Downloading and plotting LASCO C2 data

How to download SOHO/LASCO C2 data with Fido and make a plot.

import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

from import Fido
from import attrs as a

In order to download the required data, we use, a downloader client. We define two search variables: a timerange and the instrument.

timerange = a.Time('2002/05/24 11:06', '2002/05/24 11:07')
instrument = a.Instrument.lasco
detector = a.Detector.c2
result =, instrument, detector)

Let’s inspect the result.



Results from 1 Provider:

2 Results from the VSOClient:
Total estimated size: 6.313 Mbyte

       Start Time               End Time        Source ... Extent Type   Size
                                                       ...              Mibyte
----------------------- ----------------------- ------ ... ----------- -------
2002-05-24 11:05:48.000 2002-05-24 11:06:14.000   SOHO ...      CORONA 4.00977
2002-05-24 11:06:05.000 2002-05-24 11:06:31.000   SOHO ...      CORONA 2.01074

The following shows how to download the results. If we don’t provide a path it will download the file into the sunpy data directory. The output provides the path of the downloaded files.

downloaded_files = Fido.fetch(result)


['/home/docs/sunpy/data/25119649.fts', '/home/docs/sunpy/data/22119649.fts']

We can then load a downloaded file into a sunpy map and plot it.

lascomap =[0])
LASCO-C2 Orange white-light 2002-05-24 11:05:48


INFO: Missing metadata for solar radius: assuming the standard radius of the photosphere. []

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