class sunpy.coordinates.NorthOffsetFrame(*args, **kwargs)

Bases: object

A frame which is offset from another frame such that it shares the same origin, but has its “north pole” (i.e., the Z axis) in a different direction.

The original coordinate frame and the direction of the new north pole are specified by the north keyword.

This class should be used when specifying a new north pole is natural. In constrast, for shifting the origin in the projected sky (e.g., where helioprojective X and Y coordinates are zero), use SkyOffsetFrame instead.


north (HeliographicStonyhurst) – The direction and frame for the new “north pole”.



NorthOffsetFrame is a wrapper around the SkyOffsetFrame factory class. This class will calculate the desired coordinates of the origin from the north keyword argument and then create a SkyOffsetFrame.

Using this frame is equivalent to using SkyOffsetFrame with lat = lat - 90*u.deg for a position of the north pole in the original northern hemisphere.