Read a SUVI L1b FITS or netCDF file or a L2 HDR composite FITS file.

Returns header, data and the data quality flag array (DQF) for L1b files.

For SUVI L1b FITS files, the broken FITS header is fixed automatically (broken because of the wrong implementation of the CONTINUE convention).

This read function is intended to provide a consistent file interface for FITS and netCDF, L1b and L2.


The type of file is determined by pattern matching in the filenames, e.g. “-L1b-Fe171” for a 171 L1b file and “-l2-ci171” for a 171 L2 HDR composite. If those patterns are not found in the filename, the files will not be recognized.


If filename is an L1b netCDF file, the information from the netCDF file is transformed into a FITS header.


filename (str) – File to read.


Header, data, and data quality flags.

Return type:, ndarray, ndarray