SunPy physics

The physics submodule contains routines to calculate various physical parameters and models for the Sun.

sunpy.physics Package

sunpy.physics.differential_rotation Module


diff_rot(duration, latitude[, rot_type, …])

This function computes the change in longitude over days in degrees.

solar_rotate_coordinate(coordinate[, …])

Given a coordinate on the Sun, calculate where that coordinate maps to as seen by a new observer at some later or earlier time, given that the input coordinate rotates according to the solar rotation profile.

differential_rotate(smap[, observer, time])

Warp a GenericMap to take into account both solar differential rotation and the changing location of the observer.

sunpy.physics.solar_rotation Module

This module provides routines for applying solar rotation functions to map sequences.


calculate_solar_rotate_shift(mc[, layer_index])

Calculate the shift that must be applied to each map contained in a mapsequence in order to compensate for solar rotation.

mapsequence_solar_derotate(mc[, …])

Move the layers in a mapsequence according to the input shifts.