class sunpy.timeseries.sources.ESPTimeSeries(data, meta=None, units=None, **kwargs)[source]

Bases: sunpy.timeseries.timeseriesbase.GenericTimeSeries

SDO EVE/ESP Level 1 data.

The Extreme ultraviolet Spectro-Photometer (ESP) is an irradiance instrument which is part of the Extreme ultraviolet Variability Experiment (EVE) on board SDO. ESP provides high time cadence (0.25s) EUV irradiance measurements in five channels, one soft X-ray and 4 EUV. The first four orders of the diffraction grating gives measurements centered on 18nm, 26nm, 30nm and 36nm. The zeroth order (obtained by 4 photodiodes) provides the soft X-ray measurements from 0.1-7nm.

The ESP level 1 fits files are fully calibrated. The TimeSeries object created from an ESP fits file will conatain 4 columns namely:

  • ‘QD’ - sum of 4 quad diodes, this is the soft X-ray measurements 0.1-7nm

  • ‘CH_18’ - EUV irradiance 18nm

  • ‘CH_26’ - EUV irradiance 26nm

  • ‘CH_30’ - EUV irradiance 30nm

  • ‘CH_36’ - EUV irradiance 36nm



The 36nm channel demonstrates a significant noise and it is not recommended to be used for short-time observations of solar irradiance.

Methods Summary


Determines if header corresponds to an EVE image.


param title

Plot title.

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classmethod is_datasource_for(**kwargs)[source]

Determines if header corresponds to an EVE image.

peek(title='EVE/ESP Level1', **kwargs)[source]