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The core classes in this package are Spectrum and Spectrogram. These representing a spectrum as a specific point in time or one as a function of time, respectively. Individual instruments are supported through subclasses. To see what instrument are supported see Spectrum Classes and Spectrogram Classes.


This module is under development! Use at your own risk.


radiospectra.spectrum Module


Spectrum(data, freq_axis) Class representing a 1 dimensional spectrum.

Class Inheritance Diagram

Inheritance diagram of radiospectra.spectrum.Spectrum

Spectrum Classes

None yet.


radiospectra.spectrogram Module

Classes for spectral analysis.


Spectrogram(data, time_axis, freq_axis, …) Spectrogram Class.
LinearTimeSpectrogram(data, time_axis, …) Spectrogram evenly sampled in time.

Class Inheritance Diagram

Inheritance diagram of radiospectra.spectrogram.Spectrogram, radiospectra.spectrogram.LinearTimeSpectrogram

Spectrogram Classes

There are a series of subclasses which are specialised for each instrument.

radiospectra.sources Package

Datasource-specific classes

This is where datasource specific logic is implemented. Each mission should have its own file with one or more classes defined.


CallistoSpectrogram(data, time_axis, …[, …]) Class used for dynamic spectra coming from the Callisto network.
SWavesSpectrogram(data, time_axis, …)

Class Inheritance Diagram

Inheritance diagram of radiospectra.sources.callisto.CallistoSpectrogram, radiospectra.sources.swaves.SWavesSpectrogram