Client.export(self, ds, method='url_quick', protocol='as-is', protocol_args=None, filenamefmt=None, n=None, email=None, requestor=None)

Submit a data export request.

A registered email address is required for data exports. You can register your email address for data exports from JSOC on the JSOC email registration webpage.

An interactive webinterface and additional information is available on the JSOC data export webpage.

Note that export requests that were submitted using the webinterface can be accessed using the export_from_id() method.

ds : string

Data export record set query.

method : string

Export method. Supported methods are: ‘url_quick’, ‘url’, ‘url-tar’, ‘ftp’ and ‘ftp-tar’. Default is ‘url_quick’.

protocol : string

Export protocol. Supported protocols are: ‘as-is’, ‘fits’, ‘jpg’, ‘mpg’ and ‘mp4’. Default is ‘as-is’.

protocol_args : dict

Extra protocol arguments for protocols ‘jpg’, ‘mpg’ and ‘mp4’. Valid arguments are: ‘ct’, ‘scaling’, ‘min’, ‘max’ and ‘size’. See the JSOC data export webpage for more details.

filenamefmt : string, None or False

Custom filename format string for exported files. This is ignored for ‘url_quick’/’as-is’ data exports. If set to None (default), the format string will be generated using the primekeys of the data series. If set to False, the filename format string will be omitted in the export request.

n : int or None

Limits the number of records requested. For positive values, the first n records of the record set are returned, for negative values the last abs(n) records. If set to None (default), no limit is applied.

email : string or None

Registered email address. If email is None (default), the current default email address is used, which in this case has to be set before calling export() by using the Client.email attribute.

requestor : string, None or False

Export user ID. Default is None, in which case the user name is determined from the email address. If set to False, the requestor argument will be omitted in the export request.

result : ExportRequest