpy Map:


You can plot a fixed coordinate as a sphere using plot_coordinates():


You can plot the solar rotation axis using plot_solar_axis():


You can plot a quadrangle using plot_quadrangle():

plotter.plot_quadrangle(bottom_left, width, height)

You can find an example of this in Extending functionality from sunpy.

You can plot a field lines from pfsspy using plot_field_lines():


You can find an example of this in Plotting Field Lines from pfsspy.

You can plot the solar limb using plot_limb():


Changing the camera coordinate, you can use set_camera_coordinate():


Finally you will want to show the plot:

In addition, saving and loading of the plotted meshes is supported:



Hopefully, this gives you a good idea of how to use the plotting class.