Full Changelog

Sunraster 0.1.dev349+gf27d784 (2021-05-12)


  • Include a base time to output of sunraster.SpectrogramCube.time when time is derived from WCS and a recognized base time can be found in meta. (#168)

  • Add optional instrument_axes attribute to SpectrogramCube to enable users to keep track of axes (including through slicing) when axes may have a significance not fully described by the world axis physical types. (#169)

  • Create new Metadata classes for defining mapping of metadata from instrument-specific files to a general metedata API. Includes a specific mapping for SolO/SPICE. (#171)

  • Provide functions to read SPICE file. Also refactor Meta class to be dict-like. (#173)

  • Replace RasterSequence world_axis_physical_type properties with versions using NDCubeSequence.array_axis_physical_types. (#173)

  • Enable SPICE FITS reader to handle multiple files. (#178)

Bug Fixes

  • Bump min ndcube version to fix bug caused when OS is bot 64-bit. (#162)

  • Stop SpectrogramSequence crashing when time coord not 1-D. (#178)

  • Allow SPICE FITS reader to read handle dumbbell windows. (#178)

  • Ensure args are passed correctly to NDCube constructor by SpectrogramCube by entering them as kwargs instead of ordered args. (#179)

Trivial/Internal Changes

  • Altered names of some SPICEMeta properties. (#178)