Reporting Bugs

If you are having a problem with sunpy, search the mailing lists first: it is possible that someone else has already run into your problem.

If not, please provide the following information in your e-mail to the mailing list:

  • your operating system; (Linux/UNIX users: post the output of uname -a)

  • sunpy version:

    >>> import sunpy   
    >>> sunpy.util.system_info()   
  • how you obtained sunpy.

  • any customizations to your sunpyrc file (see Customizing SunPy).

  • Please try to provide a minimal, standalone Python script that demonstrates the problem. This is the critical step. If you can’t post a piece of code that we can run and reproduce your error, the chances of getting help are significantly diminished. Very often, the mere act of trying to minimize your code to the smallest bit that produces the error will help you find a bug in your code that is causing the problem.

You will likely get a faster response writing to the mailing list than filing a bug in the bug tracker. If your problem has been determined to be a bug and can not be quickly solved, the issues may be filed a bug in the tracker so the issue doesn’t get lost.