Full Changelog#

0.1.1.dev67+g1a3fb1e (2023-09-26)#

Breaking Changes#

  • Increased minimum versions of dependencies.

    • Minimum Python version is now 3.9.

    • Minimum pyvista version is now 0.38.4.

    • Minimum pfsspy version is now 1.1.2. (#116)

  • Default line_width for plot_field_lines() has been reduced to 2, from 5. (#117)

Internal Changes#

  • Fixed the online documentation to display static images of the examples instead of interactive ones. (#117)

  • Fixed a failing unit test due to upstream deprecation. (#118)

0.1.0 (2022-08-04)#


  • Creation of SunpyPlotter class which allows for plotting of a GenericMap through pyvista. (#4)

  • Adds set_camera_coordinate() which allows for specifying the initial camera coordinates. (#10)

  • Added plot_field_lines() method which allows for plotting of magnetic field lines from pfsspy through pyvista. (#12)

  • Adds set_view_angle() which allows for setting of the camera’s width/view angle. (#16)

  • Adds plot_quadrangle() which allows for drawing a quadrangle defined by coordinates passed to it. (#17)

  • Adds _add_mesh_to_dict() stores each mesh in a dictionary for later access. (#24)

  • plot_map() accepts the keyword clip_interval as argument, which clips the data according to the percentile interval bounded by the two numbers. (#26)

  • plot_line() is renamed to plot_coordinates() which also allows for a sphere with given radius to be plotted if a single coordinate is passed to it. (#29)

  • Added save() method which allows for saving of plots to a vtm file. (#37)

  • Allows for figure tests to be performed with pytest. (#38)

  • Adds plot_limb() which allows for drawing a limb as seen by the map’s observer. (#59)

  • Allows user to specify color via a color function to plot_field_lines(). (#70)

  • Added narrative documentation for sunkit-pyvista. (#84)

Bug Fixes#

Internal Changes#

  • Increases test converage for SunpyPlotter. (#23)

  • Rearranged existing examples and added an example brightest pixel with plot_coordinates(). (#30)

  • plot_quadrangle() uses a :meth`~pyvista.utilities.Spline` for combining the individual points. (#52)

  • Adds an example using assume_spherical_screen(). (#69)

  • Changed the manner that colors or colormaps are saved. Changed default of meshes to be white. (#73)

  • Removes colorbars when displaying plots. (#79)