class drms.Client(server='jsoc', email=None, verbose=False, debug=False)

Client for remote DRMS server access.

server : string or ServerConfig

Registered server ID or ServerConfig instance. Defaults to JSOC.

email : string or None

Default email address used data export requests.

verbose : bool

Print export status messages to stdout (disabled by default).

debug : bool

Print debug output (disabled by default).

email : string

(string) Default email address used for data export requests.

verbose : bool

(bool) Enable/disable export status output.

debug : bool

(bool) Enable/disable debug output.


check_email(email) Check if the email address is registered for data export.
export(ds[, method, protocol, …]) Submit a data export request.
export_from_id(requestid) Create an ExportRequest instance from an existing requestid.
get(ds[, key, seg, link, convert_numeric, …]) This method is deprecated.
info(ds) Get information about the content of a data series.
keys(ds) Get a list of keywords that are available for a series.
pkeys(ds) Get a list of primekeys that are available for a series.
query(ds[, key, seg, link, convert_numeric, …]) Query keywords, segments and/or links of a record set.
series([regex, full]) List available data series.