class drms.ExportRequest(d, client)

Class for handling data export requests.

Use Client.export() or Client.export_from_id() to create an instance.

id : string

(string) Request ID.

status : int

(int) Export request status.

urls : pandas.DataFrame

(pandas.DataFrame) URLs of all downloadable files.

request_url : string

(string) URL of the export request.

method : string

(string) Export method.

protocol : string

(string) Export protocol.

data : pandas.DataFrame

(pandas.DataFrame) Records and filenames of the export request.

dir : string

(string) Common directory of the requested files on the server.

tarfile : string

(string) Filename, if a TAR file was requested.

keywords : string

(string) Filename of textfile containing record keywords.


download(self, directory[, index, …]) Download data files.
has_failed(self[, skip_update]) Check if the export request has finished unsuccessfully.
has_finished(self[, skip_update]) Check if the export request has finished.
has_succeeded(self[, skip_update]) Check if the export request has finished successfully.
wait(self[, timeout, sleep, …]) Wait for the server to process the export request.