SunPy visualization

sunpy.visualization contains plotting helpers and functions.

sunpy.visualization Package


axis_labels_from_ctype(ctype, unit)

Returns axis labels for the given coordinate type and unit.


A decorator to place on peek() methods to show the figure.

sunpy.visualization.colormaps Package

The following colormaps are provided by this module.

(Source code, png, hires.png, pdf)

  • goes-rsuvi94

  • goes-rsuvi131

  • goes-rsuvi171

  • goes-rsuvi195

  • goes-rsuvi284

  • goes-rsuvi304

  • sdoaia94

  • sdoaia131

  • sdoaia171

  • sdoaia193

  • sdoaia211

  • sdoaia304

  • sdoaia335

  • sdoaia1600

  • sdoaia1700

  • sdoaia4500

  • sohoeit171

  • sohoeit195

  • sohoeit284

  • sohoeit304

  • soholasco2

  • soholasco3

  • sswidlsoholasco2

  • sswidlsoholasco3

  • stereocor1

  • stereocor2

  • stereohi1

  • stereohi2

  • rhessi

  • yohkohsxtal

  • yohkohsxtwh

  • hinodexrt

  • hinodesotintensity

  • trace171

  • trace195

  • trace284

  • trace1216

  • trace1550

  • trace1600

  • trace1700

  • traceWL

  • hmimag

  • irissji1330

  • irissji1400

  • irissji1600

  • irissji2796

  • irissji2832

  • irissji5000

  • irissjiFUV

  • irissjiNUV

  • irissjiSJI_NUV

  • kcor



Displays a plot of the custom color maps supported in SunPy.

sunpy.visualization.animator Package


ArrayAnimator(data[, image_axes, axis_ranges])

Create a Matplotlib backend independent data explorer.

ArrayAnimatorWCS(data, wcs, slices[, …])

Animate an array with associated BaseLowLevelWCS object.

BaseFuncAnimator(data, slider_functions, …)

Create a Matplotlib backend independent data explorer which allows definition of figure update functions for each slider.

ImageAnimator(data[, image_axes, axis_ranges])

Create a matplotlib backend independent data explorer for 2D images.

ImageAnimatorWCS(data, wcs[, image_axes, …])

Deprecated since version 1.1.

LineAnimator(data[, plot_axis_index, …])

Create a matplotlib backend independent data explorer for 1D plots.

MapSequenceAnimator(mapsequence[, annotate])

Create an interactive viewer for a MapSequence.

Class Inheritance Diagram

Inheritance diagram of sunpy.visualization.animator.base.ArrayAnimator, sunpy.visualization.animator.wcs.ArrayAnimatorWCS, sunpy.visualization.animator.base.BaseFuncAnimator, sunpy.visualization.animator.image.ImageAnimator, sunpy.visualization.animator.image.ImageAnimatorWCS, sunpy.visualization.animator.line.LineAnimator, sunpy.visualization.animator.mapsequenceanimator.MapSequenceAnimator

sunpy.visualization.wcsaxes_compat Module

This module provides functions to make WCSAxes work in SunPy.



Tests a matplotlib.axes.Axes object to see if it is an instance of WCSAxes.

gca_wcs(wcs[, fig, slices])

Get the current axes, and return a WCSAxes if possible.


Get the transformation to world coordinates.


Apply some default WCSAxes grid formatting.

wcsaxes_heliographic_overlay(axes[, …])

Create a heliographic overlay using WCSAxes.