ExportRequest.wait(self, timeout=None, sleep=5, retries_notfound=5, verbose=None)

Wait for the server to process the export request. This method continously updates the request status until the server signals that the export request has succeeded or failed.

timeout : number or None

Maximum number of seconds until this method times out. If set to None (the default), the status will be updated indefinitely until the request succeeded or failed.

sleep : number or None

Time in seconds between status updates (defaults to 5 seconds). If set to None, a server supplied value is used.

retries_notfound : int

Number of retries in case the request was not found on the server. Note that it usually takes a short time until a new request is registered on the server, so a value too low might cause an exception to be raised, even if the request is valid and will eventually show up on the server.

verbose : bool or None

Set to True if status messages should be printed to stdout. If set to None (default), the Client.verbose flag of the associated client instance is used instead.

result : bool

True if the request succeeded or False if a timeout occured. In case of an error an exception is raised.