radiospectra Documentation#

radiospectra is a Python software package that provides support for some type of radio spectra in solar physics.


radiospectra is currently undergoing a transition. We have replaced the old spectragram class with a new one which is lacking in some features.

We also have to decide on the fututre of the radiospectra package. This package does not see heavy development and is not used by many people. It is also not clear what the future of radio spectra within the SunPy Project is going to be. In addition, xarray or similar packages could offer a better data handling solution than the current radiospectra package. We need and want users (of radio data in general) to chime in and to help us decide the future of this package.


The recommended way to install radiospectra is with miniforge. To install radiospectra once miniforge is installed run the following command:

$ conda install radiospectra

For detailed installation instructions, see the installation guide in the sunpy docs.

Getting Help#

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If you would like to get involved, start by joining the SunPy Chat and check out our Newcomers’ guide. This will walk you through getting set up for contributing.

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