Downloading and plotting a AIA lightcurve#

This example shows how to download AIA data from JSOC and make a lightcurve plot.

import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

import drms

First we will create a drms.Client, using the JSOC baseurl.

client = drms.Client()

Some keywords we are interested in; you can use client.keys(series) to get a list of all available keywords of a series.

keys = [

Get detailed information about the series. Some keywords from aia.lev1_euv_12s are links to keywords in aia.lev1 and unfortunately some entries (like note) are missing for linked keywords, so we are using the entries from aia.lev1 in this case.

print("Querying series info...")
series_info ="aia.lev1_euv_12s")
series_info_lev1 ="aia.lev1")
for key in keys:
    linkinfo = series_info.keywords.loc[key].linkinfo
    if linkinfo is not None and linkinfo.startswith("lev1->"):
        note_str = series_info_lev1.keywords.loc[key].note
        note_str = series_info.keywords.loc[key].note
    print(f"{key:>10} : {note_str}")
Querying series info...
     T_REC : Slotted observation time
     T_OBS : Observation time
   DATAMIN : Minimum value of all pixels
   DATAMAX : Maximum value of all pixels
  DATAMEAN : Mean value of all pixels
   DATARMS : Rms deviation from the mean value of all pixels
  DATASKEW : Skewness from the mean value of all pixels
  DATAKURT : Kurtosis of all pixels
   QUALITY : Level 1 Quality word

Construct the DRMS query string: “Series[timespan][wavelength]”

qstr = "aia.lev1_euv_12s[2014-01-01T00:00:01Z/365d@1d][335]"

# Get keyword values for the selected timespan and wavelength
print(f"Querying keyword data...\n -> {qstr}")
result = client.query(qstr, key=keys)
print(f" -> {len(result)} lines retrieved.")

# Only use entries with QUALITY==0
result = result[result.QUALITY == 0]
print(f" -> {len(result)} lines after QUALITY selection.")

# Convert T_REC strings to datetime and use it as index for the series
result.index = drms.to_datetime(result.T_REC)
Querying keyword data...
 -> aia.lev1_euv_12s[2014-01-01T00:00:01Z/365d@1d][335]
 -> 364 lines retrieved.
 -> 362 lines after QUALITY selection.

Create some simple plots

ax = result[["DATAMIN", "DATAMAX", "DATAMEAN", "DATARMS", "DATASKEW"]].plot(figsize=(8, 10), subplots=True)
ax[0].set_title(qstr, fontsize="medium")

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